(Don channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you once more. It is always a very great privilege to be with those who seek.

Man on Earth has very little understanding of his life. The life of an individual is not what he thinks that it is. Very few of those who dwell upon your planet have any understanding of life. Man upon planet Earth is concerned with a life that is limited by his waking hours, during a present physical lifetime. His plans, his desires, and his activities are governed by his awareness of this extremely limited portion of experience, what he considers his physical life.

For this reason, the plans and the objectives of those who dwell upon Earth are extremely limited, and for the most part of no value whatsoever. In order to intelligently make plans, it is necessary that one have information about future objectives. Man on Earth, for the most part, has none of this information, for he has not sought it. He is simply existing in a very limited state of awareness and reacting to what he is able to determine about this limited awareness. Those reactions result in his activities, which are from our point of view ridiculous.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are aware of a much longer span of life than is man on Earth. The span of life that we are aware of is of infinite length. For this reason, our plans and our objectives and our activities are much different from those who dwell upon this planet.

Man upon Earth is not trying to understand how to live. He is not trying to understand how to live because he is not trying to understand life. Life is extremely simple, and an understanding of life requires an extremely simple approach. Presently, man in your society upon Earth is attempting to approach what he considers to be life in an extremely complex manner. In doing this, he is making numerous plans and numerous deductions, based upon observations that are so limited that they are almost totally false.

Some of the people of your planet have some awareness of the principles that affect an individual in his true infinite state; and they are aware of the necessity to make plans for objectives that are totally outside of the very limited state that you call the physical life.

We are here to attempt to help those who are seeking a greater awareness find it. We are attempting to bring a simple teaching that will allow you to become able to make your own decisions as a result of a much greater awareness of truth [than] is presently available upon your planet.

At this time, I will speak to the limits of my ability to translate our understanding of life into your language about the realities of life.

Life is composed of two materials. One of them is what you might call consciousness. The other is light. But, my friends, consciousness is love and light is its physical manifestation. All that you are able to experience in the way of a physical universe is composed of one ingredient. This ingredient we will call light, since this word is closest to what we wish to express, and it is the only word that we have available in your language to express the basic building block of our Creator.

Originally, the Creator expressed a desire. This desire was expressed in a state of consciousness that is best described in your language using the word, love. The Creator, then, expressing desire through love, caused the creation of all matter. He caused the creation of light. This light was then formed in its infinite configurations in the infinite universe to produce all of the forms that are experienced. All of these forms, then, are molded or generated through the expression of consciousness that is love. They are composed of a fabric that is light. For this reason we greet you each evening with the statement, “in His love and His light.” For this, then, encompasses all that there is: the consciousness that creates, and the fabric that is love and light.

The love that produces the configuration of light occurs in what we term various vibrations—or, using a word in your language that is not sufficient but somewhat descriptive, “frequency”—love occurs, then, in various vibrations or frequencies. These vibrations or frequencies are the result of free will. When the Creator produced this original concept the concept included the gift of freedom of choice to all of the parts that He created. Those parts are then totally free to change the original Thought. In doing so, they change what you understand to be the vibration of some portion of the original Thought.

Each of you here this evening has a vibration. This vibration is yours, and you have control over it. Your freedom of choice has created the love that manifests the light that is the fabric molded into your physical form.

This in the simplest analysis of all created forms of all of the creation. Each part of it is able to utilize its own consciousness, through the principle of freedom of choice, to vary or change the original Vibration. The creation, therefore, continues to be self-generating, in an infinite variety. This was provided for in the original Thought of the Creator. It was provided that He might generate in an infinite way, in an infinite number of forms.

Through this use of freedom of choice, man upon planet Earth has generated many forms. Some of these forms were never envisioned by the Creator with the original Thought. However, they were allowed for, due to the principle of freedom of choice.

This is perhaps the most important principle in this creation: that each of the Creator’s parts be able, throughout eternity, to select for themselves what they desire. In experimenting with this desire there have in some instances become a slight problem in straying away from thoughts and desires that would be most beneficial. In experimenting with these desires, none of the created parts have lost contact with the original desire. This has occurred in many places in this creation.

We are here at present to communicate to those who desire to find their way back to the original Thought information leading those who desire the path back along the path to the original Thought. It is necessary that we an act in such a way so as to lead only those who desire this pathway along it, therefore not violating the important principle of total freedom of choice.

As I was saying previously, each of you, as do all parts of this creation, have a particular vibration or frequency. This vibration or frequency is the only important part of your being, since it is an index of your consciousness with respect to the original Thought.

