(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. I… I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you once more. It is a very great privilege to speak with you. We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are always very privileged to be able to speak with those of the planet Earth, as you call it, who seek.

What is it that you seek? My friends, you seek understanding. And what is understanding? Understanding, my friends, is not precisely what you think it is. Understanding is not an intellectual interpretation of the creation or of its realities. It is not an emotional response to reality in what I might call the most approved fashion. Understanding is not an emotional or intellectual response to your fellow creatures. Understanding, my friends, is very, very simply understanding the demonstration of the love of your Creator. This, my friends, is understanding. This is what we of the Confederation in His service attempt to bring to you: understanding of the demonstration of His love. For this, my friends, is the understanding of all that there is. For, my friends, His love is all that there is, for this love has created all that there is. And this is what is sought by those who seek whether they are aware of it or not. They simply seek to understand His love and thereby to demonstrate it… to demonstrate it in every thought, in every word, and in every deed. Through this you may too be of service in our Creator’s plan.

It has been stated that man upon planet Earth is a conscious being but that he does not understand. Some of the people of Earth have begun to understand, but it is difficult to continually demonstrate this understanding. The last great teacher known to you, the man called Jesus, was demonstrating his understanding of this truth in his life and yet he was not understood in this demonstration. He gained this understanding through meditation. This understanding may be obtained while you inhabit your present illusion through meditation. This is necessary. For this reason we continually emphasize that you avail yourself to truth through meditation. My friends, you seek understanding. Understanding is within you. You may reach this through meditation. This is very simply all that is necessary for you to know.

It might be asked by we of the Confederation of Planets then bother to communicate more than this one simple concept. My friends, it is very difficult to awaken those upon your planet who have the potential to seek. We have found that it is necessary to spark their interest using techniques that augment the basic truth which we bring to them. We have in this simple statement given you the very core, the essence, in actuality the totality of what we wish to convey to you. But we will give you more, my friends. More so that you too can serve, so that you will be equipped… equipped to help those who seek but must be led through their our pathways to the understanding of the very simple truth that we are bringing, for man on Earth is very complex and is unable, for the most part at this time, to receive this simple truth and use it.

We have for many of your years enticed those who would seek by various methods. We could have simply produced techniques for disseminating the simple truth which we just conveyed to you. My friends, this would not have been understood. Seeking must be generated within those who have the spark. The illusion in which you presently dwell is extremely strong even for those who deep within themselves desire to seek in a spiritual direction. For this reason our program has had necessarily to include many years of enticement and mystery.

We would much prefer to come directly to the point, to bring this simple truth directly to all of your peoples and then allow those who would seek it to seek it, but we understand from our experience in such matters that this produces a very shallow harvest of seekers.

If an individual is already seeking our methods sometimes appear to be rather foolish and lengthy and in many cases with little point. My friends, for those who are already seeking our methods are just that. They are unnecessary. The illusion, my friends, is very difficult to break even for those who would seek, even for those who are of a very spiritual nature. There are many, many of your peoples who are of a high spiritual desire who are within an illusion of religion or otherwise, which does not allow them to modify their thinking rapidly in order to accept such as we who attempt now to contact your planet. In order to communicate it takes much effort and much time. We will continue in our effort to arouse those who will eventually attempt to understand what we bring to those of this planet who desire to have it.

I will now transfer this contact to one of the other instruments. Please be patient.

(Carla channeling)


[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

[Inaudible], my friends. We would like to point out to you that we are aware that each time that we speak of understanding we always link it to service. We do not wish to, shall we say, draft you into service with us. We are not attempting to sway anyone against his will nor are we attempting to choose for you the future action that you will select.

The reason that we constantly link the concept of understanding through meditation with its demonstration in service is that we are not aware that there is any other possible path upon the upward way. It is important to seek. This is the first constant. Once seeking has been established then understanding begins to impel one along the path of spiritual development.

My friends, there is a very great distance which one may travel simply growing in understanding. However, the most exalted and pure understanding is an empty shell if it is not expressed. There is a limit to how far you may go in understanding if you do not choose to express your understanding through demonstration in service. The reason for this is one of the simple laws of reality. There is balance, my friends, in all things. Each thing which seems to be one thing is the other as well. If you wish to receive you simply give. This is a law. This is why we speak of service, my friends.

Beyond the first rungs of understanding one climbs the narrow way by service. It is for this reason that we are here for by our service to you we advance ourselves in understanding. We are not aware of any other means of effectively creating a forward movement in our own understanding. We are not aware of any other way for you to increase your understanding.

Each entity that you meet is yourself turned over, the other side of you, the other side of the coin, my friends. The side you cannot see of yourself turned suddenly so you may see it; there you are. Serve your fellow man, my friends. We suggest this to you because we wish very much for you to advance along the path of spirit and because in your progression you also aid us greatly in our service to this planet at this time.

I am aware that this instrument is experiencing some difficulty with this contact. I will attempt to transfer this contact to the instrument known as R. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am sorry that we are continuing to have difficulty with this contact. We will leave this instrument at this time. We leave you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It has been our privilege to speak with you this evening. Adonai vasu.