(B channeling)


(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. And again I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. Is it not so, my friends, that both illusion and reality, to the extent of our understanding, are made up of cycles, so that what you call the cycle of your world is rooted in meaning. The cycle of numbers is echoed in the natural cycle of the creation of the Father. And the ingredients of this cycle are what you call love and light. At what is known as the New Year the future is just coming to be and the past is dead. And at this time, as you would call it, you are able even within the illusion to see that this is so. You see, my friends, it does not matter how deep into the illusion you may go, the pathway always follows directly back to the Creator. Even though the days and the dates and what you call holidays are truly a creation of man, yet they lead directly back to the creation of the Father, to the very essence of life and death that makes up the cycle of this progression.

The infinite we [inaudible] is wrought of these cycles. Treasure therefore the lesson of this New Year. And know that, eternally and for each moment, your past shall be dead, your future shall lie aborning before you. There is, eternally, both the night that has passed and the day that is to come; the sunset and the sunrise.

And what, my friends, does this mean to you? How can this understanding lead to a richer experience for you within this illusion? My friends, the secret within the illusion is reality. The entire challenge of your life, as you know it, is to comprehend the reality which the illusion is wrapped around. As you act out your part within the illusion, you are acting out a path which leads directly to the truth. And if you understand your pathways you have arrived at an instantaneous understanding. This is not separate from your life, but at the very core. We ask that you meditate so that you may remain in contact with the reality that lies at the center of this illusion. which you call physical life.

Yet it is so easy not to pay attention. It does not seem that the cycle will end, and that death as you know it will succeed life as you know it. It does not seem that you will be called to account, not for the illusion but for that mysterious center of reality that you have been nurturing all your physical life. Yet, my friends, this is so. There will come a day when the old year of your physical life will expire, and the New Year of your life within spirit will succeed it. And upon that day, the past shall be dead, and the future will be aborning.

It does not happen, in all cases, when it is expected. At each moment, allow your energy to penetrate to the center of your world, so that you live not only the drama of illusion but the reality at the center. And what is this reality, my friends? Love. Love within all, and all within love. “The least of these, my brethren, is the same as I,” said the master known to you as Jesus. Reality for you, my friends, lies within each meeting. Even the least of those has been born in love and if you can realize this love within him, you have given him the reality within his center. Such service as this is what links you to your center; is what keeps you within reality. The consciousness of love will continue forever. Your consciousness of love will be your spiritual personality for eternity. Within this consciousness, the cycles of life and death are merely periods which seem as meaningless as the ticking noise of a clock seems in a year.

Within the consciousness of the physical illusion, life and death are weighty and serious matters, and shocking even to discuss. Within the consciousness of love, all is one and there is nothing to fear. And no one to resist. All that you see is love. We say this to some of you especially who are anointed with the ability, yet who have not used this ability on all occasions. We say this because, as your ears are opened, and your hearts unstopped, my friends, it is well that you are all [inaudible].

It is a simple matter to love those you may dislike. It only needs meditation. Know, my brothers, that within the center of your being, love abides.

I would like to remove myself from this instrument for a time so that a brother may speak. I will return. I am Hatonn.

I am Laitos. I greet you in the love and light of our infinite Creator. It is my very great privilege to be with you, and I cannot express my enjoyment of this moment. I would like to attempt to exercise some instruments who have not been used to being within a larger group. Therefore, I will attempt to say only very little through each of them. However, we are very delighted that we can begin to exercise these instruments, as instruments who wish to deliver our messages are most gratefully received. I will attempt to transfer to the one known as W. If he will relax, I will say a few words through him. I am Laitos.

(W channeling)

I am Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. We are delighted to have been in contact with the one known as W. We wish to assure him that the experience of channeling will become easier and easier as he becomes used to this service. I will attempt now to contact the one known as N. I am Laitos.


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. We ask the one known as N to refrain from analysis. It is not necessary that this be done as our communications will occur only if they are repeated without an attempt to analyze them. I will again attempt to contact the one known as N. I am Laitos.

(N channeling)

I am Laitos. I…

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos. I am again with this instrument. My brothers and sisters, it is my privilege always to work with those who wish to become instruments, and we thank those older and newer instruments for their desire to serve. We can only say to you that this service will be desired by those whom you will meet in the future. And it is the will of the Creator that you are doing. We are not absolute founts of the truth, for we are as you, brothers and sisters. Yet our desires are truly of the Creator. And that which we give you is of that vibration. I am with you all, and at any time that you wish, the vibration of conditioning will be available. I say to you, my friends, meditate. I leave you in the love and the light of the One Who is All. I am Laitos.

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. I would like to answer questions and I would answer the one which is within the mind of this instrument first. The one known as S requests some information from us. It is in love and light that we send our thoughts to her.

