(Carla channeling)

I am Philip of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. I am with this instrument. I am here. [inaudible] although my previous contact has been [inaudible], this instrument has received my thoughts correctly.

As I speak to you, there is between us an ocean amount of space [inaudible]. My beloved brothers, you have truly bridged this chasm, this great ocean which lies between the understanding [inaudible] within the physical illusion, and we understand [inaudible] has the dilemma in understanding that we [inaudible]. The difficulties of communicating across this gap are formidable. And yet, my friends, as this instrument has noted, I say that it must be done and that it can be done. You are truly a shepherd. You are truly a disciple. To you, my brethren, is given a great task, but you are not left [helpless]. The ability in which you have [inaudible] with your contact, the One Who is All, in meditation will stand [inaudible].

It is very necessary, my friends, for you to shepherd your sheep. There is information about the other side of the ocean that needs [inaudible] to be expressed to all those standing on the shore [inaudible] who are looking out to sea. What you have done, my friends, is already an aid. There is much more that you are [inaudible] to do and that you may do if you are willing [inaudible]. We will be of help to you in whatever way that we can. There are things that we can do, things that we have done, and things that we will do if you desire us to aid you.

We are aware, my friends, that you long to be on [a different] part of the shoreline that you are now on, and that you wish to be, in spirit and in truth, within the sphere of understanding in which [inaudible]. As we say to you, my friends, we each have our [part]. Each of us has a service to perform, and when that service is done, the next service may be [inaudible].

I am having trouble with this instrument. I will leave you. I leave you [inaudible].