(Carla channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] It is very often that these words are misunderstood for one reason or another. The difficulty, my friends, is the constant use of the intellect taught to all people who have been at all educated. There is very little spiritual training that would be most helpful in supplying a spiritual development in a growing entity. As the physical body grows, the entity within is educated upon those portions of your planet which are now receiving the aid of technological advances. This enables his intellect to grow and his body to grow. There is much lacking after these two items have become mastered.

We are aware that you already feel this to be so. The question of what to do about it in your [own] existence is twofold. In the first place, what you do within your own situation, spiritually speaking, we would suggest, will be a function of one thing only and that is your understanding of the lesson which you are to learn. Each situation that you surround yourself with in general is a part of a lesson or a lesson for you. We are not referring to daily details which occur under the simple laws of chance; we are referring to the overall trend of generalized direction or general dimension of your situation. Whatever the difficulty is in this situation, the approach we would suggest spiritually is to take it, as we may predictably say, to meditation. Out of meditation, come with some understanding. Not in your life, but simply in you of the lesson of the job to be done within that situation in doing the job, in as workmanlike and cheerful a manner as your meditation has given you the ability to maintain. As you accomplish your work within that lesson, the circumstances about you will alter of their own accord.

The constant feeling of pressure from outside is an illusion, my friends. Sometimes, an extremely heavy one, but only an illusion. Your lessons will be learned from within. This is our feeling about the truth, spiritually speaking. We are aware that technology presses hard against spiritual seeking. And may seem in many ways a harsh antithesis. And yet, my friends, all things are one and so meditation on a regular basis will proceed with you as you go along the path.

The question of how to instill the type of training of the spirit to which we refer is a question that is very difficult for us to answer for you. It would be necessary to have communities centered about the great truths of the spirit. It would be necessary to have in each person and in [each] such group of people who have banded together, a spirit of understanding and seeking. It would simply be necessary to have a completely different type of environment than you have. There is much that can be done within the sanctity of your own life. Those people of like mind may provide for you, and those dependent upon you, an atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth.

In your own household, much may be done to encourage the constant awareness of the love of the infinite Creator. Where growing entities [are] aware, as their bodies and their minds mature, that their infinite and eternal spirit was real and was capable of maturing also. If there was a place they might choose to go and with no pressure or suggestion, seek their own peace and find their own truth, then the training for the spirit might be a much more possible thing for those upon your planet surface. Needless to say, my friends, we have not found rich earth for planting this idea in many places. However, you are welcome to it.

At this time, my friends, I will leave this instrument. I leave you in the Creator’s love and light. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.