[The first twenty-four minutes of this channeling session are inaudible.]

(Don channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I was saying that in the future every member of this group who desires to serve those who seek this service will have the opportunity to serve. If this service is to be effective, it will be necessary to one offering service to fully qualify [to do so.] These qualifications may be obtained in only one way. It is necessary to spend time each day in meditation. There is no other way that the qualifications that will be necessary to serve your fellow man can be obtained. We speak of true service. We speak about service that will bring to those of the peoples of Earth who desire understanding the understanding which they desire. This is all that we are attempting to do, for this is all that is necessary. For once this understanding is [acquired] by an individual, he then needs nothing else. For he is, then, an integral part of the Creation in every respect. He, then, no longer is separated in an illusory way by the illusion which he and his fellow man have created for their experience. And this, my friends, is the only thing man on Earth needs, the understanding that allows him to dissolve the illusion in which he now finds himself.


I will transfer this contact, at this time, to one of the other instruments.

[This next thirty-seven minutes of this channeling session are inaudible.]

(Don channeling)

There are many ways to serve the people of a planet such as this one. There is only one way to serve them with what they truly desire. Even though they do not realize this, they desire understanding. There is only one way to bring to them understanding. This we of the Confederation are attempting to do at this time. You who seek to serve with us to bring this understanding to as many of the people of your planet who desire it as you are able will find that this seeking and service will bring to you much joy, as it does to us.

This understanding is not easy to bring even to those upon your planet who seek it, for there have been strong conditions impressing the thinking of most of those who are to be served. If they are to be served, they must be served with truth and this truth must be brought to them in an understanding and concise way. For this reason, it will be necessary that those who wish to serve spend much time in meditation. For, in this way, and in only this way, can an individual prepare himself to bring to his fellow man that truth that all of us desire.

Meditation will allow the individual to eliminate questions concerning the validity of the information that he receives from his thoughts. Meditation will allow the individual to become aware of reality and therefore truth. This truth will be self-evident and it will not be necessary for an instrument to seek an appraisal of that which he is able to channel or to speak. For through meditation he will know, as it is written in one of the holy books of your planet, know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Free from what? Free from the illusion, [my friends.] It is stated that you must know the truth. It is not stated that you must be told what is true and what is not true. It is stated that you must know. My friends, there is only one way to know; that is through meditation. This will bring you all that you desire.

I hope that I have been of service. It is sometimes difficult for a new instrument to speak using the thoughts which we project but this problem, like all others, is eradicated through meditation, for this eliminates questions of falsity or truth. It simply avails, to the individual, of the truth that is within all beings throughout Creation.

I am Hatonn. I shall leave you at this time. Adonai vasu.