(Unknown channeling)

…in the love and the light of our Creator. It is a very great privilege to [inaudible]. We of the Confederation of Planets in Service of the One Creator…


(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn, I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the One Creator… It is a very great privilege to speak to this group, to those who have arrived… I am what you apparently would call from the planet Hatonn. I am not in a physical body such as yours. I communicate through this instrument by thought. He receives my thoughts, so that they are part of him. To you, I have [chosen] to operate what you know as the flying saucers, the UFO’s. However, I am not in a physical body at this time. But you have consented to be the physical body known as my brothers… our existence in the physical body as you… it will be quite physical to you… We are nonetheless the same. We regardless of less density who existed are all quite the same.

We of the planet Hatonn are here for a purpose, a very singular purpose. Like our brothers, we are here to serve the people of the planet Earth… primarily to service to awareness of the people to earth. We are here to help those who desire our aid to increase their awareness, which is our purpose. For this reason, we are constantly available to those who desire our service. At this time, our friends, at this time…

(Unknown channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I [inaudible]. I wish to speak through this instrument, and while this instrument is speaking, my brother, the one known as Laitos, will be conditioning each of you who desires that service. We are aware that within your thinking there are many shades of differences and that you are fascinated with the idea of the various steps you must take in order to proceed on the path. We are aware that you have a desire to understand the various categories of experience, the various densities, that you have a desire for naming that which you will begin to understand. We did not understand these things when we first came here, but we have become more sophisticated in the ways of your planet through the years we have spent within this sector of time and space. We know your people better than we used to, and we know the desire of your people for their categories to be named.

This instrument is almost reluctant to speak this to you due to the fact that her thinking has been upon these very thoughts. But we can assure her that this is not her fault but ours. These thoughts are true thoughts but we [inaudible]. My friends, we can only tell you that the very idea of density and category and the colors of the rainbow, each of those categorical functions that the human mind so values, is a trap and a delusion in the spiritual sense. We cannot put it any more gently and have you understand what we mean. You have to understand that your categories are occupants of this illusion which you now enjoy, which you have enjoyed since your physical birth and which you will cease enjoying upon your physical death. There is absolutely no harm in understanding the categories with which you must cope within the illusion. However, to allow this to seep into that which you know as your spiritual form is to allow a crippling influence, a halting and blinding influence, to encroach upon your search for the source of life within you.

Our understanding, my friends, is that all things are one. Nothing could be simpler than this understanding. To ask for ramifications, categories, colors of the rainbows, densities or any other list of characteristics is to attempt to impose illusion on reality. Reality is not a process, reality does not change. That which is light, simply is. It is neither active nor passive. It occupies no paradoxes. The beginning and the ending are disunity. At the end of the physical lies all eternity, and yet, eternity implies a process, an endless process.

My friends, this is true, for there are many other lessons to be learned, many other categories to be understood, as you grow closer and closer to that which is your beginning and your end. For it is our understanding that there is a point at which eternity itself is no more. And in the eyes of one who truly understands, one simply becomes that which is. Becoming is done. The circle is complete. Unity is truly known. It is possible to move closer and closer to this understanding through meditation. We are pleased with this group in that its group desire is aimed largely towards an understanding of the metaphysical. Therefore, we may give you information such as this. It is our desire that we are able to give philosophical information. For information such as this is of the higher type, whereas information on such things as density and other categorical questions are lesser in their importance to your spiritual journey.

I am going to attempt the transfer of this [inaudible] to one of the other channels. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with the instrument. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light [inaudible]. It is a privilege to be with you. I have been listening during your meeting, not only the words but through the instruments and our brother Hatonn, but also to the thoughts [emanating] here this evening. It is very interesting to those of us who are here to serve to find the thinking in groups such as this one evolving as a result of the efforts of our Confederation. We are here for this purpose, to create an evolution in thinking.

My friends, you are at the turning point [in] the evolution of your thinking. It is very easy for you to successfully negotiate this [change]. In turn, an almost [inaudible] that is generated by the people of your planet. [Inaudible]. And friends, when I say almost no intentional [inaudible], I am referring to what you might consider to be a fantastic multitude of thoughts, the thoughts generated by this society in which you exist, thoughts that you might label as political, economic, business, social [inaudible] thoughts. These, my friends, are all the same things. These, my friends, represent more than you are. Friends, we consider these to be very specialized, to be a very singular process having to do with [inaudible]. You might [inaudible] the evolution of consciousness. [Inaudible] does not matter what you find. It is simply a return to the thinking that created you with the simple Thought of total love expressed by the Creator. This, my friends, is true thinking, to get from where people of your planet [inaudible] to this side [inaudible], but it may only be done within the limits of our knowledge by one process. It may only be done by the process of meditation, simple, daily meditation. Meditation at the [inaudible], a myriad of confused thoughts and ideas, a society in which you [inaudible], in your conscious lives, and allows them to be replaced with a single Thought of your Creator, a Thought of total and absolute love, a Thought so complete, so total, and so pure that it and it alone was able to create this entire [inaudible]. A Thought so powerful, my friends, that it was generated through selves in every other [planet].

My friends, this is what we consider, thinking this through. This was also our objective, for we are still [inaudible]. We think it’s absolute in its most purest form is thought [inaudible]. It is a very simple task, very complex it seems, for man to follow. Complex, my friends, because it is difficult for you to return to simplicity, to the thought patterns with the purest suggestion. With this Thought, all things are one, for it asks to accomplish all things, even the complexities you experience with [inaudible] are accomplished by this Thought as it expresses itself in an infinite and variable acts, and yet we direct you back, back to the way in its various experiences the reality and purity of the simplicity, the simplicity of pure and total love [inaudible], pure and total love that is every thought every [inaudible].

All that is necessary is for you to return to this understanding, eradicate any experience [inaudible] in the simplicity of love… Unity [inaudible] and you will know all things and you will be all things. You are all things… you are limited only by your desire. All that is necessary to practice [inaudible] meditation, elimination, cleansing, new birth, transition in thinking of nothing, in thinking of something, requires no special [inaudible], no special instructions. All that is required is [inaudible] all of unity is desired. We are here to instruct because of your desire. You will find your path because of your desire.

I am [Hatonn]. I have been privileged to speak with you this evening. I leave in the love and the light of the [inaudible]. Adonai [inaudible]