The question today has to do with the situation concerning our planet and all of us who inhabit it. We would like for Q’uo to give us some information concerning the quality of consciousness on our planet when you consider the various wars, diseases, famines and crises that occur on a daily basis as each of us as individuals go about our daily lives, dealing with the various levels of stress of family, work, community and so forth. We are wondering how we as individuals find a centering point, the joy in the moment? How can we really be of service to each other and to ourselves?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We come to you as a voice of love. To this planet we speak the ways of One, the ways of unity. We have a very simple tale to tell, and we thank you for bringing us to you to be able to share this simple philosophy, a philosophy truly too simple to be easily understood. We are most grateful to you for your infinite genius that looks at that subject, which is always and ever the same, in ever-new ways, giving us new opportunities to work with the words of your language and the biases of this instrument in order to share our heart through the heart of this instrument and the one known as Jim.

We are extremely gratified to share our thoughts and would only ask in return that each of you is extremely careful about what you choose to listen to in what we have to say. For what we have to say is a truth to us, but it may not be so to you. That which resonates within your heart, by all means, consider. For we hope to offer interesting and helpful thoughts. But those things which do not resonate we ask that you leave behind without a second thought. Some thoughts are for you. Some thoughts are not. That power of discrimination which each of you has is golden, as this instrument would say. Treasure it and trust it. No one else can tell you what is right for you. You are the authority for yourself. You are the teacher for yourself. You are the guru in a very important way, for those things which you desire to know lie within you now. It is a matter of remembering and coming again into awarenesses [of] that you have had many times, not necessarily within incarnation.

One great goal of each of you within this incarnation is to become aware that you are dreaming and to become able to make the dream of incarnation a lucid and a conscious dream, one that is, in some ways and to some extent, a matter of your choices and your control. For these skills much is required of time and attention and discipline. And each of you is well aware of these things as are we, for we too seek, unendingly driven by the desire to be truly one with the Creator and yet still aware in many ways of our own biases and our group biases. Always, it seems, the spiritual path has another turn and another, and the road leads ever onward. We rejoice in this endless journey that truly is not endless but cyclical. For in the fullness of the time and space that you now enjoy within this creation of yours and ours we all will come to the octave. We all will coalesce once again into the one infinite Creator and become an unpotentiated unity. And in that beating of the great heart of creation, one creation shall end and another begin. We share this walk with you, this walk from source to source, from light to light.

We greatly enjoyed your conversation and thank each of you for all that you laid aside in order to attend and place time and attention on things of the spirit. How precious that desire and thirst for truth is, my friends! We can never thank you enough for your desire, for it is your desire that calls us to you, your desire and your sorrow. For we do hear the sorrow of Earth. We hear the sorrow of its people, and we want to respond, hopefully, in ways that are of service. That is one of the questions that is on your minds today.

But we shall not start with that. We shall focus briefly on the state of the planet, for that is one thread of your questioning: is there a gain or a decrease in love upon planet Earth? Indeed, there are a number of ways to answer that question, but we shall choose two. Firstly, as the one known as R has said, the surface of life has a spurious and shallow reality that is nonetheless undeniable. It is a world of complete illusion, and in that world the dragon thrashes its tail. And angels in flesh quiver, defend, worry and hope to respond in ways that add love to the illusion. A little positive, a little negative, and the illusion wags on, doing the job it was meant to do, thoroughly confusing, baffling and frustrating. All efforts of the linear and conscious intellect to control it bring each inevitably, surely, if each is honest, to the realization that the self knows nothing. That the life of the surface has nothing. That all is “vanity and striving after wind,” as this instrument would quote from her Bible.

Such is the surface of life. Such is the design that was intended for that illusion, and at the same time may we say that there is tremendous growth in the metaphysical sense among the peoples of your planet. It is abundantly, richly clear on the metaphysical planes of your planet that a tremendous outpouring of love and concern has streamed into the Earth plane. Many Earth native individuals, and by that we mean those who have been within the planetary influence as souls since pre-history, in your terms, have come through the many waters of many, many incarnations over thousands of years and have slowly but surely come to the point where the alarm clock has gone off. The awakening of the spirit within flesh has taken place, and there is now the realization within many, many individual Earth native souls that they are citizens of eternity, that they are infinite beings and that the surface of life, while due great honor and attention, is not all that there is but is only the gateway to the present moment, which is infinite. And these voices have become a great choir asking and seeking and knocking at the door of truth.

There is a call going out from your planet at this time that has been going out from your planet for a considerable number of years now, that has activated and doubled and redoubled the light energy upon your planet. Further, as many within this room are intimately aware, many entities have chosen to travel to the earth plane from other planetary influences for the purpose of entering into the experience of being an Earth native, plunging the self into the third-density atmosphere once again in hopes of serving the planet and its people but also in hopes of doing work upon the self: a reevaluating of that all-important choice of third density: the choice of whether to love by radiation and unconditional love or to love by control and magnetic attraction and the overriding sense that people need to be managed for their own good or for the greater good of the whole. This is work that is common to all at this time, all who are awakened, all who have begun that transforming opening of the heart and the spirit for which each took birth.

