(Don channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you. It is always a great privilege to be with those of this planet who are seeking.

This evening, my friends, I am going to speak on the subject of seeking. This is a very important subject. It is perhaps the most important of all subjects that could be spoken about.

Seeking, my friends, is, as we said, extremely important. First, I would like to explain why seeking is important. Seeking is a way of growing. It is, in truth, for the people of this planet at this time their only way of truly rapidly growing, growing, my friends, in a sense that is spiritual

The people of this planet at this time are almost all children, in a spiritual sense. Most of them are not at this time seeking spiritual growth. This is very important, if an individual is to rapidly grow, spiritually. All of us throughout all of space are growing, in a spiritual sense. However, none of us are growing much more rapidly than others. The reason for this growth is simply that these are the ones that are seeking.

It is written in your holy works that it is necessary to seek if you are to find. This is with reference to finding spiritual enlightenment. This is in reference to developing the awareness that is necessary for man on Earth to develop if he is to take his rightful place in the creation.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are aware that seeking is necessary if one is to get where he wishes to be, and he wishes to be at a higher state of awareness. Look about you, upon your planet. There are many conscious beings, in many forms of life. There are the animals, and birds, and the fish, and man on Earth. And each has a state of awareness. But it seems that man has the higher state of awareness. And yet we tell you that this awareness is very minimal. And the awareness of man on Earth can be raised to an awareness that he would consider godlike.

But, my friends, this is what was meant for man to have. This is what was the original concept of the Creator, that this awareness would be possessed by all of His children. This is what it is necessary to seek, if you are to find this awareness.

The reason that it is necessary to seek this awareness is that it cannot be given to you. It is something that each individual must find for himself. It is not a difficult thing to find. It is a very simple thing to find. It is only necessary that the individual go about seeking in a proper way. We are here to attempt to aid those who desire our aid in seeking our awareness, to find it. We will not attempt to confuse those whom we wish to aid with complex lectures on various problems and concepts. We will simply give to them the simplest of the Creator’s ideas. For, my friends, His ideas are not complex. It is man, especially man on Earth, who has made a complex set of rules and conditions for spirituality.

The Creator’s concept, my friends, is extremely simple. This we are here to bring to you. It is only necessary then that you seek an understanding of this simplicity. Then, upon understanding it, demonstrate it in your daily lives, and in your activities and associations with your fellow man. Then, my friends, the awareness that was meant for you will be yours. It is an extremely simple process. It is only necessary that, first, man on Earth seek.

Seek, my friends. This is what is necessary. This is the first step. Seek awareness. Seek the spirituality that was meant to be yours, and surely you will find it. For this is the Creator’s plan, that all of His children should have this.

I am going to transfer this contact at his time, and continue to speak to you on this subject. It has been a great privilege to speak with you, using this instrument.

(Carla channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I am Hatonn. As I was saying, seeking, my friends, is extremely important. And yet, through the powers of your intellect, with the best of intentions it is possible to make it seem complicated.

There is the complication in your vision of the concept of time. And there is the complication in your vision of the concept of space. And you say, “Where, and when, may I seek? In what place may I find holy ground? And at what time may I seek the Creator?”

My friends, you are the Creator. For the Creator is you. And, my friends, as it is written in your holy works, the place whereon you stand is holy ground.

There is no complication in time, for all time is here and now. There is no complication in place, for all place is here and now.

My friends, there is naught but seeing; there is naught but the Creator. It is only necessary for you to turn inwardly, into the light, and enter the light.

These words are poor, but they lead the way to a new understanding. It is not necessary to have the most perfect meditation or the most proficient spiritual moments in order to be seeking. It is necessary only to turn your will. For, my friends, your will to seek is as important as the source.

It to good that you meditate. It is good that you appreciate those things in your illusion that you wish to appreciate. All of these things are here for your experience. It is, however, not necessary to feel that they are [inaudible]. Only seek.

It has been my privilege to speak with you. I leave you, here and now, everywhere at once in the creation, and at all times. We are one in love and in light. We are the Creator. Adonai. Adonai vasu.

(Don channeling)

I am Oxal. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to join my brother Hatonn this evening in speaking to you through this instrument.

I am the one known as Oxal. It is my privilege to aid, as best I can, those who seek, and it is true that this is all that is necessary. It is only necessary that you seek. And then you will find. You will find all that there is. My friends, you will find the creation. And, my friends, in finding this, you will find the Creator. For they are one and the same thing.

When you meet your fellow man in your daily activities, you will recognize him for what he really is, a part of the creation, just as you are part of the creation. And the creation, my friends, is the Creator.

And then, as you look at Him and He looks at you, the Creator looks at Himself, through each pair of eyes. It is only necessary that you recognize this concept and understand it, and then your thinking and the Creator’s will be the same. And you will know the meaning of love.

I hope that I have been of assistance in giving to you my concept of truth. We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are expressing our concept of truth, a concept that is the result of our seeking. When we look at you, we see our Creator. This is our understanding. When we look at this infinite creation, in all of its wonders and all of its vastness, in all of its splendor, we are seeing the Creator. This is our understanding. And when we look at the smallest form of life, or even an insect, we are looking at our Creator. This is our understanding. For our understanding is that the Creator is expressing Himself throughout all of the infinite manifestations that we experience. And His thought in all of these manifestations is a thought of love.

For this was the thought that created all that there is. Seek this thought, my friends. Seek this understanding, my friends. And then you will know. You will know love. For this is the Creator.

I am Oxal. I will leave this instrument at this time. My blessings upon each of you. We are all the same. We are all one. Adonai vasu.