(Don channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you, my friends, a very great privilege. The reason that I say that it is a great privilege, my friends, is that we are here for only one purpose. Our purpose is to contact those peoples of your planet who desire our contact. This is the sole reason at this time for us being here. We have come with a specific objective in mind. We have come to be of service to those upon your planet who desire knowledge, so that they may put this knowledge to use while still within the physical illusion that you now experience.

It is a very great privilege to do this, to give the service to those who desire it. It is very important, my friends, that you realize your true objective, and the means for fulfilling this objective while still within the physical illusion.

The reason for the importance is as follows: man goes through many, many experiences; some of them physical, many more of a different nature than what you presently consider physical. Within the physical illusion, he is isolated, you might say, from much of his knowledge. He is left with an intellect that is the product of his experiences within only that single illusion, and emotional biases that are the products of all his experience.

Why do you think such a condition manifests? Why do you think that you find yourself in this condition? The reason, my friends, is, first of all, you have desired this situation and secondly, having desired it, you have carried out what was necessary to bring yourself into this illusion.

Now, my friends, the reason for this excursion, you might say, from a much more delightful environment into one of severe limitation—the one in which you now find yourselves—the reason for this excursion, my friends, is for the purpose of realization.

It is difficult for many of your peoples to understand why it is necessary for such an experience to take place to reach an awareness that seemingly should be reachable any place, at any time. My friends, it is within reach any place, at any time. But it is also very difficult to test the total understanding of this realization in any experience. It is most easily tested in the experience in which you now find yourselves.

This testing, each day, this testing, each moment of time, is automatic, for it is simply your reaction to each experience that is sensed. Each of you has had reactions to experience that were reactions that you now see as foolish. If one is to reach the goal that he desires during the experience, it is necessary that he adjust his thinking so that his automatic reaction to any experience is always a reaction of love and understanding.

This was demonstrated to you by the master known to you as Jesus. He set an example of reaction to experience. If there is doubt within the minds of individuals as to how they should react to any experience, it has already been set down for you by the man known as Jesus. This man was demonstrating how to react. These reactions were not the product of his analysis or intellect. They were automatic reactions based upon a realization that he had accomplished within the same physical illusion that you now experience.

Because of the consequence of individual experiences within the present illusion, it is a much better test than a less dense illusion. The consequences within the illusion that you now enjoy are seemingly of relatively great magnitude. All of this is for the purpose of testing your ability to express love and understanding. Each of the experiences, regardless of how they seem, are simply illusory tests, operating upon you directly to produce an opportunity for you to display your understanding of love.

This is the only reason for the illusion which you now experience, my friends. If this is the only reason for this illusion, it should be obvious that once an individual is aware of this, that he spend his time in learning to react to each experience with only an expression of love and understanding.

Many of the peoples of your planet, in fact most of the peoples on your planet, have no conscious knowledge of what I have just given to you. Therefore, they go about experiencing the activity within their illusion, and reacting in a manner that is not consciously directed by their understanding.

They, nevertheless, learn from the activities and experiences of the illusion, but the process of learning is much extended over the process of the individual who is consciously aware of what he is doing. We are here at this time to aid those of the people of Earth who wish aid in understanding, consciously, what they are attempting to do.

Many of those of you who continue throughout a total experience within the physical with no conscious knowledge of the real purpose of that experience waste that entire experience and make no progress whatsoever. The progress upon planet Earth has been extremely slow for many, many of the peoples who are on the planet. This slowness of progress has been unfortunate. There have been ample communications of the objective that they desire in reality. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, a very large number of them have never become aware of their true objective while in the physical.

For this reason, they have required repeated experiences in the physical, and will require in the future repeated experiences to make the simple step from reacting to experience blindly, and, shall we say, without suitable expression of love and understanding, to a future goal which is exactly the opposite.

