Question from R: This first question concerns [a] pattern in my life that has to do with feelings about my work. My criticism of myself is that my work should be more service-to-others oriented. I then proceed to find a different type of work or employment that has energy in it that grabs me and that I start working with it but that passion or that energy dissipates quickly once that new work begins. I am looking for suggestions or different points of view that would help me get deeper into this pattern that I am seeing.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We are a slightly different voice than the Q’uo [that] normally speaks through this instrument because the vibrational characteristics of this particular question and group seem to be better met if the brothers and sisters of Hatonn take the position of speaking for the principle which includes those of Hatonn, those of Latwii, and those of Ra. Normally, we speak with this group through the brothers and sisters of Latwii. However, each session of working has its own dynamics and this particular group seems to call forth the strengths of the brothers and sisters of Hatonn. If there are any differences, they are probably due to this unique voice.

We greet each of you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. As always, it is a great joy to speak with this group, with whom we have not spoken for some of your time. Truly, it is a blessing and a privilege for us to be with you and to share in your meditation and your seeking. We thank each of you for this special occasion which we are heartily enjoying.

As always, we ask each of you to ponder our words with your hearts, keeping those thoughts which seem helpful and resonate within your being as true and leaving aside all other thoughts as not applicable to you at this time.

The challenge of right occupation is not a challenge that is entirely that which it seems on the surface, any more than an activity at which one spends a substantial portion of one’s waking hours can be simply a job, simply that which it appears on the surface.

The concept of an occupation has been distorted by the needs of your peoples for money. In a world where there was no need to earn money in order to live a life that was comfortable to a minimal extent, it is likely that many, many of those that work at the jobs at which they now work would immediately cease to report for their hours spent at the job because they would no longer need the money that the job offers.

However, there would still be an incarnation with lessons to learn and gifts to share. And even those who come into incarnation with absolutely no need to earn money usually find themselves at least tempted to choose to occupy a substantial portion of their waking hours pursuing an activity which could be said to help the seeker learn its lessons and share its gifts.

It is easy to see the materialism of the world and its ways. It is less easy to see how the materialism in which the seeker lives may have penetrated into areas of the metaphysical and caused elements of the work ethic to become elements of spiritual materialism. This is a subtle area of contemplation but we recommend it to the one known as R.

For the rules and the ways of the world and the spirit are genuinely, from the core outward, different. And when evaluating the spiritual work of issues such as this—which have so many elements in the physical and so many elements in the metaphysical world—it is well to ponder how to frame that great and genuine desire of the heart to serve in a way that allows the seeker to see into, to penetrate into the deeper workings of desire, and to sift out those elements which have to do with the world and its ways, in order that the real form, the real skeleton, the real muscles and sinews that underlie the flesh of spiritual seeking may be viewed.

For there is a structure to right occupation in the spiritual sense. And that has to do with those things that are of worth in the spirit rather than in the world, in the heart rather than in the mind, and in the intuition and the resonances of feeling rather than in the logic and reason that characterize intellection and ratiocinated thought.

One thing we would suggest in pondering this issue is a review of the gifts which have been brought through into the personality shell available to the seeker in this incarnation and to ask the self how best these gifts might be shared. We are aware that the one known as R wishes, for instance, to investigate the possibilities of working with the younger entities among your people, feeling that perhaps working with these young entities may be of more service than working with the adult versions of the entities which are all the Creator.

We suggest to the one known as R that this may well be a reasonable concept. The one known as R may well have gifts that would feed into these relationships with younger entities. This can be investigated in several ways: by thought, by research, and to an extent by experience.

We would point out that the job, the career, is, in form, connected more with money than with the gifts that one shares, whereas activity that can be chosen of oneself offers a clear and far more elastic form of inquiry. In other words, it is possible to place oneself in certain organizations through what this instrument would call volunteering time and attention in certain ways, and to allow oneself to come into contact with and interact with entities of that younger age so that many questions upon the seeker’s mind might be explored.

Is there indeed a special gift that seems to be called for by younger entities who may have greater needs than the simple need to learn? Is there a resonance when actual experience replaces theoretical thought?

