(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is once more a very great privilege to be with you.

I am the one known to you as Hatonn. And yet, I am many. I identify myself to you as Hatonn, and yet, this does not mean what it means upon the surface of your planet. I am Hatonn, but what does this mean? Does it mean that I am a man, who resides elsewhere and speaks to you now using a technique you have come to know as telepathy? Or does it mean something else?

I am Hatonn. I and my brothers are with you. We are each with you. At this time and at all times, we are with you for we cannot be separated.

There is some difficulty with this contact, please be patient.

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. I am sorry for the difficulty and the delay, but we have not established a very good contact. We will continue.

I was saying that I am Hatonn. I identify myself to you as the one that you know as Hatonn. However, this is for purposes of establishing a contact between you and us. We, of the planet Hatonn, are known as Hatonn. This identification is more of an address than it is an identification of a separate part of the creation. We do not recognize a separation in this creation. We only recognize unity. It is, however, convenient to have an address. That is, a system of location of part of the unity. And, for this reason, we identify ourselves as Hatonn.

At a later time my brother, Laitos, will speak to you concerning your question. At this time, I simply wish to point out that this identification is used only to make you aware of our location. We do not consider ourselves separate of yourselves or any other individual in this creation.

I will again condition this instrument for a short period, please be patient.


I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. We are sorry for the delay. We are having some difficulty. I am with you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a very great privilege to establish this contact. We will attempt to continue without the difficulties we were experiencing.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are always with you. We are here to serve you and we are always with you. We are here to bring to you our understanding of the truth of this creation. This truth we wish to bring to you because you desire it. This is our objective: to bring to man on Earth that which he desires. Unfortunately, we cannot bring to all of those who dwell on your planet exactly what they desire, for we do not have it to give to them. We do, however, have to give to those who desire it our understanding of the workings of this Creation.

This is what we bring to man on Earth. We are attempting to teach to those, who would accept our teaching, a very, very simple lesson. This is the lesson that is needed by all mankind throughout all the creation. This, in actuality, is all that is needed, for this lesson will then result in his knowledge of all things. We have been trying to give to man on Earth this knowledge for many of his years. We have attempted throughout what you would consider ancient times on your planet to bring to mankind, to those who would desire the knowledge, the knowledge that is necessary for experiencing all of the infinite experiences created by our Creator.

Some of those who dwell upon this planet in the past have accepted these teachings and have benefited from them. Benefited far beyond anything that could be imagined by those who are not experiencing the benefits. We have attempted for many of your years to bring to all of those who desire the teachings, the very simple teachings that allow you to know all. However, these… I will continue… I was saying… that these teachings have not been understood very well.

I am going, at this time, to tell a story, a story which illustrates some of what we are attempting to describe to you.

Upon your planet there once lived a man. This man had great material wealth and this gave him what he considered to be power, for many of his fellow men would eagerly do his bidding for a part of this wealth…

As I was saying… There was a man upon your planet who had great wealth and in this wealth, he saw much power. For his fellow men would eagerly do his bidding to share part of this wealth. And, for this reason, many of those who dwell upon this planet, known to you as Earth, require vast quantities of material wealth. And, therefore, acquire what they consider to be much power. What is not understood by those men is that in acquiring this wealth and in attempting to posses much power through this wealth that they are giving up an infinite amount of power for that which is in actuality no power at all.

The man of which I spoke, who had much wealth, used it to satisfy his desires… I am having some difficulty, please be patient.

I shall continue. This man used his wealth to satisfy his desire. And his desires were for things which he thought that he wanted and they were for things that he needed. For he saw in this wealth, not only a great happiness which would come from possessing those things that he desired and having dominion over all of his fellow men about him, but also he saw great security in that he would need not want for the rest of his days.

And, therefore, he coveted greatly his accumulation of wealth. And he had at his command everything that he desired and great status. But he lacked one thing. He lacked love. For it was not given to him by those about him and this he did not understand. And he became aware of his need for this experience that he called love and he set about to discover how to obtain it. And he questioned those about him. And asked them why he was not given love and they could not answer him for they did not know.

And he went to a wise man and offered to pay him much of his wealth if he would but tell him how to obtain love. And the wise man gave unto the rich man all that he possessed, for all that he possessed was but a pitiful small amount. And the man of great wealth accepted it, for he had long ago resolved never to turn down a gift. And he left the wise man and went to his home and pondered this gift, leaving the wise man penniless. For he had not paid the wise man. For the wise man had not told him how to find love.

And as the days passed, he returned to the wise man, for he could not understand why he had been given all that was possessed by the one who was said to be so wise. And when he asked him he was answered by the wise man who said, “It is because I have a great love for you and you desire wealth. Therefore, I give you that which I have to add to your riches, for this is what you desire.”

And at that moment, the man of great wealth looked at the wise man and said, “And in turn, I, for the first time, know love.” And he gave to the wise man great wealth. And in doing so, he felt an even greater love. For, for the first time, he had learned the truth of the Creator’s gifts to His children. And this man was very fortunate, for he had been able to discover a way of generating love.

And yet, man on Earth continues to seek within his material illusion; continues to seek that which is of no real value, for he lacks faith. He stands upon the surface of this planet and experiences all of the gifts of his Creator. He breathes the air and smells the fragrance of the flowers and is in the company of his fellow man and finds many things provided for him. And yet, he does not understand. He does not have faith that within this creation, he has [supply]; and due to this lack of faith, he finds hardships, for he does not understand faith.

Therefore, man, in many instances, does not seek the knowledge of the wise man. But he seeks a security and a power that is not secure and is not power.

I will leave this instrument at this time. I am sorry for the extreme difficulty with this contact. I am the one known as Hatonn. Adonai vasu.