My friends, what we are telling you at this time is the only important thing that you need to know. We can tell you of many wondrous things, but what good is it to be told these things if they are not within your ability to experience? We are telling you simply how to achieve the ability to experience all of the wondrous things that you might wish to know.

To do this is very simple. It is simply to express love and understanding, regardless of the experience that confronts you. All that confronts you is illusion—everything. This is very clear to us. It is not always clear to you. It is not clear to you because the illusion in which you find yourselves is a very, very good illusion, a very satisfactory illusion, a very efficient illusion. It is accomplishing exactly what you wish for it to accomplish. It is accomplishing a deception. It is putting before you continual tests of your ability to express our Creator’s love.

Why should you have to be continually tested, my friends? Why should you continually go through these experiences? You have chosen to do this. The reason for this, my friends, is that you wish to accelerate rapidly the progress of your spiritual understanding.

Realize in meditation the truth of what I say, and then realize in meditation the way to implement your desires, to bring them quickly into reality. Do not make the mistake of so many of those who have gained some intellectual knowledge of their true desires. Do not make the mistake of assuming that the simple intellectual knowledge of these desires is of any real benefit. It is not, my friends. The only thing that is of real benefit is if you are able to express with no reservation the love and understanding of your Creator.

This is what the entire game is about. And it is a game, my friends, especially from our point of view. You have chosen to be participants in a game, a game within an illusion. An illusion that is bounded by a narrow layer upon the surface of a small planet in an infinite amount of space.

Consciousness is evolving throughout all of the creation. In your particular place in the creation it is evolving. You are experiencing personal evolution. If you can maintain at all times an awareness of reality, and therefore an awareness of the game in which you find yourselves, you may do precisely what you have set out to do: lift yourself a very great degree in spiritual understanding.

This is what we are all attempting to do. This is our only objective. Anything else is simply a part of a game. And there are many, many games in this creation, my friends, at many levels. Each of these are played with different sets of rules, but they all have the same goal: the goal of understanding, the goal of arriving at that ability to express love that is the Creator’s.

This, my friends, then is the activity of all consciousness, throughout all space. It is hard to believe that there are so many activities going on as they are. But they are infinite, each at its own level of awareness, each seeking to go farther, to become more aware, to return to the infinite knowledge of the Creator.

But each is involved in what we might term a game. We say this, my friends, not to make fun of the process, but to recognize its position within reality. We find ourselves within an illusion—a different illusion than your own. We are playing a game, my friends, a game with different rules. But yet it is a different part of the entire enterprise. It is the part that is adjacent to your part. We can call it a game, my friends, because we must contact you in this manner. We must communicate using, at all times, techniques which allow you to accept or reject our communications. For this reason, we compare our activities to a game, for we, too, are operating within certain rules.

And yet we, too, are attempting to rise, to understand more, to become more aware. We are attempting to do this at this time through the process of service. A process of service which will produce for you the evolution which you desire. You may do the same thing, at a different level. You may do the same as we. Having gained certain understanding you may pass on, within your illusion, your understanding, especially [if] you understand the rules of the game.

For many of your people, within your illusion, have attempted to pass on their understanding with no understanding of the rules of the game that they are experiencing. For this reason, much of what they have attempted to give to those around them has been misunderstood or rejected, for they have attempted to serve in a way that was with limitation with respect to understanding. All of this understanding, in an intellectual sense, my friends, is of little value, unless you augment this understanding with real knowledge through the process of meditation. This is the only way that you can totally encompass in your thinking and in your emotional biases the realities that are permanent; realities that are not a product of the game.

Man upon Earth at this time is very, very involved, for the most part, within his illusion. There is warfare, and plans for warfare. There are political ideas. There are thousands and thousands of objectives and ideas that are totally involved with the game, having no objective outside, no objective in reality. All of these ideas, all of these objectives, all of these activities, whether it be within your political systems, within your business, within your government or military structures, whether it be in any myriad of activities carried on upon your planet’s surface, this makes no difference. If the individual immersed in these activities has no realization of their real value—and their real value is nothing, simply nothing—if that individual has no understanding of this, then he is not making the use that he should of his existence within this illusion.

