(Carla channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] I am in more precise contact with this instrument than with the other instrument. There is a lack of the usual relaxation with both of these instruments. I am aware of the question. I have been giving concepts to both instruments and have not yet been able to achieve a clear contact. This instrument has been having difficulty relaxing due to a state of some discomfort which varies due to variations within the illusion.

The cycle is fairly rapid, therefore, the contact is cycling in accuracy. The other instrument simply needs to relax. There is one who will attempt to condition both instruments and will attempt to transfer this contact to the other instrument, if possible, and attempt to relay the information you desire.

I greet you, and I give each of you the assurance that we wish to serve you to the best of our ability and to the best of yours. This type of information is not particularly important, yet, we will serve you as you wish to be served. [I] leave this instrument in love and light. I am Hatonn.

(Don channeling)

I am with the instrument. I am Hatonn.


(Carla channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I would like at this time to answer a question which has not been asked consciously, yet is within this instrument and may help each of those present.

That which is known upon your planet as illness is due to lack of understanding of the principle of living which is that there is only one, one place and one Being. The time is the present; the place is here; the Being is love. These things equal what is known in your intellectual framework.

It is in the misunderstanding of these truths that all lack, which shows itself to you as physical discomforts, physical needs, mental agony, and emotional need, come forth. If, my friends, you were able to live completely within the moment and to realize the love which is all around you, and to sense the immediacy of your surrounding, you would no longer be other than truly perfect within the illusion as well as outside of the illusion.

This instrument, my friends, is having some trouble receiving even these abstract thoughts, for she is maintaining a state of tension within her physical being, due to the fact she is living in the future and is awaiting the next time in which an uncomfortable feeling will come within her physical being. And yet, my friends, it is this tension that produces the future discomfort. Without the tension, perhaps, a lingering misunderstanding of a more basic type which we may call karma may yet manifest. Yet this can be made shorter and easier, and finally can be made to disappear, simply by application of a higher truth than the law of which you call karma.

There is a higher truth, my friends. Each of you may consider that your discomforts, whatever they may be, may be alleviated and finally removed by the application of the higher law of love and understanding of the eternal present and the eternal immediacy of the entire Creation.

You are one being, my friends. One perfect being. In reality, this is true. The realization of reality causes your illusion to correspond with that reality. Live in harmony, my friends, with reality.

I am aware that there was a question which was asked about what you call the New Age. This, my friends, is a large subject, or, shall I say, we may speak upon it at length. And yet, if you may understand what we were saying about the truth of love, oneness, of here and now, you may begin immediately to comprehend your New Age.

This instrument is having difficulty maintaining the quality of the content. And so, we will leave the instrument.

We are most privileged to have been able to have spoken through each of the instruments this evening. Before we leave, we would be privileged to attempt to contact one of the new instruments, if he will relax and avail himself to our contact.

I leave this instrument in the love and light of our Creator. I am Hatonn.

[Tape ends.]