(Don channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege once more to meet with this group. We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are always privileged to meet with those who desire our services.

Desire, my friends, is the key to what you receive. If you desire it, you shall receive it. This was the Creator’s plan, a plan in which all of His parts would receive exactly what they desire. My friends, often in the illusion which you now experience it seems that you do not acquire what you desire. In fact, exactly the opposite seems to be the case in many, many instances. It is a paradox, it seems, that such a statement should be made and that such apparent results of desire are manifested. And yet, we state without exception, that man receives exactly what he desires.

Perhaps, my friends, you do not understand desire. Perhaps, my friends, this understanding is not within the intellectual mind. Perhaps it will be necessary to spend time in meditation to become aware of your real desire. For, my friends, there is much, much more of you and of the creation than you presently appreciate with your intellectual abilities in your present illusion.

We have stated many, many times that it is necessary to meditate if one is to evolve from one’s present state of understanding to that which he desires. We have used the word, desire, in several ways and yet we are very limited for we cannot use the language of your people to express the truth of the mechanics of these comments. They are, I can assure you, extremely simple, but much, much broader and much, much farther reaching and much, much more elementary than that which you appreciate in your present limited state.

Creation, my friends, operates on a very simple method. It is up to man to learn what he has forgotten. The knowledge of those principles, like the principles, is not complete. And it is not an intellectual understanding, it is a simple knowing, a simple knowing that is within all of the Creator’s children. This knowing, when fully appreciated, is simply a part of the individual just as all his senses are a part. It is not possible to intellectually understand the physical senses that make you aware of your illusion and your surroundings. It is only possible to utilize and know that they are part of your consciousness.

Expand this awareness, expand this consciousness. Become in a state of knowing so that you understand your desires, so that you understand how you may desire something that is more along the path that you will eventually choose.

It is very difficult for the peoples of this planet to give up their illusion, to give up the preconceived knowledge of what they believe to be cause and effect. However, my friends, this is not reality. This is illusion, born of illusion. It is a simple product of the complexity that man upon this planet has generated. Join with us in divorcing your thinking from such complexities and become aware of what has created you, everything that you experience and everything that is thought. Become aware of your Creator. Become aware of His desire and when you know this desire, you will know your own, for you and your Creator are one. And you are one with all of His parts and therefore all of your fellow beings throughout all of the creation.

When you know His desire you will feel it. There will be no more confusion, there will be no more questions. You will have found what you have sought—you will have found love. For this is the desire of your Creator: that all of His parts express and experience the love that created you. This may be found simply, in meditation.

No amount of seeking within the intellectual concepts of your people, no amount of planning or careful interpretation of the written or spoken word, will lead you to the simple truth. It is you and it is all about you. It expresses itself in every living thing. It expresses itself constantly and unceasingly. It shouts at you from every blade of grass and from every animal and bird, from all of your fellow beings in a terrific crescendo of love.

And yet man upon Earth is blind and is deaf to these sights and these sounds. And all that is necessary is that you become aware, my friends, develop an awareness to see your creation, to understand your Creator, and to understand His love. Do this, my friends, by simply availing yourself to Him. Meditation will provide this; nothing else is necessary.

I at this time will transfer this contact to one of the others. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. I will desire to continue upon the same subject. The people of your planet, though many are not aware of it, all desire the love of the Creator. Through each [inaudible] experiences there is formed within their intellect, their, shall we say, version of this love. The experiences within this illusion are greatly presented to you for a purpose of, shall we say, testing, your seeking of this love. All within your illusion has been greatly affected by these fallacies of your society and the true love and the true concepts of the Creator cannot be gained through utilizing the portions of this illusion.

We have stated many times that the true means of seeking is love. It is meditation. For through meditation you may realize the simple truth of this love which is given by the Creator. And within your illusion all has become, shall we say, the opposite of simplicity. There exists great confusion, the confusion brings about [inaudible]. No matter how further [inaudible] the desire to find the love of the Creator, this shall not be true [inaudible] without daily practice of meditation.

There have been many great teachers who have come from our realm of existence to attempt to teach to your people the true method of seeking this love. Every [inaudible] of these great teachings have been greatly misunderstood. Their lives were missions of peace. Yet their teachings were either not accepted or translated, shall we say, through your intellect. The teachers have all said to seek within—that it is to be considered the Kingdom of Heaven. But your peoples, by allowing the confusion of this illusion to penetrate their intellect, have not understood the simplicity of these teachings: to turn within through meditation.

We can present—correction—we cannot present to you [inaudible] this concept. To us it does seem to be very simple. Learn and practice meditation, and all knowledge which is in you shall be given you through your seeking. Do not allow the great confusion that exists upon your planet to base your knowledge of life [inaudible].

I will at this time attempt to make contact with another instrument.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. I will conclude, my friends, this evening by giving you, shall we say, one parting thought, for indeed we are invaded and we are battling, seeking to conquer this planet by love. We wish to give you this parting shot of thinking to take with you into your daily life.

What do you seek, my friends? This is our question to you. What indeed do you seek? If you can describe what you are seeking we are afraid, my friends, that you are still within the material illusion. You are seeking reflections of reality. Remember that that whom you truly seek is not material or illusory, but is real and eternal. The master which was known to you as Jesus had very much the same difficulty when he was recognized as a ruler. It was for the most part as the ruler of a material world. However, he had no desire for a material kingdom. He worked only to accomplish the Kingdom of Heaven. This place lies before each of you in this room. You may ask yourself what is it that you seek and know you that this is the most important question that we can offer you as a signpost within your own thinking to guide you to this path that leads to the Kingdom of Heaven. As you meditate, you will be seeking. What will you seek? That which you will seek, my friends, you will surely find.

It has been a great pleasure and a great privilege to speak using these instruments. I will leave you at this time. I am Hatonn. Adonai.