(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Father. I am the one known to you as Hatonn and it is my pleasure to speak with you once again.

I am very, very pleased to greet each of you. I and my brother will be conditioning you as I speak, using this instrument.

My friends, it is very interesting to us who have come here to aid these of you upon the surface of your planet who seek, to notice the constant and widespread misapprehensions under which your people labor, with regard to the idea of normalcy.

There are many things which are looked upon within your physical illusion as being quite normal, which to us, my friends, look quite abnormal. And as we patiently search among the people of your planet, we find very few whose actions we would call normal. It is as though the people of planet Earth are all mysteriously prey to some widespread emotional disorder.

We did not understand this when we first came, and our first attempts to communicate with your people suffered much because of this misunderstanding. We have come to understand much more. And now, we can see the strong and ever-present cause of this widespread aberration of the peoples of this planet.

There is an abnormality which has been developing through many, many of your generations, which has been building through many, many of your generations, until now what is in truth normal has become unheard-of, and its place completely overtaken by that which is complete illusion. You, my friends, having accepted the illusion, have simply reacted to what seems to be reality. The fault is certainly not your own, within this particular physical experience.

However, it has happened. But, my friends, were there not hope that you might be able to reestablish contact with reality, and thereby return to a normal state of awareness with regard to the creation, we would not be here. We have come because those who have the potential for using our aid have desired our aid. We are here to serve you. We are here to encourage you. And we are here to attempt to give you our understanding of the creation of the Father.

You must realize, my friends, that although we cannot lay any blame at the feet of those people of your planet who do not understand, we can lay the blame at our own feet. For, my friends, we are each of you, and we have, through our free will, created this illusion. Your pain has been created by us, and we feel that pain very deeply. It is our strong desire to enable you to become able to have clear sight of what is real.

The very few people upon your planet who see reality are often thought to be quite insane. My friends, one must not attempt to understand what we are giving on the level of language. Go within, my friends, and meditate. For knowledge of reality will come only from within. Accept nothing on blind faith, but accept everything that is of good report. Allow all paradoxes to remain so. Accept much, and reject nothing.

Go within, my friends, for within you lies reality.

I wish to transfer this contact at this time to the instrument known as Don. We are aware that there are certain reservations. However, if he will avail himself, we would like to speak through him.

(Don channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. Please be patient while I condition the instrument.

There are many ways, my friends, of gaining what you seek. However, what you seek now will change. It will change as you seek it, for this is the nature of seeking. For as you seek, you find, and as you find, you understand. And as you understand, you continue in seeking, but at a different level.

So do not attempt to understand that which at present seems to be beyond you. Simply go within, and you will be led to an understanding that will place you upon a new plateau, from which you will be able to view much, much more of reality.

Seeking, my friends, is not a direct attempt to understand each intellectual question which crosses your mind. Seeking is the attempt to known one’s Creator. There will be in your seeking an unfoldment of understanding. Each step will show itself to you. When it does, raise yourself upon it, so that you may find the next one.

We bring to man of Earth understanding, and yet we cannot speak to him and cause him to understand. We cannot communicate through channels this understanding. We can only point out directions for his seeking. For it will be necessary for him to change his point of view, and to change it, he must understand; and to understand, he must seek.

There will be many paradoxes in your seeking, for this is the nature of seeking. But as you continue, these will dissolve, for you will reach a new plateau, and a new understanding. And the seeming paradox that you have bypassed will appear in its true light. Meditation, my friends, is the only method of which we know to allow an individual to rapidly form this new basis for his understanding. For this is not dependent upon preconceptions. It is not dependent upon the definitions of a language that was never intended for spiritual seeking.

Redefine that which you experience. Redefine it through your seeking, and through your growing awareness of the creation and our Creator. And then, my friends, you will not question, for you will know. For you will have grown in your understanding.

It is sometimes frustrating to be unable to find answers to those questions that seem paramount and directly in the path of your seeking. But these too will fade as you pass them by and become more and more aware of the single truth that permeates all things and answers all questions.

We will continue to aid you in any way that we can, but primarily we will point out to you the wonders and the joy of the creation that you experience. And we will attempt to bring to you an understanding that will grow with each day, an understanding that will be a result of your meditation.

I will leave you at this time. I hope that I have been of service. It has been a great privilege speaking to you. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu.