(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is our purpose this evening to speak with you through this instrument, for we wish to share with you our thoughts. Our thoughts are many, yet all are expressed in one concept, and that concept is of love. It is, we feel, our knowledge that your existence and the existence of all things have emanated from the concept of love. Whatever your impression of what we call the Creator, we see no other way to envision the action of our existence, other than through the love which was given that created us.

We claim to be members of a confederation of planets yet we feel that there can be no justification of this claim, for, my friends, a confederation means a drawing together of units to form a body, and in truth, my friends, there are no units. There is only the existence of one thing, and this one thing that exists cannot be separated.

This is very difficult for the human intellect to comprehend. We describe ourselves as a confederation of planets because it is the closest thing which your language barrier would permit us to use to describe our situation. My friends, in our experience we have found that the use of the intellect, though it is necessary for your existence upon the plane which you have chosen, it is of little use in the comprehension of infinite truth. My friends, in order to know and understand the meaning of what we say, we once again must stress the need for meditation. For within your period of silences you are open to the creative thought within your own being that is in truth the Creator’s love, and the Creator Himself. All truth is known to you, only you have forgotten how to tap the memory.

My friends, in your moment of silence, day after day, you shall suddenly, at one time, realize that the effort was well worth it. Yet when we say suddenly, in our terms, you cannot expect great revelations of truth within days or months, but one day you will realize that you have become more aware and are beginning to understand.

All of the people upon your planet are searching for the answer to their existence. All of the people upon your planet are anxious to know the truth. The truth is pure and simple: you are the truth, and within you it lies.

I shall transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am now with this instrument, and again I greet you. When we say, my friends, that the truth lies within you, we say that which is most easily misunderstood by your peoples. And indeed, when the master known as Jesus said, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” this truth also is most often misunderstood by your peoples. It has most often been understood to mean that we must love each other’s good points and bad points, as you call them, within this physical illusion. That we must love each other’s failures as well as successes. That the truth lies within the illusion.

We do not wish to indicate that the truth which lies within you has a thing to do with your outer covering, shall we say, of deeds and actions. Nor did the master known as Jesus mean to indicate that you must love the outer wrappings of others. What we are suggesting, and what the master was suggesting, is that you penetrate the illusion, penetrate the wrapping of deeds and misdeeds, and discover within that illusion the reality of the Creator, the reality of love. Within you lies the truth. Within you lies love. Within each fellow man lies the same truth.

My brothers, to love another, as we mean it, is to love that within them which is one with that which is within you. To love yourself is not to love the outer wrapping of personality, but to honor and hallow that divinity that you are, which is at your very center. It is not possible to love your neighbor or yourself from a human level. You may have felt that you had failed if you had not loved completely, yet it is the law of the physical Illusion that a “love” will be bound by the law of good and evil. Therefore, there will be successes and failures. Love will not abide within the physical illusion. It cannot. Laws are to be followed, and the law of good and evil, of action and reaction, is unbreakable within the physical illusion.

There is a higher law, my friends, the law of love. Not the human love; that will fail. But the love which you will find at the center of your created being. My friends, you cannot try to love. Only let go of your feelings, and release them completely into the care of the love that created you. It is not expected that, at the human level, you will be able to love as the Creator desires. It is only as those who open to the center of their being that the love within flows through in the physical being, and out into the physical illusion. You may release this from within you just as a person may, on a very dark night, raise all the window shades in his house, so that the light within may pour out onto the world around him. The light within you, my friends, shines brightly. Whether you know it or not, whether you feel it or not, you have such power within you, my friends. You have such beauty of soul, such love, that it is indescribable. Be it known unto you, however, that love abides within each of you. And the power of this love is total.

Have you been operating on this power, or have you been attempting to live out an illusion using the illusion’s terms? Why do you think, my friends, that you are here? Have you not come to the conclusion that you are here to find something out that is obviously shown to be the reality about you? In there any question in your minds but that the routine of your daily life does not express that which you know to be the truth? My friends, let your seeking cease its restlessness. Turn within. In opening yourself to your own center of truth, you open yourself to the infinity of that which it is your birthright to know. That which you need will come to you, if you begin to seek it in a correct manner. The correct manner, my friends, is to know that the truth is within, and then to turn within and ask that that which you need to know be shown to you. Perhaps, my friends, you will find truths directly in meditations. Perhaps the truths will occur in your daily life in unexpected ways. Whatever you need, if you are seeking it from the Creator, the Creator will provide. Seek and ye shall find. This is the truth that we state over and over to you. Seek the truth. Seek in meditation.

I would like to leave this instrument so that my brother Laitos might speak. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. My friends, I wish only to add that it is our purpose to give our thoughts and our services to those who would request them. If it be against your will, we shall be aware of your will, and we shall acknowledge your right to express and receive your desire. Ask and you shall receive. This is a law which we may not violate. In the love and the light of our infinite Creator, I shall leave you. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.

[Carla asks if there were any questions, because she still feels a presence. S has been grieving because of her mother’s extreme difficulties and asks about the possible reason for her mother suffering so greatly.]

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I have chosen to speak through this instrument due to lack of familiarity. One moment, please, while I condition the instrument.

My friends, to all present we must say that within your present existences you experience a varied number of emotions. For those whom you are closest to, the emotions are as if there are no separations between the two. You speak of suffering and it be not yours, yet are you not indeed suffering? Your suffering, my friend, is not of a physical nature. It is one of spirit, the spirit of your being within you. Caring not of your emotions, it is expressing love for the one whom you love. The circumstance is unavoidable. Yet the lesson is one which is very valid. You must learn, my friends, the reality of unity. What appears to you upon this plane to be the suffering of a loved one is only a projection of your existence and your love. Though it appears to be suffering, it is only an infinite expression of love within this infinite creation, which to the intellect is incomprehensible. My friends, the more you suffer, the more you allow your emotions to believe it is suffering. The longer you deny the lesson—you do not suffer. Your spirit is expressing love.

Is this adequate?


Be there any other questions?

Is it possible to just ride out the waves of living, not worrying or hassling about everyday problems? Can we count on the Creator to that extent? Should we?

My friends, we have taught you that your existence is one of your own projection of consciousness, guided by laws of the Creator. In order to abide by His law, it is only necessary to lend your existence through meditation to the Creator. Your so-called hassles may or may not disappear, and certainly your ability to care shall increase. But if it is your belief that you are guided by the consciousness of the Creator, and if you make yourself available for guidance, your experiences are those which are of benefit to you. What you need to learn, the Creator can foresee. Abide by His guidance; accept His will. And then you shall become aware that there is no real need for apprehension, for you are on a path of enlightenment and truth, and in order to achieve your goal, you must undergo a process of learning which is sometimes, within the physical plane, very difficult.

Are there any other questions?

I would like to know what comment you could make about the advantages or disadvantages of chanting prior to meditation. Also any comments about another group to which I belong.

It is very difficult through these type of contacts to relay through the instrument specific names such as your organization. But we would speak on this. There are advantages to anything that you do which you truly feel is aiding your spiritual progression. Many people use many methods of rendering themselves open to the Creator. The form of chanting uses, or shall we say incorporates, sound waves which in turn create within your physical body vibrations which enhance your progression into meditation. Also, it is a very good substitute for what is known as a mantram. Yet we must stress that there is no one most beneficial means of achieving states of meditation. For each and every individual, there is a different manner of achieving this state.

Upon organizations, we must say their purposes are of a positive nature; their recognition of themselves as being organizations deny the truth of unity they teach. This may sound harsh, but it is the truth.

Are there any more questions?


It has been my privilege to answer questions. Once again I leave you in the love and light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.