Q’uo, the question from D begins with two statements from the L/L Research channeling of March 24, 1991. He says:

“There are two statements that caught my attention. First, Q’uo says, ‘Those who are willing to use a crutch in order to vault themselves upward into the light, whether the crutch be drugs or magical rituals or whatever other occult sciences may be used as a gadget, have literally pulled themselves up to a place for which they have not worked and for which they may not be ready.’

“A later quote says, ‘Thus it may be seen that those who by any means other than natural move themselves to transformation must needs be responsible for that which has been gained long after the crutch has been thrown away.’

“For several years I have been considering these concepts as it might relate to a particular metaphysical technology. Very recently I have been given the opportunity to enhance this technology. Also, very recently my wife has faced a serious illness, which has forced me to realize at a deeper emotional level how important it is to let everyone find their own path of light. Both situations have brought me to set up this channeling to explore the issues of developing and distributing metaphysical technologies, while respecting the free will of those who might use such technologies.

“The first of three questions I have is, without reference to any particular technology, is it theoretically possible for a metaphysical technology to be self-regulating? That is, could a technology be constructed so that the user would not receive any more metaphysical light than he or she was prepared to integrate? And if this is possible, does Q’uo see that any such self-regulating technologies are currently available on Earth?”

(Carla channeling)

We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. We wish to thank the one known as D for creating a sacred circle of seeking and we wish to thank those who have joined with the one who is known as D in this circle, the one known as R, the one known as M, the one known as G, the one known as Jim, and the instrument.

We greatly appreciate the privilege of being asked for our opinion, as those who also seek the truth. As always, we would encourage who reads or hears these words to discriminate as you listen to what we have to say, feeling for the path of resonance. If ideas that we offer do not resonate to you, please leave them behind. This strict attention to your own temple gates will enable us to speak freely without being concerned that we may infringe on your free will or disturb the rhythm of your process.

The query concerning the use of metaphysical technology to enhance the natural abilities of seekers is, as the one known as D is well aware, one with many, many layers and levels of consideration. However, the possibility of finding a self-regulatory feature is one which creates the environment for a potential positive gain in the one known as D’s being of service to others. There is a delicate situation when we speak concerning an on-going point of spiritual study. Each entity has not only incarnational lessons but permutations of those lessons that are active at any one time, and we must tread carefully to avoid infringing upon the active process that is on-going within the spiritual seeking of the one known as D. So, we may offer some thoughts that may or may not have any interest to you, my brother.

Firstly, the nature of the energy that is used to open the gateway of intelligent infinity consists of three basic components: the will of the seeker; the infinite love/light of the infinite Creator which, moving from the Logos to the heart, is then reflected up through the Earth into the soles of the feet and into the energy body in an infinite supply. And thirdly, there is that vast array of sources of aid and guidance that can be accessed for those who move through the gateway into intelligent infinity.

In the normal course of seeking, the work of the seeker is first to clear his chakras so that the energy from the Earth may flow in infinite supply into the opened heart and then springboard up through the higher chakras through the gateway of intelligent infinity and then, aimed with the clear and lucid intent of the seeker, attract the appropriate source of guidance.

The energy body is crystalline and delicate. Consequently, the energy of the infinite Creator that comes up from the Earth is geared to harmonize with the needs of the energy body. If this love/light encounters a hindrance, it does not push or press but merely awaits the clearing of whatever energy center or centers have been blocked or over-activated. This constitutes a built-in safety mechanism, if you will.

It is in this regard that there is an interesting potential for further consideration by the one known as D. We cannot express through this instrument, who is not in any way an educated scientist, the nature of the contemplation that might prove productive, but can simply say that it is in understanding and being able to measure or identify and otherwise work with this elemental love/light of the one infinite Creator that the possibility barely exists within the technology of which you are aware, of creating your technology in such a way that it rides the love/light energy and is, consequently, created safe because of the natural intelligence or love/light energy, which knows when it may go forward and when it may not.

