23 May, 1974

Thursday meditation

Hatonn: It is always a very great privilege to speak to those who seek. Seeking, my friends, takes place in many and varied ways. What is important is the seeking, not its definition or its appearance. When an individual begins to seek, he will find. What he will find will seem to be different with respect to others who also seek, in many instances. However, it will only apparently be different, for they will be finding the same thing. For, my friends, there is in truth only one thing to find and that is the love and the understanding of our Creator.

19 May, 1974

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We are aware that there are questions upon your minds, and we will not speak at great length before beginning the questioning. However, we would like to say a few words about service, my friends.

18 May, 1974

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: The Pascagoula landing, my friends, was, as far as we are aware, not a completely isolated instance. However, it is the only instance which has been delivered into the hands of public knowledge. On the other hand, although it is not the only landing of that particular group of alien individuals, it is one of the very few.

17 May, 1974

Friday meditation

Hatonn: There are many things which are looked upon within your physical illusion as being quite normal, which to us, my friends, look quite abnormal. And as we patiently search among the people of your planet, we find very few whose actions we would call normal. It is as though the people of planet Earth are all mysteriously prey to some widespread emotional disorder.

16 May, 1974

Thursday meditation

Hatonn: We would like to give you a thought upon the nature of the spiritual path. Consider for yourself, my friends, the nature of your interior universe. How much of your thinking is involved with striving, attaining and grasping at things within the physical illusion? What fire consumes you? What greed or envy or base desire have you allowed to continue to have power over your thinking? And then, my friends, what portion of your thinking is clear, calm, motionless, humble, unassuming, and content? I do not need to tell you which portion of your interior universe is more correctly called the spiritual part. The truth of the universe is a very simple truth. Correctly understood and practiced, it eliminates the striving for selfhood within the physical illusion. It eliminates it because it offers a more rewarding reality along the spiritual path.

15 May, 1974

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, your minds are stayed far, far too strongly upon those illusory goals of the intellect which your conscious awareness makes such advanced company of. These intellectual pretensions, my friends, are no kind of advanced company to be in. Their group name is complexity, and, my friends, understanding is simple.

14 May, 1974

Tuesday meditation

Who were the UFOs that picked up Betty and Barney Hill, as told in The Interrupted Journey? Were they evil, or to be feared? Do evil planets attempt to invade Earth?

13 May, 1974

Monday meditation

Hatonn: This instrument has learned to go ahead and speak with the thoughts that we give him. He has also learned to clear his mind to almost a one hundred percent extent. This varies somehow—this instrument has made an error—this varies somewhat depending upon the conditions that are surrounding him. At this time the conditions are quite good and he is receiving my thoughts almost in a word for word fashion, since I am familiar with your language and am also able to transmit the words that I wish for the instrument to speak.

12 May, 1974

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: It is seldom that we are able to contact those who are seeking upon the surface of this planet. There are not too many of those people of this planet who are seeking at this time. We have spoken many times to this group and to other groups about the importance of seeking, but we feel that this is not fully understood. And for this reason we will speak this evening on the subject of seeking.

11 May, 1974

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: There are many ways to meditate. There is, however, only one true form of meditation. It is necessary, if meditation is to be effective, that the intellectual mind be allowed to cease functioning, for this acts as a type of interference to realizing and understanding that is within all beings. In order to do this it is necessary to learn how. There are many, many techniques employed in this practice. It is extremely simple for those who have mastered it and seemingly very difficult for those who are still attempting to master it.