(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with the instrument. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you this evening. I am Hatonn. I speak to you from a craft. The craft is known to your peoples as an unidentified flying object. We are seen in your skies and we are known as unidentified.

Let us consider, my friends, the meaning of identified. Identified, my friends, is something that you understand. What do you understand? Peoples of your planet believe that they understand many things. They do not understand the unidentified flying objects that are in their skies. What they do not realize is that they do not understand anything, for they have not attempted to understand anything.

Your science has created what you consider to be many marvels, but these marvels lack true understanding. These marvels of your science, as you consider them, have been given to your peoples within the past very few of your years. They have been given for a purpose. It has been part of a program that has manifested upon your planet. Up until the very recent past your planet has enjoyed but very little so-called scientific advance. Within the past one hundred of your years there has been an advance in your knowledge, what you consider to be science, of many, many thousand-fold.

This advance was not an advance brought about unaided. This advance was not from within [the] simple advance [of] the understanding of those who were progressing upon your planet. This advance was highly augmented, my friends, for a purpose. Unfortunately, this advance has included not only benefits to man on Earth but he has also used it to create many devices that are far from beneficial. We are very sorry that this has occurred but it was necessary for man on Earth to experience certain benefits of what you know as a technological nature prior to the termination of the great cycle of time through which your world has passed.

It would have been possible for the cycle to have terminated, of course, with no more advance in technology than was appreciated over one hundred of your years ago. However, this was not deemed to be as efficient a way of producing the necessary information so that all those who would attempt to seek would find the information that they sought. As strange as it may seem to you, my friends, [the] entire technological advance your civilization has experienced in the past one hundred or so years has been for the purpose of increasing the ability of those who seek new intellectual [inaudible] to find intellectual answers which will lead them to non-intellectual truths.

It is difficult for a society primarily intent upon maintenance of the physical body to spend much time actively seeking in a spiritual way. It is difficult for those who seek spiritual truths to find them if there is very little dissemination or publication available to you. This may seem paradoxical in that we have stated many times that meditation is the only real pathway to complete understanding. My friends, we do not wish to confuse by attempting to point out to you that your present technological systems are necessary to augment this seeking in a most satisfactory manner. We, however, do state that they do accomplish this purpose in more than one way.

There are those who have become fascinated within this illusion that they presently enjoy as they would become fascinated with the physical aspects of any illusion, regardless of its relatively technological aspects. These are the ones who cannot be greatly helped. [Inaudible] those who have been spared quite so much physical labor in order to simply exist upon your Earth world. It is those who have been provided with more leisure time [to] extend their seeking that we are primarily concerned with.

Many civilizations have existed upon your planet. It is true that many of these have reached great advancement prior to their destruction. It is also true that the reason for this advancement prior to their destruction was to provide the atmosphere for spiritual seeking that was not as prevalent in a more primitive environment. This is not the decision of any particular person. It is not the decision of a council. These things do not come about because of a specific plan. This comes about in a more natural way as many entities find an attraction to the experiences [that] will be generated near the end of a cycle such as this one. They are drawn into physical experience and those who are drawn into the experience are those of a more advanced nature. This includes, of course, technological as well as many other forms of previous experiences which then are reflected in their works during their present experiences within the physical.

There is a general overseeing, you might say, for each planet but this is much less controlled or directed than would be appreciated by those of your peoples who are accustomed to the careful direction of their present governments. It is then an aspect of the termination of your present cycle that you appreciate great technological advancement with respect to previous experience of your planet’s inhabitants for many thousands of years. It was the same condition that created relatively great technological advancement upon the continents known as Atlantis and Lemuria.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator are here to aid those who seek. We are here also to help them understand conditions that they meet in their daily experiences. We are attempting at this time to point out to you that your present experience upon the surface of this planet is somewhat unique in the light of what we would consider normal conditions upon your planet. Normal conditions upon your planet, my friends, are not at all technological. When viewed over a period of several thousands of years you will find that people in general have been intellectually extremely unenlightened. There have been, of course, those few scholars throughout all of the experiences and ages who have been remembered and studied. We are speaking, my friends, of what you would call the man in the street. He has in your society been educated only within the past hundred of your years to any extent at all. This is unique… not common.

This was the case in the experience known to you as Atlantis. Many of those who dwelled within that experience are now returning and have returned into the physical to experience once more a termination, a change, and this time an even more grand change than that which they experienced before. It may seem that it is not too wise for such technological advance to fall upon a people whose spiritual qualities are so lacking and in this, my friends, we are in complete agreement. However, we are unable to control such matters since they are generated primarily by the desire of those who are of the Earth but who are not in physical form.

We are, however, able and willing if necessary to terminate certain totally insane actions which could conceivably be originated with respect to your nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, these weapons are of such a nature so as to endanger not only the peoples of your planet in a spiritual way, but also in a way so as to terminate their existence. It will be necessary, therefore, for an intervention to be made by those of us of the Confederation who monitor the aspects of these nuclear weapons. If such a condition manifests we of the Confederation of Planets do not wish to interfere and cannot interfere in the activities of peoples of this planet with very few exceptions. Interference of a nature to terminate such nuclear warfare is, however, within that which we will accomplish.

It is interesting to note that the decimation of information about the teachings of the [one] known to you as Jesus, the last great teacher upon your planet, are almost negligible with respect to [the] numbers of peoples aware of them for many years after his passing from your planet. It is interesting to note that at this time dissemination of his teachings are at their maximum. Unfortunately, as we have said before, his teachings are not understood even though there now exists upon your planet a communication system which will reach a very large percentage of the peoples in many, many of the areas of your planet’s surface, especially those peoples who have evolved to a point where they can use their intellects to augment their natural seeking.

At this time we will attempt to transfer this contact. Please be patient.

[Tape ends.]