My sister, it is well known to you that planetary forces are such that it is not proper that we attempt to mold your experience within this sphere. Nevertheless, we may send to you various thoughts regarding your thought-patterns at this time. My sister, there is within you that which is to come alive. Within your mind is that which is dead. We are referring to the intellect. The intellect can be a useful tool in dealing with this illusion. Yet it is a destructive and damaging tool when used to work with emotions or spirit. That which is to come alive within you is of the spirit. There is no deadness within your spirit. There is no limit to your sense soul. There is no shape or form which you can contain your abilities within. You, my sister, [inaudible]. We ask that you unfetter your spirit, and let it soar, unhindered. It cannot go too far. For the distance is [inaudible] for the creation is one, and one thing only, and where can your spirit go except the creation? Trust your deeper soul. Trust your spirit. And do not attempt to contain it within intellectual rigidity.

We have been most happy to have accompanied you in each of your journeys, the physical ones, the mental ones, and most of all, my sister, those of the spirit. This we do for you and for all who are our brothers and sisters in desire and seeking. It is a privilege to be with you. You must know that we have attempted again and again to speak these words to you. We know that you will recognize as something already heard that which we say. Trust also your ability to understand our messages unspoken. We ask that, if you have further questions, to ask directly and only after this asking, to work through a channel. Our goal, my sister, as with all our contacts, is to be independently able to aid you.

Are there other questions?

I want to channel and yet I didn’t get a contact tonight. Why can’t I be contacted like N and W?

I say that there is only one requirement for that service of channeling as you call it, and that is desire. My brother, there is a requirement which must be fulfilled before the desire may be mirrored in manifestation. This requirement is a disciplined mind. Some are of nature given a clear mind. Others engage within their intellects in what you call analytical thought to an extent that causes them to find it difficult to clear their minds. It is not necessary to perfectly clear your mind, or shall we say, to perfectly meditate, in order to receive our messages. However, it is much easier for our conditioning to affect the consciousness of one who has been able to, to a reasonable degree, clear his mind. The difficulty with your attempts to channel at this point, my brother, is that within your daily existence, your habits of mind are such that tend to attack each problem with analytical or intellectual examination. This approach does not yield immediately to the techniques of meditation. However, desire will produce that which you desire. Seek and ye shall find. Continue with your meditations and that which you seek will come.

Have you further questions?

I hear a sound wave. Could you tell me what it is?

Sound wave? Are you referring to that which you hear during meditation?


There are various reasons for various people hearing certain tones. In your case, my brother, you are receiving from the interior of your physical being a vibration which is an indication of interface between physical and higher worlds. If you will examine your physical being at the time that you are aware of this sounds by closing your ears with your hands, you will find that the sound is within you. This is only one of the sounds which can occur. Others may hear others. Are there other questions?

Are you aware of the UFO abduction in Snowflake, Arizona? Was that you?

We are very aware of it. We have a campaign, my friends. It is a campaign to alert and awaken those within the physical at this time who wish to seek the truth, and need something to start them following in the direction of the truth. For many years we have been within your skies, and various of our peoples have appeared in various ways as a kind of advertising, as you would say. The time has come when this campaign may be increased. There are within your peoples more and more a desire, more indication of other realities than the physical. We are [inaudible]. We would like to land and walk among your peoples, and if one day a majority of the peoples desire our presence, we will indeed do this. At this time, we are simply able to make a more, shall we say, intriguing contact than previously. We are not saying, my friends, that all of the sightings are of the Confederation. This is not so. Neither was the vessel which was sighted a totally Confederation vessel. However, it was working in cooperation with us for a specific purpose. We wish you well. And it is a great gladness to us that we are more and more able to appear not as, shall we say, gods but as fellow travelers.

Is there a further question?

The sighting that I had when I was a little boy—was that your ship, your representative I saw?


Was there a reason that I couldn’t see the man, and then I saw him later by myself?

I am having difficulty with this instrument. One moment.


We wanted that you be isolated when you became fully aware intellectually of our presence. We wished that the experience be of a singular nature, for it was intended that there would be an effect upon you that would cause you to remember and act upon this sighting. There was within this meeting light which was not given to the others. Many events have occurred in a following manner from this incident which was, shall we say, intended to occur. And within you is a knowledge which we were privileged to exchange with you and not others. Each person has a vibration, from eternity to eternity. At any given moment, each person vibrates in an individual manner. Therefore, as we vibrate in our individual manners, from dimension to dimension, there are some who, with their higher vibrations, may see us. We are able to appear to some, or to others, by adjusting our rate of vibration. This is, as we say, done usually for a purpose. That purpose being to alert individuals who are ready to receive this stimulus.

Does that satisfy you?


Are there any more questions?


Within the darkness of the universe lies a tiny spark. And if you look at it steadily, it grows, and grows, and becomes a flaming sphere, and finally it totally engulfs you. And so in meditation, know the infinity behind your closed eyes. Find that spark of pure love, and then let it expand until it has totality.

[Tape ends.]