(Don channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you this evening. I and my brother, known to you as Laitos, are here with you. We will condition each of you. It is only necessary that you desire our contact for you to receive it. We are here to serve you. If you will avail yourself to our contact we will attempt to use each of you as an instrument for communication. Our thoughts will be made clear to you if you simply relax and allow yourself to think of nothing. Please be patient, for in some cases it will take considerable conditioning. We will at this time attempt to use one of the other instruments in a vocal way.

As I said to you, it is only necessary for you to think of nothing and avail yourself. [Inaudible] analyze your thoughts [inaudible] enter your head.

(Carla channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I am Hatonn. It is a very great privilege to speak with you. And it is a pleasure [inaudible]. There is much confusion upon the surface of the Earth. And it is a privilege indeed to be communicating with those who are seeking. The light that you see during the day is in fact beauty and power. You and your brothers and I and my brothers and each individual [inaudible] share this reality. In meditation you come, do not bring your intellect, my friends. Drop it, put it down. It will not serve you, it will only beguile you. Relax, meditate and if you wish us to serve you it is our greatest please to be with you and help in any way that we can.

I will now attempt to contact another, if she will avail herself.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn.

(Don channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. It is a great privilege to use those who desire to aid us of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator.

We realize that it is difficult to become receptive in a very short period of time to our thoughts. It is not something that is common upon this planet. However, we can assure you that anyone is capable of doing this. It is only necessary that he desire to receive that which we give to you: our understanding of the truth of the creation.

It is difficult to change from an environment which [has] little need of the form of communication which we are now practicing with this instrument. It is like learning a new language for many of those whom we attempt to contact. However, it is very simple and requires only that the individual desires the contact [and] avail himself to us in daily meditation.

There will be times when he thinks he is making no progress. But progress is not always indicated by a physical manifestation. Progress is being made regardless of the physical manifestations. All that is necessary is that meditation be practiced.

There are many different types of channels of our thoughts and of our communications. Some such as this instrument receive our thoughts directly and verbalize them immediately, as they are received. Some receive our thoughts in a conceptual manner and then repeat the thoughts at a time interval after they are received. Some are controlled, you might say, to some extent in a muscular fashion in order to reinforce their awareness and understanding of the thought.

This instrument has developed capability of utilizing speech as a form of communication of which I have spoken. This is done by availing oneself in meditation to our concepts. At this time he is using a form of communication that involves simply speaking that which we give to him. He has cleared his mind of all other thoughts and is simply being receptive to anything that is impressed upon him. It is very difficult for an individual who is familiar with the form of communication upon this line to do this in a very rapid manner for he attempts to analyze what is given to him. He attempts to formulate in his own mind things about what are being given to him. This instrument at this time is simply receptive and is simply speaking that which is given to him. This makes for a simple but effective form of communication. We will attempt to produce this in all of those who desire our contact. All that is necessary is that they desire [the] contact enough to spend time in daily meditation. It will not be necessary for them to experience the conditioning process that is common at these contacts in every session of meditation for this is not always desirable. However, there will be the muscular conditioning that goes along with the direct contact in new instruments.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator have for many, many of your years attempted to contact many of the people of your planet. We have contacted many who have desired and yet have never been consciously aware of this contact. Those of you who are fortunate enough to hear the words of a channel and such as the other channels that are in relatively small abundance upon the surface of your planet are then in a tradition to become vocal channels of a direct nature rather than the indirect nature for those who have no awareness in a conscious sense of what is occurring.

We are unfortunately limited to this form of contact since conditions of thinking upon your planet at the present time require a very careful approach to your people. However, if we are successful in spreading our understanding of the truth of the creation to a great enough extent among your peoples it may be possible in the near future that we will be able to contact many of them in a more direct way. It is your part, if you desire to aid us in the service of our Creator, to help in disseminating this information to those who would desire it. It is necessary to remain in complete understanding of the prerequisites for an individual receiving that which we are giving. The prerequisite is desire.

We do not wish to bring to those of this planet who do not desire our understanding our understanding, for if something is not desired, it is the wish of the Creator that it not be given. It is the wish of our Creator that man throughout the universe get what he desires in all instances. It is sometimes difficult to understand upon your planet and within your present physical illusion that each of the individuals within the illusion are obtaining exactly what they desire. It is difficult for an individual who is in a position that he considers undesirable that he is obtaining and being rewarded with exactly what he does desire. But from our point of view, we interpret the law of the Creator to be infallible, that is, each of the individuals upon the surface of your planet are obtaining exactly what they desire.

It is necessary for an individual to become aware of much more than most of those of your planet are presently aware in order to understand that they are receiving exactly what they desire. This is a natural law of this creation. This is the reason that we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are so very pleased and so very content with our existence and our activities. We believe sincerely that we understand the law of desire and fulfillment thereof. For this reason we desire that which will benefit us throughout all of the illusion of time. We desire to be in unity with the creation. We desire to be of service in the creation. We desire to be an expression of our Creator’s love. For this reason we serve those on your planet who desire our service. For this reason we serve in the name of our infinite Creator. This is what we desire: to fulfill the desire not only of those upon your planet but the desire of our Creator. This, then, is also our desire and in doing this we are rewarded with the fruits of our desire.

This is our understanding of the mechanism of this creation. It is a very simple mechanism. It was designed by a Creator who expressed nothing but total love. It was a plan that was infallible and is infallible. It is simply man on Earth, ignorant of the simple truth of this creation that causes the illusion that he now experiences and causes him to believe that the truth of his desires are not inevitable. This is not the truth. Man upon the planet Earth is receiving exactly what he desires.

It is only necessary that he understand how to change his desires in order for him [inaudible] It is only necessary for man on Earth to learn that in order to experience the truth of desire that he would desire even within the illusion. It is only necessary for him to desire love and therefore express and experience it in all of his activities.

This we bring to the people of the planet Earth: our understanding of the true workings of this creation. It is much simpler than you might expect. And yet it is much different than you might expect. At present the people of this planet are limited to a very infinitely small illusion. A tiny speck within an infinite continuum of time. And a very tiny understanding within the total and simple understanding of the expression that created them. It is unfortunate that truth has been so hidden from the people who dwell upon this planet. It is time that each of time be given the opportunity to form a desire for this truth.

We realize that [in] an endeavor to awaken the people who dwell upon your planet that there will be many difficulties for we have experienced these difficulties. And we realize that these difficulties will continue, but the only requirement is faith. For each individual will awaken. Perhaps not immediately, perhaps in what you would consider the farthest regions. However, he will awaken. And we will serve him, for that is our desire. For in serving him we serve ourselves, as we do in serving you. If you wish to join us in this service, it is only necessary that you avail yourself to the knowledge that is necessary to serve in the most efficient manner through daily meditation. It will be possible if this is done to not only express in words the desire of our Creator, but you will also be able to demonstrate this desire by your desire which will be the desire of your Creator.

I am Hatonn. It has been a privilege to speak with you this evening. I will continue to condition each of you throughout all of the time that you desire it. Through your meditations much will be revealed to you. Much will be revealed to you that can be revealed only through this process, much more than could be revealed than if we were to land upon the surface and walk up to you.

I will leave this instrument at this time. I leave each of you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.