When an individual is aware of life in its infinite sense he is also aware of the benefits of matching this vibration with the vibration of the original Thought. It is our effort to match our vibration with that of the original Thought. This in the reason that we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here now, for this service that we perform is a service that would be in harmony with the original Thought. This then produces in within us a vibration more harmonious to the original Thought.

We are attempting to give instructions to those of the planet Earth who would seek the instructions how to produce within themselves the vibration that is more harmonious with the original Thought. This, as I have stated before, was demonstrated upon your planet many times before by teachers. The last one of whom you are familiar was the one known to you as Jesus. He attempted to demonstrate by his activities his thinking. His thinking was in harmony, much more than those about him, with the original Thought. His vibration was, therefore, much more in harmony with the original Vibration.

For this reason he was able to work what were called miracles. However, the original Thought was that all of the parts of the consciousness that were of the original Thought should be able to generate by thought and consciousness what would be desired. The man known as Jesus desired, and therefore created, since the vibration which he generated was in harmony with the vibration which the Creator used to form the creation.

It in only necessary, then, that an individual become in harmony with the vibration that formed the creation in order for him to act within the creation as did the Creator, and as does the Creator. This was demonstrated to you by the one known to you as Jesus. Not only did he demonstrate what could be done in a very small way, but also how to think in order to do this. Unfortunately, man upon planet Earth has misinterpreted the meaning of this man’s life.

At this time we wish to point out the true meaning of this man’s life. It was desired that those who were aware of his thinking and his activities then follow the example, and as he did, become more in unison and in a harmonious vibration with the thought of their Creator.

We are here to bring you information and to impress upon you in a nonintellectual way during meditation the idea that [it] is necessary for you to increase the vibratory rate of your real being so that it is harmonious with the original Thought of our Creator. Our teachings will be simple, as were the teachings of the one known to you as Jesus. It is only necessary that you attempt to understand these teachings. Understand them in depth. Understanding in depth can be done only through meditation.

And then, once these teachings are understood, it will be necessary that they be applied and that the individual so desiring to apply them demonstrate in his daily activities and in his daily thinking the concept that was the original Thought, the concept that we have spoken to you as being love. We have used this word, as I have said, because it is as close as we can come, using language, to the original Thought. However, this word is miniature compared to the original Thought. This original Thought can’t be obtained in your intellect, only to a very small degree. It must be obtained in your total being, through the process of meditation.

Once this is done, and once your activities and thinking reflect this thought, your vibration will increase. At this time you will find the kingdom that has to understand simplicity. It is more to the nature of this illusion here manifesting on the surface of your planet to have a complicated and carefully controlled series of tests to perform, in order to reach a goal.

But, my friends, truth is in the opposite direction of this. As we have said earlier tonight, meditation brings to you this realization in a non-intellectual manner. But to arise from your meditation, my friends, and to demonstrate the truth that you have learned is indeed a challenge to your [spirits].

For how does one demonstrate the absolutely simple? Picture if you will, my friends, a prison, deep in the ground. There is old metal, and many rusty keys. And inside the old metal cells in this dungeon, deep underground, there are many, many ghosts, that can barely be seen. And yet they are trapped.

My friends, you are holding yourselves prisoner. Meditation allies you with the truth of freedom, with the truth of infinity. Unlock your own spirits from these dungeons by simply realizing that each intellectual thought process is a mere shade, only a ghost, and cannot harm, hurt or cause you pain. As these shades disappear, you rise from this earthly, rusty frame of mind and you are aware of perhaps a feeling of parting that was even painful, for it is difficult to let those things that trouble you go. And yet, my friends, once you are up in the sunlight, and the sun is warming you, and you can lift yourself to the infinite grace and listen for the waters of truth, you have found an avenue from meditation to demonstration.

At [those] times, my friends, that the illusion presses most strongly upon you, and in your desire for spiritual growth you ask what is the truth of this, my friends, ask yourself, “Does this problem have to do with my spiritual growth?” And, “Does it have to do with a service to aid another in spiritual growth?” My friends, if the answer is “yes,” this problem is in the area I have described as the dungeon. It need only be let go, and then you need only become aware of the real creation, in its infinity, all around you, for you to have demonstrated at that moment a spiritual growth.

This Earth of yours, my friends, teems with many, many creatures. Infinite variety, and infinitely different manifestations of activity. We are all one with you. There is no possible relationship to them except unity, love and service.

I will leave you now. I am Hatonn.