(Don channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a very great privilege to be with you once more.

I am aware that it sometimes seems that very little is accomplished in your seeking, but, my friends, this is far from true. Your seeking, my friends, is the most important activity in which you engage. There is nothing that you do, no thought that you make that is more important or necessary than the simple seeking for understanding, understanding the reality and the truth [of] the Creation of the Father.

Many, many of those around you are not seeking what they truly desire to seek. They are experiencing their present world, but they are not seeking outside its limitations. And this, my friends, is what they must do if they are to be successful in fulfilling their real desires. For whether man on Earth consciously understands or has no knowledge of his real desire to seek, it still is [his own] desire [among all peoples, in all places,] desire that you might call subliminal, a bias, a potential that is always with him and yet, in your present society, is submerged in a very large percentage of the cases. For in your present societies, creations [of] man on Earth have taken place [of] the creations of the Father in his thinking and in his seeking. For this reason, the abilities and the skills derived from seeking within this illusion are illusory skills [inaudible] pertaining only to those very, very transient qualities [which] exist for the short span of [this millennium] and then fade into the endless stream [of time] that stretches through infinity, regardless of [your present awareness.]

Some of those who now dwell upon your planet are seeking a greater reality. They are seeking in a spiritual direction. They are seeking to understand, understand those qualities that are not transient, those qualities that are [the Creation,] and in so doing, they are not only [attaining] a difference of understanding but are progressing toward those abilities that lie within the realm of spirit rather than that which is illusory.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here for only one real purpose. This purpose is to aid those of our brothers upon planet Earth to find their real objective and then to aid [them] in [reaching] [it]. There is only one way to accomplish this [inaudible]. That way is that those of you who so desire [to] progress, progress [with] that real objective that is within all [men], simply do so—to first availing yourself to truth in meditation, and then applying this in your daily [activities].

It is very difficult to become a reflection, it seems, of total perfection. My friends, this is an illusion in itself. For you are already total [perfection.] It is only necessary that you realize this. For the Creator of us all has created nothing but [perfection.] Any discrepancy of your [inaudible] from this is an illusion brought about by the individual. All that is necessary is that you realize your [total unity with the] Creator [in this Creation.] Realize this through your daily meditation, and then express it. Express it in every thought and in every deed and you will have found precisely what you seek. [It is] a very simple formula, my friends, and one might ask if this simplicity is so [evident,] why is it not [practiced?] My friends, there is only one reason for this. That reason, my friends, is that the individual, not so doing, has allowed the illusion in which he presently finds himself to become real. This supposed reality occurs only if an individual allows it. There is a very simple process—a very, very simple process [which] will enable [you] to maintain a very simple [and correct tenet] toward the illusion [that surrounds you.]

As we have said many times, my friends, this process is [inaudible]. [If] you find yourself influenced in your daily activities in a way other than that which would conform to the thought of your Creator, it is simply due to insufficient meditation. [We will] suggest, then, that if you truly wish to progress at an accelerated rate that you should perform periods of daily meditation sufficient to dissolve and maintain in this state [inaudible], the effects, the seeming negative [catalyst] that acts upon your awareness within your daily meditations. Maintain a constant awareness [of] the truth [of] reality [of the] Creation of the Father. Do this through meditation. Increase your periods of meditation, if necessary. Several periods, daily, are sometimes [to be desired.]

If you were not seeking, my friends, we could not tell you this for our aid must be [inaudible] and if you were not seeking, my friends, we could not suggest so strongly that you avail yourself to reality [with] continuing periods of meditation until you reflect the love and total understanding of that which created [you,] the Creator of us all, the total [and infinite] completely [pure Thought] of love. This has been demonstrated on your planet in the past, and yet it is not understood, and yet this reason for lack of understanding is always the same, an insufficient or total absence of meditation.

We, of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, are here and will continue to serve your people [inaudible] to serve those who seek. We have ultimate patience in doing this.

Patience, my friends, is very necessary [inaudible] seeking [inaudible].

At this time, I will transfer this contact to another instrument.

(Carla channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I am aware that there are questions in your minds, and I would like to take this opportunity to answer them if you wish to ask them. Do you have any questions?

[No queries.]

In that case, my friends, I will speak with you concerning a question which, in a general way, is in several of your minds, at this time.

You have had wonder as to why the Confederation of Planets wishes to serve the Creator by the means of coming to planet Earth and talking to groups such as yours. We can certainly understand how puzzling this must look, for within the density that you now enjoy, the approach would not be used due to the fact that it would not cause a certain change within the group which you intended to aid. However, my friends, you may, perhaps, gain some understanding of our actions if you will consider that it has been, within the history of your people, a frequent custom for those who are somewhat of an advanced nature, relatively, reaching out to aid a more primitive or less sophisticated citizen or group of people who are just on the threshold of entering the more sophisticated environment. We may add, my friends, that most of the attempts that have been made by those known as missionaries, social groups sent by the government, and others, and with a very low success rate. We hope, my friends, that our basic success rate in aiding you is higher and this is the reason that we do not come among you and attempt to force you to understand that which we are telling you.

You see, my friends, you are at the beginning of a truly new age. The vibrations are being made new at this time, and those who embody within themselves the consciousness of great beings will become that which they know and that which they are, and we desire to bring each of you who is seeking into this new vibration, content to fulfill your own great destiny in the new age. We have made the step. We exist within this environment, at this time, and we know of the help that, what you might call, a cheering team can do for you, and so we cheer you along. We urge you to, shall we say, do your technique, do your homework so that you may be what you desire to be. These things do not happen by accident, they happen by desire. That desire must originate within you. We are attempting to stimulate the desire which is already within you. There is much joy and much beauty in constant presence of the Father of us all very apparent within the new vibration. The new vibration is love, as is the old vibration and yet, my friends, the truth of love becomes a little more obvious with the higher vibrations.

Through meditation, my friends, you may begin to see the heart of love in all the clumsy actions of all those who enter your atmosphere in your daily activities. There may be a great deal of difficulty. There may be misspent time and mistaken words and yet, my friends, each action and each desire is, in truth, a manifestation of love, shadowed and twisted sometimes, for man is also a creator and can cause the shape of love to change. Yet, the heart of all action is love. Know this in your inmost self and then you cannot be touched by that illusion which attempts to strike you. The freedom that this gives you to give forth love in its original state, at all times, to all people is a very precious gift, we think. This is why the Confederation is here. We are all here, many, many of us, from different planets, from different vibrations, from various densities, in many circumstances, yet we all work together, for we all have come to know the Creator and we all wish to be of service to Him, and that alone is enough for us.

We only wish to help you. We are one of many who wish to help you. We are here always, in words, if you may find a channel, and without words, if you desire our presence. We are always with you to lend our vibrations to your meditation, if you so desire.

At this time, my friends, I would like to give conditioning to each of those present who desires it. I will leave this instrument. I am Hatonn.


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I will leave you now, my friends. It has been a great privilege to be with you. I am so glad to have been able to share this meeting with you. I hope that our words have been of some aid to you. I leave you in His love and in His light. I am Hatonn. Adonai. Adonai vasu.