(Carla channeling)

I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. I am the one known to you as Hatonn. My brothers and I are in a craft far above your planet. We are very, very privileged to be speaking with you at this time. And we greet each of you.

My brother Laitos will be conditioning each of you who desires it as I speak.

I wonder this evening, my friends, if you have allowed yourself during this day to rest in the enormous ocean of love which is yours if you realize it to be yours. Have you allowed yourself to soak up the infinite light and love of your Creator during this day? Or, my friends, has it been a day during which you felt some lack of this love in which you felt that you were separated from the sunlight and the warmth of life?

We are aware that the very nature of the physical illusion is such that the individual who is enjoying this illusion experiences many sensations of seeming separation and lack of love. My friends, we can only tell you that this is an illusion. If you allow yourself through meditation to seek reality, you will quickly discover the vast and limitless ocean of love which bathes the entire creation of the Father. There is nothing but this love. Not only is it all about you, but, my friends, it is you in that each fiber of your soul and your physical being is composed of love and light.

Due to this heavy sense of illusion, my friends, it is very possible for you to experience the pain of this lack. It is often intensified in its negative effect by an accompanying belief in the reality of what you know as time. When you experience illusory lack, it is also very easy to further assume that this lack will be for a certain amount of time which seems to be extremely long.

My friends, within meditation make contact with the timeless, the infinite, the eternal truth of creation. Discover love and light of the Creator. It is all about and if you are able to make contact it may flow to you and through you so that you are lifted upward along the spiritual path and are finally free of the illusion.

These experiences are necessary to you, my friends. They are simply your means of spiritually growing while you enjoy the physical experience. However, you need not be limited by the difficulties of this illusory existence. While you are learning you may also go within, my friends, and speed your learning considerably by contact with all that there is.

I would like to transfer this contact at this time to the one known as T if he would avail himself.

(T channeling)

I am with this instrument. [Inaudible] that you do not cope adequately and that you are making inadequate progress. All peoples of your Earth are [inaudible]. All peoples of your Earth live daily problems which are solvable in meditation. All problems can be taken to meditation—small problems and large problems.

Most people who meditate think not to bother with small, day-to-day difficulties and will not take them to meditation. All answers are [inaudible]. While most day-to-day difficulties are not really worth bothering with, it is necessary that you exist from day-to-day. Meditation will help you in every way. [inaudible]

(Don channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I will condition the instrument for a short period.


I was speaking my friends, of the importance of meditation. It is difficult for those of your planet to fully comprehend the need and the results that may be obtained in respect to meditation. It is very difficult to understand how this simple process could bring to you everything that you desire. The peoples of your planet have believed for the most part for many, many centuries of their time that knowledge is knowledge obtained through the five physical senses. My friends, the knowledge that you presently have is of absolutely no value. The knowledge that you will gain in reading or in studying or through any learning process will have only one value. That single value will be to make you aware of the need for meditation.

We have said to you many times that all truth lies within. We have said to you many times that you may find this truth through the process of meditation. My friends, we cannot overemphasize this simple truth. The most educated of the peoples of your planet know nothing of truth if they have not availed themselves to it in meditation. My friends, there is no intellectual awareness of the truth of this creation. It is all something else, something much more basic. It is an awareness that transcends any ability to rationalize or to comprehend in an intellectual manner. There is no way to transmit this awareness through the senses that you possess to comprehend your illusion. The illusion that has been fabricated by the peoples of this planet is far from the truth. Any endeavor to comprehend truth through the use of any part of this illusion is totally of no value.

We have attempted, speaking through channels such as this one, to make you aware of the possibility of awareness. This is all that we can do. We can instruct on the method of achieving this awareness. We can tell you that this is what you desire. But only you my friends, can find it. You and you alone must make the step—simple step of meditation of each day to arrive at the awareness that you desire.

I will now transfer this contact to another of the instruments. Please be patient while I establish the contact.

(Carla channeling)

I am attempting to contact the instrument known as E. We are having a certain amount of difficulty due to a slight interference due to the instrument’s analysis of our thoughts. If this instrument will avail herself we will again attempt to speak using her.

(E channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I would like to say she should try to relax and avail herself. It is a very great privilege to make contact with this instrument. [Inaudible]. It has been a very great privilege to make contact. I am Hatonn.

(Don channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I will continue using this instrument. I am sorry that we mere unable to make satisfactory contact with this instrument known as E. As I was saying, it is difficult to maintain contact if the instrument attempts to analyze thoughts which we give to the instrument. It is a simple process to learn, to simply repeat what we impress upon the mind of the instrument. If this simple process is maintained, then a communication will flow as smoothly and simply as it does now.

The problem we believe, is that the instrument is unsure and therefore afraid of making an error. We are using this instrument now and it is unafraid of making an error for he knows that if an error is made it will be corrected, for we do not allow an error to be made that is incorrect. It will facilitate the ability of a new instrument to channel our thoughts if the instrument will simply communicate what is impressed upon them with no analysis and with no fear of causing error.


I have just allowed this instrument to pause for a period of time to demonstrate to him and to the others in this room that when we are not transmitting a thought to the instrument, he receives no thought. This instrument was aware of receiving no thought for a period of time during which he did not channel.

I am aware of certain questions that have been raised by members of this group and will attempt to answer them at this time. All members of this group who so desire will benefit from our conditioning and will be able to receive our thoughts as clearly and as concisely as any other member of this group. It requires only that the individual avail himself each day in meditation. He will in a short period be able to receive and to channel our thoughts just as does this instrument.

There are several different [ways] of initially receiving our contact. The way that is experienced by the instrument is dependent on his susceptibility to each particular technique. The technique of contact will therefore be somewhat different for each instrument. It is utmost that the instrument totally relax in meditation and allow his mind to become blank if at all possible. This will facilitate greatly our ability to contact the instrument. Each one of the members of this group will receive our conditioning. It is only necessary that you desire it. You will become aware of it in a physical way.

At this time I will leave this group. It has been a great privilege to be with you and it is always a very great privilege to bring to those of the planet Earth that which they desire. That single [thing] that man throughout all of the creation desires—understanding of his Creator so that he may travel more swiftly along the path to the love and understanding that has created him. I am Hatonn. I will leave you at this time. Adonai vasu.