21 June, 1974

Friday meditation

Hatonn: We would like to look at this time at the aspect of meditation in which your feeling about the activity of meditation is demonstrated.

13 June, 1974

Thursday meditation

Hatonn: We are aware that you have questions at this time. We are aware that you wish to know if we are, as you say, robots. No, my friends, we who are speaking to you are individualized portions of consciousness in the same mode of being as are you. The robots or computers that you became acquainted with in your reading about Uri Geller are not of the same type as what you know as robots or computers. It is more simple than it sounds, my friends. The Confederation is a unity of thought and of mind, my friends. There are many [inaudible] and types of entities who dwell within this creation who wish to be of service to others and who have joined as brothers in this Confederation to serve the Creator, each in his own way.

12 June, 1974

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: Within the illusion, my friends, there are many obstacles. The illusion, in fact, is designed to produce the obstacles which will deliver unto you the choices which you desire for learning how to be of greater service to others. The lessons of this density, my friends, are lessons of service to others. And each obstacle is an opportunity which is a [inaudible] within the illusion think it is difficulty. Each obstacle is your opportunity to grow. [Inaudible].

11 June, 1974

Tuesday meditation

Hatonn: There are more people upon this planet seeking than there have been in the past. However, many are quite confused in their attempts to seek and there is a need at this time for many more channels such as this one who can receive directly the thoughts that so many of the people of this planet are now seeking. We are attempting at this time to generate greater numbers of proficient vocal channels who can receive our thoughts quite readily. This requires daily meditation. This is all that is required: daily meditation. It is assumed, of course, that as this daily meditation is performed there is a desire for our contact.

9 June, 1974

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We wish to assure that the service of channeling will be one which is very valuable in your immediate days to come. It is not [inaudible] that you will be asked specific questions by many who seek, although this will certainly be true. It is also that this contact will give you confidence and with this confidence you may the more carefully carry on your own program of seeking in such a way that you will recognize that which is there for you to do, for you to know, and for you to be aware. Much of the attempt which is initially made by those who begin seeking to discover their inner selves is such a confused attempt that it must be simply guided into another attempt. Therefore, many questions which you will receive will have very little meaning to you in light of your contact with the knowledge and understanding of the One Who is All.

8 June, 1974

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: Man upon Earth is conscious and intelligent and yet for the most part he is unaware of reality. He is unaware of the simple reality that he is capable of sensing with his physical senses. In addition, he is unaware of the much greater reality that lies outside the boundaries of his physical senses. For the most part, man on Earth has neglected the beauty and the order of the creation that surrounds him. He neglects notice of his total support by this creation. He neglects noticing that he breathes the atmosphere without which his physical body could not exist. He neglects perceiving that he partakes of the food that is amply supplied by the Creator.

7 June, 1974

Friday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, this evening I would like to say a few words about the concept of death. Why do I bring this up, my friends? It seems the proper time to ask you to hold it as clearly as you can as a concept of a real and specific context within your imagination. Imagine your own death, my friends. Imagine each death and dismal corridor of pain and difficulty and lack of faith [inaudible]. Imagine all the evil, the negativity, the limitations. Imagine it all, my friends. Allow it to build and build and build until you have a big and towering mountain of death and destruction.

6 June, 1974

First meditation

Hatonn: We have been aware of your desire to serve for, in some cases, a considerable length of time as you know. No one can know better than some of you here tonight that our mission on planet Earth has not been as successful as we had hoped. The harvest is coming, my friends, it is coming very quickly. And the harvest will be somewhat smaller than we had ever hoped. And in this fact we experienced a degree of sadness for we attempted to the best of our ability to alert all of those on the planet known as Earth who could hear to the possibility of a higher existence. And in many, many cases this information was not recognized or desired. You, too, from attempting to express the thoughts of the Creator have often found this to be so. And I am aware of the great sadness that you too feel.

6 June, 1974

Second meditation

Deltron: [Inaudible] in the radiance and love of the infinite One. I am known as Deltron. I am fairly new with this speaker. I have been here for some time and I have been observing classes of students that my brother Hatonn is working with. I have found communication with your people interesting and delightful. I have not spoken through an Earth instrument until a few months ago when I spoke through this instrument for the first time. I told him, at this time, I was not of this galaxy. I am from another galaxy entirely different from this planet’s.

5 June, 1974

First meditation

Hatonn: We wish to state that all entities which desire our presence and our guidance shall receive it and [we] wish to express the progress gained as most satisfactory. We are most pleased with the progress of your group and are doing everything possible to help this progress.