(Carla channeling)

Greetings, my brothers and sisters, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is indeed my privilege to speak with you this evening. We apologize for having some difficulty.

I and my brothers are here only to serve you, my friends. And it is a very great pleasure to be here. We offer conditioning to those of you who desire this. We serve you, and we seek. Serving is seeking. The two words seem different: to seek and to serve. One suggests that you need something, and one suggests that you have something, for those who seek must need, and those who serve must have, to give away.

And so I would like to speak, my friends, about these two words. You are seeking and you are seeking to serve. It is a paradox, is it not, my friends? It is a paradox, as are all intellectual things. And yet it is the simple truth, that they are one thing.

In this illusion of Earth, my friends, those of your planet are [inaudible] as though they were supplicants: poor, needful and ever lacking those things which they need to progress. And so they go on a pilgrimage; some to gain physical security, and some to seek the spiritual in life.

But there is the concept of seeking which will garner a type of treasure that can be held, and can be shown, and can be counted. Perhaps we would call this, my friends, dealing from a position of weakness. In this illusion, my friends, it would seem possible to be weak, to be limited, and to be in need. Yet this illusion is banished by reality. And this reality is what we seek. And when we seek reality, we turn either very far inward or very far outward—another paradox, my friends—into the light. And we find that we are not dealing from a position of poverty, but that we have all that we have been seeking.

But we are indeed dealing from a position of complete strength. Because we are infinite. You, my friends, are infinite. You do not need help. You only need realization. All I can tell you, all you can learn, all that is possible in this infinite creation is abiding eternally within you. For you are one with all that there is. In the illusion, my friends, I am aware that I would be doing you a disservice if I did not realize that you have much to contend with, for the illusion is very strong. But so much of the illusion suggests to you that the illusion itself lacks spirituality because various things are various and sundry ways, and they do not suit you.

And it would seem perhaps that spirituality might consist in more manageable and more uniform things in your environment. The illusion is as evanescent as a bubble: pop! and it will be gone. It is as fleeting as a dream. Soon, you will awaken. It will change, as does day to night, and night to day. You need not do more than appreciate the infinity of the creation even in the tiny part which is the illusion.

And then, my friends, relax, and let the illusion float by you. Rest in the confidence of your seeking, and of your seeking to serve. For you have much to give, my friends.

At this time, I will transfer this message to another instrument.

(Don channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I am with each of you. I am with you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a privilege to be with you.

You have desired our presence, and we are with you. We are of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. We are always with those of the people of this planet who desire our presence. This is our service to the people of this planet at this time. This is our technique of seeking. It may seen strange that we would seek through service, but this is our understanding of seeking.

It is stated in your holy works that it is necessary to seek in order to find. We have found many ways of seeking. One of these is to serve your fellow man. And this is our form of seeking at this time. We are seeking understanding—understanding of the Creator, for this is our desire. We are seeking this understanding through service, through serving our fellow man on Earth, and aiding him in his desire to understand the Creator.

And through aiding him, and fulfilling his desire, we aid ourselves in fulfilling our desire. For in doing this, not only does man on Earth perhaps learn more of this creation and the Creator, but also we; for it is a law of this creation that only through service may one be served. In serving others, we serve ourselves, as even does man on Earth. For this was the original idea that generated the entire infinite creation: the idea of mutual service, the idea of mutual understanding, and the idea of mutual love.

This we are bringing to man on Earth, an understanding of that that is within him, an understanding of that which created him, an understanding of our service and the need for his. It is unfortunate that there are so many that do not understand the true principles of this creation. We are attempting to help them realize this truth. It is within them and this is our service, to help them find what they desire to find—the realization of the thought that generated, not only them, but all that there is, and the thought that provided that all that there is act in such a way to serve all that there is.

This truth is all about you, very obvious to those who have stilled themselves for the very short time that is required to become aware of it. It is very obvious to those of us who view the creation of the Father in its original form. All of its parts act to support all of its other parts. All that sustains each of us is a gift of our Creator. All of the joys and experiences that come to us are gifts of our Creator.

It is only man upon this planet who has become lost in a complex creation of his own, with many thoughts of a complex but trivial nature that keep them very busy, in an effort to reach that which is of no value—a minor creation that will last only the shortest period of time—which has no value, once it is attained, for he will lose it, and once again return to the creation.

All of the children of the Creator throughout all of the universe, all of this infinite creation, my friends, are truly seeking only one thing, whether they realize this or not: they are seeking understanding, for this is all that is necessary. For once this understanding is accomplished, then all things are possible, for this is the way that the Creator designed it, this is the way that He provided. It is only necessary that you realize this. It is only necessary that you demonstrate, in each thought, this realization. And then, my friends, you and the Creator are one, and you and the Creator have equal power. For this is truth: each of us is the Creator.

It is very difficult for man on this planet to look about him and realize the truth for what it actually is. He has been conditioned, through his thinking and through the thoughts of others, for a very long period of time, to see things as they are given to him, rather than as they really are. They way that they really are, my friends, is extremely simple, for this is the way that was provided by the Creator.

This simplicity is within each of the children of the Creator. Each of them possess all of the knowledge that was the original creation. It is only necessary that they avail themselves to that knowledge. And this is very simple. It is done though the process of meditation.

When this is done, all the truth and beauty of the original creation become apparent. And then it will not be possible for the individual to be fooled by the illusion. He will not see his fellow man in any form but perfection, even though within the illusion he has been taught to disdain. This was not planned by the Creator. The Creator only planned that each of His creations should express itself in any way that he chose. This, my friends, is perfection. If man on Earth could only realize this, he would once more think in total harmony with the original creation. This may be done on an individual basis. It is not necessary that this be understood in an intellectual sense, or by anyone else than the individual endeavoring to reach this understanding.

This has been demonstrated upon your planet before. The man most familiar to you having demonstrated his understanding is known to you as Jesus. He made the simple realization, and then demonstrated it by his activities, this understanding. It was not necessary that he be understood by his fellow man, for it is impossible to force externally upon another individual this understanding. It is only possible that this understanding be attained from within.

But yet, this man demonstrated this understanding, pointed out a pathway, a guidepost for others, so that they too could find the original creation, and once more lead themselves from darkness to light.

For light, my friends, is eternal and infinite and real. The rest is illusion. Go within. Become aware of reality. It is within each of you.

We are here to help you find that reality. We are her to bring you our understanding and our love. This is our service. It has been a great privilege to speak with you using this instrument.

It will be a very great privilege to use each of you who desire to channel my thoughts in the very near future. It is only necessary that you avail yourself in meditation, and then each of you will, as does this instrument, receive with no difficulty each and every thought that we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator bring to you. And then, my friends, you too will join us in His service.

I will leave this instrument at this time. It has been a very great privilege to meet with you. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.