(Don channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a very great privilege to once more be with this group. I am speaking through this instrument from a craft high above your house. It is a craft known to you as a flying saucer. Yes, my friends, we are here and we are very close. Yet you cannot see us. Your instruments cannot see us. The radar or other devices detecting us are not useful in [inaudible]. Yet we are here. There are millions surrounding your planet, surrounding it with one purpose in mind: to bring to you understanding. Friends, this is something that we can only offer. It is necessary for man on Earth to reach out and take it, for understanding must always come from within. We cannot bring it to you and force it into you as a food. We can only stimulate your seeking through suggestion, through teachings such as we are performing now so that you through your own understanding can once more find the light that is within all men throughout all this creation.

It is a very great privilege to be able to perform this service for the people of Earth, for this is the only service that is of any real importance. For, my friends, everything that you seek is in the direction of this understanding—total, complete understanding of the truth and love of your Creator, the Creator of us all. This is what men in all places and at all times are seeking. Whether they realize this or not, this is what they seek. So, my friends, tonight we will speak to you about understanding. We will speak to you about reality. We will speak to you about what we have to do.

It is often said upon your planet that it is difficult to understand the meaning of life. However, my friends, it is not difficult to understand the meaning of life if you avail yourselves of this understanding through meditation. This meaning will not come to you in words, my friends. You will not be able to explain it in so many sentences or paragraphs. But you will begin to understand this meaning. You will begin to obtain an awareness of it. When this awareness has reached its fullness, you will then be with your Creator, the Creator of us all. And the understanding will be as [it] is, and you then will once more act as Creator. For this reason, my friends, meditation is of an extreme amount of importance. For this reason, my friends, meditation is actually the only real avenue to this understanding. For this understanding cannot be given by words. It can only be reached through knowing. And this knowing can only be reached through meditation.

Many upon your planet have been known as masters. Each of these men became aware of truth, aware of truth from the truth that was within them. [Each] perceived this awareness through the process of meditation. If an individual maintains his interest in things that are external, if he continues to use the intellect for analysis of each of his daily activities and for each of his confrontations as he progresses through his life, he will then be working in a very, very shallow way, with a very, very shallow objective and a very shallow opportunity to understand. It is necessary for him to avail himself of a truth that is not intellectual, a truth that cannot be explained in words, a truth that is only a feeling, a knowing, a truth that is. This may be done, my friends, through meditation. For this reason we seek to bring an understanding of the necessity for meditation.

All men in all places are taken to understanding the single truth that lies within them, the truth of the creation. For the truth of one thing is the truth of another. For all things are one and the same, impossible to separate. They have all been created by the same Thought. They are all made of the same substance and they are all related in the same way. Avail yourselves of this knowledge through meditation. Become aware of this. Become aware of it in such a way that it is the knowing within you that is not an intellectual knowing, but a knowing that transcends everything that you could think or do. A knowing that is. A knowing that is the love, the infinite wisdom of the Creator, the Creator of us all.

This is only available to you, my friends, through meditation. You cannot spell it out. You cannot set it down on paper. You cannot express it in words, for all of these things fall very short of this understanding. This understanding, my friends, is infinite. It is total wisdom, total love. It is within you when you learn to express it in every thought and every deed, in every move, in every breath. Regardless of what you do, regardless of what confronts you, when you are expressing this understanding you are then at one with the truth, at one as you were meant to be, meant to be as a result of the original Thought, the Thought of your Creator, the thought of our Creator.

Reach this understanding. Reach it through meditation. In reaching this understanding you will reach the only joy that there is, a joy that is so profound, so total, so far-reaching that you will not be able to express it. You will only experience it and then you will know it. This knowledge, my friends, is what you seek. It is available quite easily. All that is necessary is that you reach out. Reach out by going within, going within to all there is. For this is the direction to the infinite—infinite wisdom that is yours and your Creator’s.

It has been a very great privilege speaking to you through this instrument. We have others here tonight who will speak through other instruments. I will leave this instrument at this time to allow another of my brothers to speak through one of the other instruments. I am Hatonn. It has been a very great privilege to speak with you. Adonai. Adonai vasu.

(Carla channeling)


(Unknown channeling)


[Tape ends.]