We suggest this for the simple reason that interaction with another self or other selves, while often very confusing, contains within it a tremendous potential for learning. When one is confined within the privacy of one’s thoughts, suppositions that may or may not be true cannot be at all examined with the same efficiency as when these suppositions are placed cheek by jowl with actual experience. In the process of following relationships begun with such younger entities among your peoples, much data may be taken in; much, certainly, of linear information but far more than that, much of the visceral, the gut reaction. In this way there may be more of a rounded and full shape to the thinking.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo. We leave this instrument in love and in light.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. In addition to that which we have spoken through the one known as Carla, we would add through this instrument the utilization of one’s passion in determining that occupation into which one places one’s desires and dreams as a means by which to serve others. As one looks at the skills which have been brought forth into this present incarnation and evaluates that level of expertise, shall we say, added to this, we would heartily recommend the investigation of any area in which one finds excitement, interest, passion—a desire to serve increased by the pleasure of serving.

In truth, there are truly no mistakes, for all entities are the Creator. One can only serve the Creator. All expenditures of energy are a service to the one Creator. Therefore, in order to serve in a most fulfilling manner and to achieve that brilliance and vividness of the variety of colors of service, shall we say, it is well, whatever choices one makes, that there be a passion for the choice made to propel one, in a day by day manner, into the service and through the service to those whom you serve.

In this way the lessening of excitement which the one known as R has observed occurring in his patterns may be ameliorated and the most full expression of the heart of the desire to serve might be achieved wherever passion is found. For passion is a kind of a pre-incarnative gift. [It is] a continuance of that which has previously opened one’s heart [which] again finds resonance in the present incarnation by the expression of a passionate desire to be of service in a certain manner.

At this time we would suggest the asking of the second query.

The second question I have concerns a pattern of looking for a mated relationship in my life, finding one, and then the relationship ending soon after. I wonder if there is a spiritual structure to such a relationship and if I am putting expectations in such a relationship from the beginning and therefore not allowing the passion or the true love to flow. If you can comment on it, I appreciate it. I am once again looking for suggestions on how to explore this pattern deeper.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The mated relationship is a specific kind of service, an experience of mutual desire for seeking the one Creator, for serving the one Creator, and for sharing the life pattern out of which seeking and service are born. Thusly, you may consider the words which we have spoken concerning the occupation and its service as being applicable to the mated relationship as well.

There is the need to love and to be loved which is as normal and natural a function of the human being as is the sleeping, the eating, the breathing, and the moving about within your illusion.

The experience of being of service with the mate is one which has a great deal of joy and direction in that each in the mated relationship feels a kind of wholeness which is not present outside the mated relationship when one is alone.

Although it is quite possible for each entity to be of great service and to seek with great purity in a solitary fashion, the yoke of such honor/duty/experience is more easily borne when shared.

In opening oneself to such a relationship there is the need to become truly open, to prepare the self for change and to be willing to accept the changing currents and depths of the river of life. For once there is an expectation to which one holds strictly or dearly, then that expectation can become an obstacle to this opening of the self to that which the potential mated relationship brings to the self.

Thusly, it is well, when considering the possibilities of the mated relationship, to truly examine the heart’s desires. For when allowed to express truly, these desires may move far past the boundaries of mental contemplation. Thusly, the romantic involvement within your illusion has oftentimes been seen to originate in the stars, shall we say, so that forces outside of the self are given the opportunity to move the self as the wind and the weather move a sailboat upon your sea.

At this time we would transfer this contact to the one known as Carla. We are those of Q’uo.

(Carla channeling)

We are again with this instrument. We are those of Q’uo.

For you see, my brother, the entire self is here to love and to be loved; not simply the conscious self, the self with expectations, but the entire self, the whole, utter, real, complete, universal self.

And one can not approach that which is a consuming fire, that which changes the life, that to which one must surrender at one level, as if it were hiring someone to fill a position. One cannot choose a mate. That is, one can choose a mate, but one shall get what one has chosen. The product of rational thought may or may not be that emblem of love which so speaks to your own whole self.

There is that element in that other person that is the face of the Creator that allows you to see into the Creator through that person. There needs to be something within the choice that must be made, that cannot be denied, that is felt passionately to be sufficient cause of the discomfort, suffering and pain of surrender to a relationship.

For any relationship, while it will not change you, precisely, will change so much about your experience! It is as though you will have set into motion the wheels of transformation in such a way that they are never under your control in any substance of sense. Nor are they in the hands of the other involved in a mated relationship. For that entity, too, will be challenged to so love you as the face of the Creator that she can see more of the Creator in herself because she has you as her mirror.

Certainly, a relationship can be made; a home can be created with any chosen mate. But to move beyond pattern into spontaneous energy which creates its own patterns, there is the need to find that focus that is worth the sacrifice of the old self and that inspires the faith and the trust of the self to release the protective layers around the heart, that the self may offer itself its life and its service to another.

Each in a mated relationship does this and it is not an “I” or a “she” but a “we” and an “us” to which each surrenders; that oversoul or higher self that the two become in union when mated. So there is not simply the self and the other self but there is that divine union which contains the Creator to which both have surrendered.

This is the glory of the committed or mated relationship. This is the beginning for great potential for learning and for an expansion of service depending upon that creature that both have become as a “we” and an “us.”

Again, to move from the head to the heart is to find reasons for what this instrument would call sacrifice. In any new choice there is, as the one known as R has said, the initial joy, the initial thrill of something new, and something perhaps better. But then, no matter how good that new choice is, there comes the moment when the new job or the new relationship is more fully seen and something akin to despair can crop up, for it is now seen, as the one known as R has said, that here lie feet of clay; here lie, in a job, tasks that ring hollow and do not resonate.

This instrument has been working at the occupation which she now enjoys for some stretch of time and from this instrument’s experience there seems to be, even for the most fully fulfilled worker, still those times when the job seems sterile and without true appeal.

And we find that in this instrument’s mind that this instrument has often said to herself at such times that this is not about the job, this is about the process. It is not the fault of those situations that define a job description. It is about what cycles and what patterns through which the entity, as a personality and as a deeper spiritual seeker, is going and which can be expected to continue throughout the incarnation that is full of its cycles and will always be so as long as third-density conditions exist which encourage cyclical patterns: waking and sleeping, eating and being hungry, being happy and being unhappy.

These cycles are very stubborn within the human personality and are built into that constant pulse of spirit in order that the illusion may be what the illusion is intended to be: a disquieted, confusing, distracting and ultimately successfully humbling experience that brings one out of oneself and down upon one’s knees in many ways, and ready to open the self to that which is desired.

For all things that are desired will create the new patterns of change and change is always difficult. All new choices will seem wrong at a certain point, at many points in a cyclically repeating pattern.

What shores up the confidence of one who is moving from the heart is that feeling of being true to the self, right or wrong, and that feeling of being able, if one is wrong, to accept that and move forward, bolstered by the passion that moved the seeker in the first place to make a change so that the self may see into these cycles and yet may still, by following the heart and following desire, locate those precious elements that need to be within the life—be it the job or the people. Identifying not by sight but by the eyes of the heart, not by reason, but by confidence in those memories of desire that the heart speaks.

[Side one of tape ends.]

For the Creator wishes each child to fulfill every desire, to ask every question, to knock at all the doors that call to him.

We are aware that the one known as R wished that we keep this session brief and we are aware too that the sound of the tape recorder means that we have not fulfilled his expectations. However, we can fulfill it at this time by relinquishing our hold upon this instrument and this group and thanking the one known as R for these very heartfelt and genuine questions.

It is a mark of spiritual maturity to see the patterns of one’s life. It is a mark of even more maturity, spiritually speaking, to look not only for ways to solve the puzzle but for ways to love and to know the self ever more deeply, and knowing it more deeply, to find ways again to love.

Truly, every difficulty can be untangled by persistently turning to those gentle fingers of love that, through time, will untangle every knot and remove every obstacle.

We leave you glorying in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We leave each of you with our thanks and our true, true gratitude [for] our relationships with you and [your] invitation to share our thoughts with you. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus. We are those known to you as Q’uo.