Were the discovery or integration of the present knowledge base from the study of light and the study of—we give this instrument pictures of a vast array of what look like computer read-outs or languages—to be wedded, then there would be the possibility of offering this regularizing and cohering technology in a way that would not interrupt the natural safeguards of the energy body.

May we ask my brother for the second portion of this query? We are those of Q’uo.

Q’uo uses the phrase “by any means other than natural” in the second statement above. Some might say that there is nothing natural about Earth’s current environment, given technology such as HAARP, cell phone towers, the web, and alternating-current energies that appear to restrict the natural flow of metaphysical life. I am guessing that some members of the Confederation may see benefits in leveling the playing field on this planet by distributing technologies that counteract these restricting technologies. Is this true? And is it possible that Q’uo’s position on such gadgetry might be considered somewhat conservative by other members of the Confederation?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We are a principle made up of three social memory complexes: a fourth-density social memory complex which is known to you as Hatonn, a fifth-density social member complex which is known to you as Latwii, and a sixth-density social member complex which is known to you as Ra.

Consequently, within our very principle we carry the memory of just such an attempt to aid by technology of a kind, for we offered to those in Egypt, as you all know that area, the technology of the sacred geometry, which is [used in the building of] the pyramid. We were hopeful that with such a device for initiation and healing, the culture of that day might be able to create a new paradigm of unity.

We discovered that, far from creating an effective instrument for healing, we created in the end very shortly after this structure, called the Great Pyramid by this instrument, was completed, that the entities who were supposedly the priests of the Law of One were corrupted by politics and society so that there was no initiation nor was there healing, but that it was to be used only by the elite.

We could offer other examples of the Confederation’s experiments in offering technology to, as you say, my brother, level the playing field. Each of them was brought to the environment of your planet in a genuine and utter hope that there could be aid from such devices. We need only mention the [technology used to produce the] atomic bomb to make our point.

Within any Confederation, my brother, there are those who remain hopeful that the next time and the next time, such intervention might be a positive contribution to the spiritual evolution of humankind. And perhaps “conservative” would be an understatement. However, regardless of the opinion of some few who have not learned from experience, we remain serene in our realization that the way to aid humankind is not through outer technology, or any technology, but rather by the continual creation through instruments such as this one of a discussion of the true identity of all humankind.

And in further discussion of how the creation works, we weave a story, my brother, through instruments such as this, a story that offers an explanation on several different levels for the life to which each human being has awakened, and for the larger natural philosophy in which this life has been imbedded, the creation from beginning to end, and each human being’s part in that great cycle or octave of creation.

We weave a net of love and it catches people. It helps them to get their feet under them and to realize who they are. The secret to spiritual evolution is that realization that each human being, just as he is, is capable of becoming a person of infinite power and focus.

We hope always in the communications that we offer through instruments such as this one to enlarge that vision of the human being as a living flame, that moment where consciousness and consensus reality meet; two worlds, intersecting at each moment, through the thoughts of the focused human being. Encouraging that focus, encouraging the awareness that each is a portion of the Godhead principle and has not only the honor but the duty to take up the responsibility of Godhead, is one of our most basic hopes from this web of communication which we have been able to offer through instruments such as this one.

We believe our tactics have, though modest and conservative, indeed enlarged the possibility of each individual’s acceleration of his mental and spiritual evolution. This instrument saw earlier this evening a Democracy Now 1 interview with Utah Phillips. This entity known as Utah spoke of being patient and abiding in the belief system that gave him dignity and integrity. He spoke of finding it difficult to vote when there were no good choices in the elections and, instead, saying, “My ballot is on my back.”

As more and more people awaken to who they truly are and become aware of their magical personality and their ability to do work in consciousness, we believe that our discussions of the one great original Thought have a small but contributing part, and we are content, my brother, to share, word by word and concept by concept, this one great original Thought, to the exclusion of more attempts to level the playing field from the outside in.

The magic of all entities in third density lies within them and is awakened by their realization that they are entities of power and that this power is founded in, made up of, and completely melted and dissolved in love. The essence of this love, my brother, can be found in the love/light that, coming from the Logos and bouncing back from the heart of the Earth, constitutes the energy that is fed to the energy body. It is this source of energy that we would encourage you to consider.

We again apologize for being unable to create technical language through this instrument. However, hopefully the rhythms and the emphases of that which we have been able to share through her instrument may be of some help.

Before leaving this question we would wish to express our appreciation of the depth and the intensity of the love and the desire to serve of the one known as D. It is, my brother, a moving thing to see the beauty of your vibrations and, indeed, may we say that this circle of seeking is unusual in its blended auras and its sacred space. There is a great strength in this particular group. It is a pleasure to share this energy with you.

We who are those of Q’uo, ask if we might hear the third part of the main question as this time.

Ra has stated that the term “density” refers to the degree that each level of all that is can pack or store metaphysical life. Does the human heart, when its bioelectrical wave forms fall into phase coherence, model how our reality is more able to symmetrically and harmoniously pack metaphysical light as into the third and fourth density? If so, how could a metaphysical technology based on this same principle of phase coherence be most responsibly and effectively used to show individuals that their hearts have the same capacity as the universe at large for this phase shift?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We must take this query in two parts. Firstly, we would speak of densities and light. The attempt to create fourth-density light, fifth-density light, or sixth-density light out of third-density light is an attempt that is founded in a mistaken assumption and that is that light has a linear progression from density to density. However, it does not.

The photon of third density is not the photon of fourth density. Consequently, no matter how beautifully coherent you create third-density light, you have simply maximized a third-density light. You have not created a fourth-density light. It would be like trying to make an apple into an orange. You can make the best apple, but you cannot make it be an orange.

Fourth-density light has more—we give this instrument a picture of angles of rotation, as if there were a ninety degree shift while in the same plane—which creates an enormously expanded number of surfaces within each portion of light. More surfaces mean more places for information, more choices, more awareness, etc.

Secondly, we believe that there is a very good idea in that of which you speak, in that there is a good deal of power in the purity of colors available when a coherent light is used. There are, we believe, among your peoples, healing modalities that already have begun to investigate the possibilities of using coherent light. They have moved, in terms of their focus, on physical healing rather than moving into the consideration of working with light to create or enhance metaphysical environments.

This work would not be an infringement upon free will, for the optical apparatus of entities is self-limiting as are the physical senses in general, and overload simply removes the possibility of that modality being useful rather than creating difficulties within the energy body which could result in the overloading of one or more of the chakras.

At this time, my brother, we would pause before moving on in order that you may query in any way you wish about these three portions of the main query. Is there a follow-up to this body of discussion at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

Yes, the question is, given the self-regulating quality of the technology in question and the instrument’s inability to describe technological principles, is there any source of information that the entities using this technology might research or look into in order to enhance this self-regulating quality?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We may say that the sources are there. However, they are scattered and unrecognized. Consequently, we would suggest to the one known as D that he combine research into light and its nature, especially research done by those who are unrecognized and obscure, with a continuation of his unremitting, unwavering, absolute devotion to the one infinite Creator and to the service of the one infinite Creator, and to maintain that focus while requesting his guidance system to enhance his ability to sense that path of resonance and synchronicity that shall aid him.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Yes. Given the ability of education to be helpful to people who are interested in this technology, is there a way to let people who would be interested in this technology know that there is a bio-feedback type of quality within themselves that would allow themselves to use technology in a self-regulating fashion?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We make this instrument smile with our feelings of déjà vu, as this instrument would say, for, indeed, this was precisely what we wished to do with the pyramid in the old times of Egypt. It is possible while a charismatic and persuasive leader is in charge of a place where entities may be aided by such bio-feedback systems for this self-regulatory feature of the individual to be awakened in a safe way.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

As soon as the charismatic leader passes from the scene, there are always entities eager to distort and eventually nullify any positive outcome from such attempts to be of service in this wise.

The challenge of those who would attempt to help those of Earth awaken to the sacred nature of every cell in their bodies, their minds, and their spirits is not only in getting their attention, but in keeping it. Those among your peoples have not shown a marked tendency towards persistence in metaphysical seeking. The culture of your civilization has shortened the seeming attention span of most among your people. There needs to be the willingness to become a new person, a different person, a person who creates his own truth and lives according to his own lights. This is entirely possible.

However, it is a challenge to open people up to the concept of starting over and living in an entirely different way, a way which returns the power of life and love to each person and removes that person from the grid, shall we say, of society and culture.

Is there another follow-up, my brother, to this query? We are those of Q’uo.

We’d like to ask about another technology, Ark’s technology 2, a separate technology, something called Plato’s fifteen rings, that has a more rounded type of architecture rather than these sharper types of architecture of the pyramids of the past. Is there a better fit or easier use of this type of technology?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. There is definitely a higher chance that the rounded geometrical shape shall be able to be utilized without the side effects caused by the movement of prana or the love/light of the one infinite Creator through the pointed shape of the pyramid. Instead of the scoop of the pyramid revolving twice before exiting the point of the pyramid, the ring system has the capacity, when developed, to be much more benign.

The challenge in this creation or this technology is the iteration factor that occurs with there being no exit pointed for the light that is generated by the scoop which draws energy into this structure.

We would suggest the contemplation of a system of vents, whether they are of material or intentional, in a spiral fashion that would regularize the passage of the love/light of the infinite Creator through this sacred shape or series of shapes.

We are those of Q’uo, and would ask that if there is a follow-up to this query?

Yes. Given that this sacred geometry of the rounded shape is better than the pointed, is there some type of use that this electromagnetic geometry has of making it more effective in the self-regulating feature of the electromagnetic geometry that we were first talking of? Is that anywhere close? Can the self-regulating feature of this rounded geometry be used to enhance the self-regulating feature of the first geometry we were talking about?

We are those of Q’uo, and believe that we are aware of your query, my brother. We can respond in the affirmative with the reservation that the connection and the content of this connection, the nature of it, is both simpler and more unexpected or unimagined than might seem to be so at first glance.

We tread carefully here, my brother, and would suggest that you also tread carefully as you seek in this wise. Cultivate humility, cast aside pride and those previously assumed truths concerning sacred geometry. Look to nature for examples and remain grounded, deeply grounded, into the earth plane as you investigate the possibilities which have opened up to you.

We would at this time ask if there is a follow-up to this query? We are those of Q’uo.

I would like to know if there is a better way to state these questions in relation to the people who might use this technology? And if there is a better way to state them, would Q’uo restate them and then answer them?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We believe that your present queries are perfectly adequate according to your present level of awareness. The clarity of your questions and the depth of spiritual awareness which offers the energy upon which your words come seem to us to be of an entirely adequate order. Were we to rephrase your query, we should be learning for you and this is an infringement upon free will.

May we ask if there is a final query at this time?

Considering the quality of phase coherence as it is related to the human heart when it makes certain connections, how can we utilize this principle in generating technologies that are more responsible in relation to the human heart?

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. We have poked and prodded at this query and cannot find a way into offering information without infringing upon your free will. We are apologetic and yet we come up against the stop of the Law of Confusion.

We may say that the coherence of which you speak is that which the spiritual seeker of third density tends towards or becomes more able to express. Coherence is an excellent word to use when thinking of the human energy body and that consciousness that it contains, eternity and infinity cradled in crystalline structures that seem so fragile and yet are so incredibly powerful.

That is, you see, the challenge of any helping technology: to advance the ability of entities to sense their own coherence and to do so without blowing their circuitry. The quality of faith is the living coherence of the spirit and we encourage you to increase your faith. As you proceed, we wish you light in your research, my brother. You already have the love.

We would at this time thank this instrument and this group and especially the one known as D. It has been a sheer pleasure to converse with this group and we have enjoyed it tremendously. This instrument’s energy wanes and we would not harm the instrument. Therefore, we shall at this time take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave you as we found you, in all that there is—the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. In that coherence, we leave you. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Democracy Now, with Amy Goodman, is a news review show on Link TV. 

  2. Arkadiusz Jadczyk’s work may be further examined at www.quantumfuture.net