(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument, and for a brief time I will speak using this instrument. We speak to you once again because there are things which we wish to say to you that do not apply to all those who are in the larger group. For always, my friends, there are various peoples at various levels of understanding. And we do not speak beyond the ears of those who hear, for that only breeds confusion.

To you we speak of shepherds. For truly, you may look upon your little world as being made up of those who need care, and those who may do the caring. We speak to you of the compassion of the shepherd. Where does the compassion come from? What will inspire you to the compassion of the shepherd with his sheep?

We ask that you remember that the universe is not deadly serious, but rather is a universe of love and joy, of lightness and laughter. It is not necessary that you be so deadly serious that you insist upon absolute compassion within yourself. It is enough, my friends, if you accept a certain lighthearted desire to pretend, shall we say, to be somewhat similar to a compassionate shepherd. You are not attempting to fool the sheep into thinking you are compassionate. You are attempting to fool yourself, from a condition of illusion to a condition of reality. You know, my friends, you cannot bludgeon yourselves into this state of shepherd. Yet you must shepherd yourself, gently and coaxingly and with humor. You may act similarly to that which you would consider to be compassionate and slowly you will discover that you are not acting. But allow yourself that imperfection of ambition which is within the illusion. For you are learning, my friends.

What differentiates you from the sheep, then, who are also learning? There is a broad line that cannot be crossed by sheep, and that line is the desire to know. Sheep will be led, and if they are lost, they must be found. But the shepherds, my friends, have desire to know, in order that they may serve. This desire of yours, to know the Creator and to serve Him—this desire is all that you need to be upon the path of the shepherd. Follow it in joy and humor, for being deadly serious will cause you to stumble.

I believe that the period of preparation for the one known as H is satisfactorily completed. And so I will transfer. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am once again with this instrument. We have had some difficulty, yet we shall continue through this instrument. As all are aware, we are presently within a time, or shall we say, a season, of your year, and this season is one of great expectations of great joy and love. The season we speak of is that of what you would call Christian, the celebration of the birth of the infant Jesus. And of him we would wish to speak.

Jesus, as you call him, was a being who resided upon the planet Earth for the purpose of demonstrating a proper, shall we say, way of living, a proper way of loving. My friends, this great teacher did not die for you. He demonstrated for you that there was in all actuality no death. For no matter how much they were able to torture him and maim his body, he was able to overcome his oppressors with love. And with that same love he was able to demonstrate to all the great power contained within his love: the power over life and death, the power over nature.

My friends, you may have been taught that his death was necessitated in order to relieve us of our bondage and sins. In a concept such as this, there is also truth, for is not the realization of the power of love redemption? My friends, the answer is love. The realization of love is indeed your redemption. So in all actuality the physical death was not your redemption, for all beings have experienced this. But the awakening to the abilities and the power within the concept of love, indeed, was your salvation.

We of the Confederation of Planets state that we are the same dimensional existence as this great teacher. Yet we do not claim right to his accomplishments, for we must acknowledge that the great teacher known as Jesus was the one of the greatest teachers whom we have encountered, or whom you have encountered. And he is still present upon your planet, in the form of consciousness and residing over the spiritual vibrations which are channeled to the people of planet Earth. He is your assigned teacher, and we are his assigned helpers. This is our claim. Accept it if you will. We realize that this one point to many has been the one point of our information that was unacceptable or controversial, shall we say. But remember, my friends, the story we have told you of the love of the teacher Jesus: love, my friends, is what is important. With it, you may discern the truth. Know the love that you possess. Learn to understand this. And through the knowledge you shall find the capacity to channel the abilities contained within the love. At that time, my friends, once you have mastered the concept of love, my friends, once you understand this concept, then shall you not also be capable of achieving that which the great teacher Jesus demonstrated for us?

This is the purpose, my friends. Love was the ingredient that caused, or shall we say, made able, these accomplishments. Not the being himself in physical form, but the love within the being. That love is also within you. It is within all things. Accept this, my friends: love is all. Love is omnipotent. Love is Jesus, and love is you. And all together, all of these loves combined, all of these beings combined, are the Creator. From the Creator we have come, and we are manifestations of His thoughts of love. His love being equal for all enables all to achieve the same. Each being shall achieve these great heights of awareness. Yet each being shall achieve them when they so choose. Think of this, my friends. Do not look upon yourself as an omnipotent ruler or teacher. Look upon all, all of the beings you have known or shall ever know, as being these teachers and rulers and overseers of the creation and its inhabitants.

It has been a privilege to speak with you once again this evening. And in the spirit of the season, we thought that these concepts would be quite appropriate. And we wish to all a loving and a happy Christmas. Adonai vasu borragus.