(Carla channeling)

I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am the one known to you as Hatonn. I and my brother Laitos are here to serve you, and we are with you in the room. My brother will be giving conditioning to each of you who desires it as we proceed with this message. We are most privileged to be speaking with you this evening.

We would like to give you a thought upon the nature of the spiritual path. Consider for yourself, my friends, the nature of your interior universe. How much of your thinking is involved with striving, attaining and grasping at things within the physical illusion? What fire consumes you? What greed or envy or base desire have you allowed to continue to have power over your thinking? And then, my friends, what portion of your thinking is clear, calm, motionless, humble, unassuming, and content?

I do not need to tell you which portion of your interior universe is more correctly called the spiritual part. The truth of the universe is a very simple truth. Correctly understood and practiced, it eliminates the striving for selfhood within the physical illusion. It eliminates it because it offers a more rewarding reality along the spiritual path.

The reason, my friends, that you have not completely become one with the spiritual path is not because you have not been trying. Do not cause yourself anxiety. It is simply, my friends, that the illusion under which you labor is extremely strong upon your planet, and there is a good deal of constant and faithful meditation and discipline to be achieved before the final breakthrough can come, and you may be free of your selfhood within the illusion.

Without that selfhood, my friends, without that which upon the part of the planet which you live is termed ego, you may achieve all things, in the name of the Creator. For having no limitation of self, you may give for all men, and to all men.

It is a matter of knowing whom you serve, my friends. As you go through your daily existence, therefore, we suggest to you that you contemplate, when it may serve you to do so, that which is called water. Water, my friends, is the humblest and weakest of all substances. It abides in the lowest places. It constantly seeks a level. It is ashamed to go nowhere, but flows where every opportunity takes it. My friends, water may wear away the hardest substances, for it is far stronger in its weakness than rigid substances can ever be.

Be like the water, my friends. Upon the spiritual path that you are seeking to follow, seek the nature of water.

I wish to continue this contact but to transfer it to the instrument known as R. We will condition him for a brief period, and then we will attempt to transfer this contact. I will leave this instrument. I am Hatonn.

(R channeling)

I am now with this instrument. Seek, my friends, to become the water—still and pure. It has been said that life is as a vast ocean, and we very often cause waves through our actions and our thoughts.

Through self-discipline it is possible to wear away through this action those qualities about yourself that would be considered undesirable. Through lack of control of your actions and thoughts, great storms will arise. Your thought, my friends, is that which creates tides and waves. See your thoughts as waves. The waves that you create have a vast effect upon the rest of the body of water.

The waves which cleanse and wash away are also those which erode. By directing your thought, you direct the waves, and become, with you, as you seek them to be.

Consider then, my friends, the water, like unto yourself; consider, then, your thoughts, like unto the waves, and that which directs the water.

I would at this time attempt to continue this communication through the instrument known as T.

(T channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument.


(E channeling)

As I was saying, like the spirit, water flows quietly along its path, until it reaches an obstacle. It then must go around or over the obstacle. In going around or over an obstacle, it will erode the obstacle. Then the obstacle is no more, and the spirit or water is free of that obstacle.

The movement of the water is like thought or actions, in that the thought… the movement of the water is like thought or action.

I will continue this contact with another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I and my brother Laitos have been most privileged to have been able to serve you this evening. We hope that we have been able to aid you in your seeking.

I am aware that there is a question. It will be somewhat difficult to use this instrument to answer this question. Therefore, we would prefer to await another opportunity to use a different instrument for this particular question. Is that satisfactory with the person who desires to know the answer to this question?

It’s OK to wait, but could you try to answer the part of it that you can through this instrument, and then I’ll ask it again of another instrument? I want to know whether it is harmful or helpful to use drugs, especially for intellectual purposes.

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. We will attempt to communicate through this instrument upon this question.

The use of any outside or external stimulus has no appreciable effect upon your internal spirit. The center of the problem of which you speak is not the fact that these foreign substances do or do not transfer parts of your vibratory makeup into novel spaces. Various external influences have various effects. By the use of these, the type of awareness that may be achieved through meditation can be achieved. The difficulty, as we have said, lies in the fact that these substances are external, and do not come under the will of you, the individual who is seeking.

It may be acceptable therapeutic measure, to increase one’s faith in the reality of the spiritual path, to experience such a state by means of such an outside stimulus. However, the use of internalizing effects, such as meditation and service, wherein your will makes its own contact with the Creator and the creation, is a far more realistic way of entering upon the spiritual path.

It is important in the extreme that you be living within yourself, at the center…

[Doorbell rings.]


(Carla channeling)

I apologize for the difficulty. We may continue.

We were saying—in order that you may experience the reality of the Father’s creation, it is important that you be able to achieve the awareness of that creation from within your own spirit. The use of outside agents simply puts you in places which you are not ready to comprehend or make use of. True seeking is inner seeking. To be able to give, it is best to refrain from taking. It is far better to achieve an awareness of the creation through meditation than through the use of any external agent.

There is not any more harm or acceptability for the use of any drug or material over any other. We have observed simply that they all lie outside the control of your inner self, and are therefore not a part of your spiritual world.

We are aware that this instrument is becoming fatigued. She is not used to this much control. Therefore, we would be privileged to speak using another instrument at a later time, if you will ask your question again.

May we answer you further?

[No further queries.]

I will leave you now, my friends. I am very pleased to be speaking through the new instruments. It is a great pleasure to my brother Laitos and to myself to be working with you and with your group. Blessings upon you. I leave you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai.