(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am privileged to speak with this gathering, and I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am with you, and I bring you my peace.

It is written in the words of your most recent master, the one known as Jesus: “Not as the world gives, give I unto you.” And as I offer you my peace, may I say, this is so. It is not peace as the world would give, of which I speak, but a truer peace. I am a member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. I come across galaxies, countless, through a dimensionless gateway, and into your so-called reality, into your special place, into your universe, where you exist. My brothers and I come because you have called us. Because within this universe, the cry goes out from those who are in need, who wish to know reality.

And there are always those who listen. Cries do not go forth unheard, in this infinite universe. And we have heard you, and have come. Others have heard you, and have come. Those of your planet who are able to give, are ready to give unto you, at the finer levels of your planetary sphere. And we from other spheres are here also. For we can tell you one way, a complementary way, another way: all paths are one. There are those who can listen to us who cannot listen to others who would tell you what we will tell you. And so we come, and others come, when those upon your planet call for help. For we are all brothers; all beings upon each level in the infinite Creation are all brothers.

There are several different topics upon which I will to speak this evening. But, my friends, I believe I desire first of all to speak to you of love. It is known to us that each of you desires to seek wisdom, to seek spirituality. Yet we would say to you at this time, please allow this search for knowledge to begin and end within your own experience. You are not seeking a substitute, a different reality in place of the present reality. You are seeking to know your own reality for the first time. You are even now, at this moment, dwelling in reality. It is truly written: Heaven is all about you. You are not seeking a far-away, long-distant kingdom. For the kingdom of Heaven is with you, within you, and about you. Your experience contains the kingdom that you seek.

Let us again observe the teachings of the one known as Jesus. If you do these things to the least of these, my brethren, you do them unto me. The kingdom is all about you, and the Creator is within the face that is across from you, on the street, and in your house. Each stranger, each friend, and each enemy is the Creator. Know ye not that all men are brothers? You seek love, you seek to know the Father, and yet the Father is in each face that you see.

My brothers, look at each other, and, for the first time, truly see the very best within each other. Within the one known as Jesus was a sight which was of love. Those who were about him could be described in rather unfavorable terms. Those whom he loved could be described as harlots, tax-collectors, publicans, beggars; there were many sick and crippled. And in no case did the one known as Jesus see them as anything but the Father, the Father who was directly before him on the physical plane. He looked with love. He saw the possibilities within each of his “fallen” friends. To the sinner, he said, “This day, you will be with me in paradise.” My friends, these things are familiar to you, and so I use this channel, and this mode of discussion, as a good example. There are other masters, and they have showed this Creator-within in other words. But we believe that it is through this example that you will most easily understand what we are saying to you. We look at you, and we see the light, we see the perfection, and it is our delight to be in communication with you.

It is very possible for you to become one with this vibration. And, my friends, this vibration of love, this vibration of compassion will transform your life into that of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a matter of balancing between two opposite attitudes in your seeking. There are two dangers, and we [say] this with a sense of humor, for the dangers are not real. It is the balancing between them that causes your progress. These two dangers, my friends, are pride and humility. Woe be unto the man who begins to feel that it is his love that is setting those about him on the path of light, that [it] is his compassion that is such a light to others. Woe be unto this man, for the love of the personality is limited. It will run out, and in its wake will come much sadness.

Woe also to the person who says, “I am unworthy. In my humility I must admit I cannot be a fit channel for the love of the Creator. Do not expect me to keep trying the impossible, for I am not worthy, and I cannot do this.”

In neither case, my friends, have you quite hit the balance. And if you find yourself in either the pride or the humility, balance between confidence and the knowledge of your own imperfections as a personality. You see, both of theme things are true, and neither of them matter. You are a channel through which the Creator may express Himself. The Creator is love, and His expression is love. When you see someone, to your outer eye, he may be nothing but, shall we say, a very common-looking or even unpleasant piece of stone. A large rock, awkward and peculiarly colored. Yet to the eye within, the eye of love, this rock will be the shape which the master may carve from the rock so that it becomes a beautiful statue, a statue with beautiful lines and coloration, with all the potential of that piece of rock set free in beauty of line. People are both their raw materials and the possibility of perfection. It is the Creator Who causes these possibilities to become manifest in the physical world.

You cannot do it—of course not. You can only say to the Creator, “Please, live this moment for me. Allow my eyes to shine with your light.”

It is to the outer eye a very dark world. Darkness is all about you. My friends, within the darkness, there is light. If you wish to allow it to shine forth, it can never be denied. The light may not light up all of the darkness, but where you are, it will be light, if you allow it to be so. Picture your eyes as windows, and make sure the shades are up, so that the light may shine through. The shades are made of prejudice, judgment, petty feelings and negativity of all kinds. Your personality has been given to you so that you may work these things out. Again and again, you will find yourself pulling the shades down. Always it is the precise moment of now that is important. If you have been in error, simply choose at this moment to release that error, and let the shades up, and let the light shine through. What has happened in the past is completely done with.

We are having a slight amount of trouble contacting the one known as H, and we will pause at this time for a period of conditioning. I will leave this instrument. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I extend my greetings once more in the love and light of our infinite Creator. My friends, before time began, as you might say, you chose to embark upon a journey, and upon this journey you were to have a great number of experiences. These experiences may be interpreted as life experiences. Throughout countless dimensions of existence, you have and shall continue to travel. The purpose for your journey is to learn and develop your abilities as creators within this universe. You were aware of your abilities, yet for some reason you felt the need to experience those things which you may create and learn the value of your creations and also learn of the things which you would avoid. For my friends, with your thoughts you create. And if you are not aware of the effect of your creation upon the entire creation around you, then you may mistakenly create experiences which are not desirable. So as you travel, you should be aware of your abilities. Yet you should be aware of the imperfection you have chosen to accept within certain experiences. My friends, within each experience you must and shall abide by guidelines presented as laws to you through the love of your Creator.

You may ask why we are speaking of this journey, and we say that we speak of your journey and of ours, for at the present time we are aware that we are truly upon this journey, and we are aware that this journey shall at one time come to its destination, and we are aware that this destination is the point from which the journey began. It is a circle which you travel, a circle of infinity, of infinite experience, and one which, if properly used, shall not have to be repeated. For you shall journey upon many circles of experience, and each shall be a stepping-stone in the progression of your awareness of the reality of the oneness of the universe.

Yet be aware, my friends, there shall be the passage of no-time; between the beginning of your journey and the end there shall be no passing of time. For in all reality, there exist no variants such as you know as time. Is it possible to measure infinity, or to separate it in equal portions? We say this is not true. Time is but a part of your present experience. The concept of time is alien to your true identity and experience. Upon the journey which you travel there are times in which you experience feelings that you are not progressing. You become overanxious for enlightenment. You feel that you have slipped in your progression. All of these feelings, these emotions, are concepts within time. My friends, in due “time” you shall realize that each of us has already begun and completed his journey. We have gone nowhere. We have done nothing. Yet we have gone to all places, and we have done all things. Yet no time has elapsed.

Do not become concerned with your progression. My friends, your spiritual progression is as natural to your being as breathing is to your body. It may seem that some progress more swiftly than others. Yet once you have arrived, you shall truly become aware of the presence within the love and light of our infinite Creator, of all beings. Do not separate any portion of this creation. Do not place yourself above or below any being within this creation. We travel together, and together we shall realize where we have been and what we have done. Leave yourself open, remain receptive for the love of the Creator, and be not concerned with factors of time. Be aware that the desire that you have to receive the love and the knowledge of the love of the Creator is all that is needed.

Nothing else, my friends. Nothing else within this universe is worthy of desire. Desire only love, for it is all things.

I shall once again transfer this communication. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. We are conditioning this instrument rather extensively for it is sometimes necessary to indicate to certain instruments that we are actually the source of these messages, and even the more experienced instruments sometimes need this assurance.

I would like all of you now to go with me to a field in which the odors of flowers are heavy in the air. We ask you to relax now. Stand with your feet on the springy, soft green grass. Feel the warm sun beaming down upon you, upon your shoulders, your head. Listen, my friends, to the music of creation. Feel the love and the light in its physical incarnations within the creation of your universe. We ask that you meditate. If you listen to us ever, you will hear us ask this. Within meditation, you may find the key that will open the door. No matter how many times we tell you this, it will never be enough. Meditate and listen; the love will be beating against your ears. And look; the light will be flooding your inner eyes, and touching you in many, many ways. If you will only listen and see and understand, within.

As I leave, my brother Laitos will pass among you. He will give you his energy and the vibration which we call the conditioning wave. We ask that if you desire it, you simply sit in silence and make yourselves receptive.

My brothers and sisters, I leave you in love and in everlasting light. I am the one known as Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.