We are afraid at this time that almost all of the peoples of your planet are so oriented. This is not to say that many of them are not of a high spiritual nature. It is simply to say that they have not made that transition that identifies what they are doing, that identifies the objective that they really seek. We are hoping to help many of the peoples o f this planet make that transition while they are in the physical. This must be done at some time or another. This is a very important step in the advancement of spirit.

It has been said upon your planet that it is necessary to realize this while in the physical. This, my friends, is a very important step. The more depth within you that this realization reaches, the more benefit you will achieve from it. This, of course, may be done through the process of meditation.

Do not let the illusion that meets you with each dawning day be too much of an illusion, my friends. Recognize it for what it really is, and then recognize each day what your objective is, and you will make full use of the illusion.

It has been a very great privilege to speak with you this evening, I am Hatonn. I shall now allow my brother to speak through the other instrument. It has been a very great privilege. Adonai. Adonai vasu.

(Carla channeling)

I am Oxal. I greet you in love and light. I am glad to be using this instrument. She is not used to our contact. However, we are eager to use this instrument, and if you will be patient, we will spend a brief period working with this contact.


I am anxious to tell you how glad I am to be with my brothers at this time. I have been with you through the communication from my brother Hatonn. I add only one thought, and this one is an obvious one. And yet it is well to remind those who desire understanding of this thought.

My friends, to give love, to emit a vibration of understanding, is to form a consciousness which is not an illusion, but what one may call a reality, although as an ultimate form, one could not call it a reality. But one may call it a reality to express love compared to the illusion as you understand it.

And how does one express love, and how does one express understanding, and how is it possible to express these things at all times? What I wish to tell you, my friends, is that it is impossible to express these things if you are attempting to relate to the illusion. It is impossible, my friends, to react with love and understanding if you are dealing with the imperfect, foolish and sometimes ridiculous people that you will encounter in your daily life.

Of course it is impossible, my friends. The illusion is designed so that it is possible to act correctly only with knowledge. It is only possible to express love when you begin to have an awareness of the Creator.

My friends, each person may seem to be a human entity. Yet he is the Creator. Each natural object, each manufactured object, the very air around you, my friends, has a consciousness which is the Creator. You yourself, the originating agency of this love which you wish to express: you are the Creator.

If you can remember that the one known as Jesus saw each individual entity as part of the Father, then, my friends, you will be able to better express the love of the Creator.

Those who have need of you; those whom you need, are liars. There is no need, except for the Creator. To understand this is to free oneself from illusion.

I have offered these thoughts to you, for in my experience, they are helpful. As my brother has said, we have experienced the density which you enjoy. If we were to discover that we needed the gross corrections that you yourselves pursue, we would reimmerse ourselves within it.

Within our own density, we are seeking to make corrections, corrections in our understanding. And yet we may compare the two densities to two problems of which you may have intellectual knowledge. One is the problem, shall we say, of tuning in a channel. You are now attempting to discover the correct channel. This is the reason for experience. We have this correction, and yet there are finer corrections, which you would understand as the controls on a television for the clarity of the picture. The difference between these examples and the two densities, my friends, is that with changes in density, as the corrections become finer, the differences obtained become more profound.

We look forward to many, many densities beyond our own, that are far finer than our own. Yet we are content to be learning within our own, and we wish very much to aid you with yours.

I also wish to allow another member of the Confederation to speak, and so I will leave this instrument at this time. It has truly been a pleasure to use this instrument. I am known as Oxal. Adonai.

(R channeling)

I am with this instrument. It is a privilege to be with you. I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. I will at this time condition each of you, if you desire it.

For we would very much like to use the instrument known as B to relay our thoughts to those who desire them. It will be a simple process, if she will avail herself.

[Tape ends.]