(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am with you, as always. I have little to add through this instrument on the subject of suffering. The very word in your language indicates how real the illusion is to you. And indeed, this is as it should be. If the illusion were not “real,” you would not learn from it. It would not be an effective catalyst and you would not progress sufficiently under its stimulus.

That which seems to be suffering is precisely as valuable as a lesson problem is in school. You learn the lesson in order that you may pass the test. There are easy tests, and there are hard tests. If one is able to pass a harder test, one advances more quickly, perhaps to the next grade, instead of to the next semester within the same grade.

There are many of those upon your planet at this time who have elected to utilize this particular physical experience in order to obtain the greatest possible lesson, to take the greatest possible test and advance the greatest possible amount. These people have chosen their tests. These people chose to advance rapidly, within a path that is totally made of love. Within the illusion, it may seem that there is suffering. This suffering is a valuable gift. It is burning away the dross, that the gold may appear.

We have spoken earlier tonight, my sister, on the necessity of penetrating the apparent quality of the illusion, in order to perceive reality. Penetrate to the center of this illusion, which you call suffering, and know that in love a perfect being is seeking its path.

Each entity will suffer. Each entity will proceed on its path. For each entity there will be dark nights—and then, the dawn! Do not admire those who seem not to suffer, for it is truly written that the last shall be first, and the first, last. There is one whom you know who is physically, shall we say, abased; this ultimately will cause her exaltation.

Do not dwell within the illusion, my sister. The intellect cannot deal with the reality within it. Seek only to know the Creator. Do you not know, my sister, that all is love?


We would like to ask you whether you have in fact received this answer from us previous to this channeling?


My sister, we ask that you be more confident, for you are receiving the knowledge that we have to offer you. It is simply that you are not fond of words, and neither are we. Therefore, we do not find it possible to contact you through words. We accept and are very grateful to deal with channels in speaking with you, and you never need to hesitate to ask for a channeled message. Yet we wish you to know, in those instances when it may not be immediately possible for us to talk to you through a vocal channel, that you are receiving our messages

There are no sure things, my sister. You cannot put your faith in any outside appearance, even our voice through a channel. Depend primarily upon that which you perceive.

We have a desire to speak briefly of your own abilities at this time. You have had considerable self-doubt due to the influence of your physical environment and your emotional influences. By which we mean that the illusion produces difficulties which test one’s ability to feel confidence in one’s protection. Within the illusion, there is good and evil; what you call Christ, and what you call anti-Christ. Yet within the Creator, all is one. When there is seemingly, in your intelligence, a negativity or a possible negativity, we ask that you not attempt to outwardly discern, or intellectually discover, its negativity or positivity. Rather, immediately go within, until you find the Creator. Within the Creator, my sister, all is one, and there is no knowledge of separation of any sort that can possibly harm you. Nor can you harm anyone. No harm can come to you; no harm can go from you. Unity! Unity! All is love. The world around you is an illusion. All is love. Throughout all eternity, your spirit is safe and secure—for these things are without meaning within unity.

I cannot express to you my sympathy and understanding of what you are experiencing. For each soul, my sister, there is a great solitude. One soul is on one path. And no one or no thing can keep that soul company on that path. For each entity is the Creator, is primary, and must teach itself what it already knows. Sometimes, my sister, in this loneliness, we have bad dreams. We are not speaking of literal dreams; we are speaking of times when a shadow seems to be over our lives. We are not free of these upon the plane from which I speak. Yes, we have advanced, yet we do not know all. We are alone in our way, as we speak of unity, yet we have loneliness when we are not able to totally live this understanding. These moments grow fewer and fewer as you continue to seek. It is a matter of being in reality instead of the illusion. When the shadow falls across you, my sister, know it for an illusion. If you must speak aloud to remind yourself, you may say, “All is love.” And you will feel reality flow within you at that moment.

Your brothers and sisters are with you. Have you any more questions?


We send you our love and our light. We will leave this instrument, my sister, for now, but we are always with you. We leave you only in leaving this instrument’s vocal vibrations. Adonai.