(Carla channeling)

I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. It is a privilege for me to meet with you this evening, as always.

I am aware that you wish to know something about the confrontation between a combatant from another planet than your own and two of your people. We will attempt to explain through this instrument, however, we are having a certain amount of difficulty with this contact, and patience on your parts will be required, for this instrument is resisting the amount of control that is necessary for projecting more closely the information we must project.

This type of communication is not the completely controlled type of communication of which we have spoken in the past. However, the concepts which we are sending are considerably more restricted in their interpretation, and therefore, we must keep a much closer amount of control over the consciousness and the mechanism which is producing the message. This amount of control is still somewhat difficult for this instrument to accept. However, we have been conditioning her while we have been talking, and we believe that we have a somewhat improved contact at this point.

The Pascagoula landing, my friends, was, as far as we are aware, not a completely isolated instance. However, it is the only instance which has been delivered into the hands of public knowledge. On the other hand, although it is not the only landing of that particular group of alien individuals, it is one of the very few.

These peoples are members of a type of combatant group. There is not the idea of the soldiering or war as you know it. However, it is the closest interpretation which your language and the use of this instrument will permit. These people were interested simply as passersby in the phenomena which they saw, and, not having strong enough leadership, they decided to take a closer look. There was no intention of any harm intended at all.

It is doubtful that this type of craft and this particular group of beings will cease passing this particular area of space, for several reasons, none of which are in any way connected with the planet on whose surface you now reside. Therefore, you may again discover some evidence of such a contact. But we assure you that it is merely a rare, scattered, and unharmful confrontation.

Do you have a further question?

Were the people who came from the spacecraft people or robots?

These were beings with consciousness and individuality. They were, however, not precisely of the nature which you would call human. You are not at this time aware of the possibilities that exist in the creation. However, these people are not robots.

Can you give me some idea of what you meant by combatants?

There is a great deal of difficulty in working out of the language of your culture in explaining another culture, especially an alien culture. I am attempting to give to this instrument an idea of the structure of thinking upon the planet from which these people come. I am giving her the name but she does not seem able to understand it. However, the structure is somewhat more totally conscious of illusion than your own world structure. Each of the projects and difficulties of learning within a density somewhat comparable to yours results in an externally expressed series of movements which eliminates for these people the need for inner fears and doubts. By the structuring of the illusion, they so recognize it and deal with it in a highly stylized fashion. They have a good record of advancement along the spiritual path, using this technique. The closest that this instrument can come to explaining the concept she has been given is probably the concept of a few people’s ambitions. They go, therefore, a far distance to take part in a game which has much of the mental characteristics of war, but which is entirely mental.

Due to the type of structure which these people have obtained throughout many generations of this discipline, the outcome of this combat will be final, just and completely acceptable to each who has depended upon the combatants of each different opinion.

These people are progressing along a different path than yours, and this is true throughout the infinite creation. But they are progressing towards the same goal that we all share.

Have you a further question?

With respect to progress, what would be their relative progress and understanding with respect to this planet’s general progress?

I am afraid that it is difficult in the extreme to state where a relatively stable, progressive culture lies, in comparison to the somewhat uneven picture which is represented on planet Earth. The potential which is within very many of those upon the planet Earth is somewhat, shall we say, more advanced than the basic vibratory level of the planet…

I can’t get that. They’re telling me a name, but I can’t get that.

(Carla channeling)

However, the average vibration upon that alien planet is far more advanced than the lower average of those upon planet Earth who stubbornly sleep. We are afraid that as those of Earth have much potential, so they also have little time to translate their potential, so they also have little time to translate their potential into the actuality that they in truth can deserve and have.

Both planets are within the same basic vibration. And the planet upon which you enjoy physical existence is far more advanced through its cycle within this particular vibration.

Is there another question?

What type of sensory equipment do these individuals have? Do they see, hear and communicate like we do?

No. They are aware. The material which covers them is aware of more than all of the physical senses upon this planet are aware of, in unison.

What do you mean by the material which covers?

You would call it skin.

[Transcript ends.]