We hope that you feel very good about the work that you have done so far, and we hope that you will redouble your efforts, not to do, but to be. For the work of consciousness is the work of asking the self to be the self most truly and most deeply. What is the self? Upon the surface of the incarnation the self is a personality, a collection of biases, opinions, beliefs and suppositions, an amalgam of gifts and quirks and challenges. The interesting thing about personality is that each of you chose both your gifts and your limitations, your abundances and your lacks, for very good reasons. The challenge is to come into some fuller realization as time goes on as to what the pattern is behind those challenges and those gifts. What was hoped for by the higher self that is you when you and your higher self planned the big points, as this instrument would say, the plot points of this incarnation? Why did you put that blockage there? That remarkable gift there? That incredible stupidity over there? These things were placed there for a reason. Why did you choose relationships with this, this and this entity that delight you and aggravate you and make you angry? In each connection there is a fullness of goodness, if one can but see the plan. As the one known as C has said, that is the challenge, and one seldom sees the plan until the pattern is complete and one has the blessed advantage of hindsight.

How to be one’s self? [This is] a question we still seek the answer to ourselves. We know that our direction lies along the trail that leads to the Creator, along that ever seemingly darkening trail that rounds curve after curve until, at last, that creature that eats its own tail that is the Creator has found its tail again and the self is swallowed up once again in absolute divinity. Light shines within that direction, yet in a way that is hidden from the outer eye and from the eye of circumstance. Most often the spiritual riches are found when life is at its darkest and most challenging. For it is then that the little hammers and chisels and acid water etch and smooth and craft and sculpt and find the gems within the ore that is the personality shell. So the learning to be the self is a geste of tremendous patience and persistence. And yet, at the same time, advances are often made in blinding steps forward that seem like the dawning of a sudden sunrise, the turning of a corner which opens into a new world, the epiphany of the senses and the soul.

Be prepared for sudden and stupendous moments of awareness because, you see, you are a being. You are not an activity or a process. And you surprise yourself being yourself sometimes. And in those moments when you have hit a resonance that strikes deep down into the self, suddenly the moment opens up and you become aware of all that you are, of the tremendous unity that you have with everything that is. This state of mind is an actual opening into one of the inner planes or perhaps more than one of the inner planes, depending upon the experience, so that you simply are seeing more into your self, more into the reaches of your true nature, which is inclusive, universal, timeless and divine. You have to remember that you are the product of the Creator’s thirst for knowing Itself, and your seeking to know yourself is part of the Creator’s seeking for Its own identity. And what fascinates the Creator endlessly is how that identity is the same, and yet it continues to grow because of the fecund and fertile nature of spirit.

You seem to stand upon the Earth, sticking out into space, upon this ball that is revolving, day/night, day/night, day/night around a minor sun at the edge of a rather small galaxy. And yet you are standing upon holy ground within the creation of the Father, and you are the womb of stars, the grave of dreams, all emotions, all feelings, all thoughts, all possible processes. Out of all these things you have chosen a certain eccentric pattern of personality and experiencing, a certain set of filters to further confuse the already illusory data of the incarnation. You have set yourself within a situation where you are at once universal and unique. You are living a life and at the same time you are living forever, never stationary and yet unified. This is the key to grasping the nature of the spiritual journey. It is truly a journey because the Creator is never still. The Creator’s nature is extremely strong in freedom. This freedom of will creates a state of cyclical discovery, the desire to know more, the desire to seek. It is your nature because it is the Creator’s nature.

And what the Creator actually is evaluating and, shall we say, feeding upon is the essence of those emotions which have been brought up in various muddied states again and again until there has begun to be more and more clarity within that particular emotion. In a way, you are a refiner of emotions and one way to look at the work of spiritual seeking is to use some discipline in evaluating your thoughts and your emotions on a daily basis, if possible, certainly as often as possible. For there is always the temptation to let the good and the bad slide by with the oil of time and to seek the doing, and to seek the rest, and keep busy or unconscious, thereby removing oneself from some of the less comfortable aspects of those thoughts and feelings which you have had during a day’s time. Yet these responses you have had to catalyst are grist for the mill. These are the clues that you have, the harvest of the day at the end of each day that will help you to investigate your own nature.

We would suggest time spent perhaps just as you are drifting off to sleep wherein these emotions are looked at one by one as you remember your day. And there may be seen in each memory and in each cluster of emotions the opportunity to revisit those feelings, to see into the dynamic of those particular feelings. If it is a feeling of impatience, for instance, that you are investigating, you may accentuate the impatience and really give permission to the self to feel very impatient and then give permission to the self to allow the opposite of that emotion to come into and flood the senses so that you ask, “Show me patience. Let me feel what it is like to sense true patience.” This flexing of the emotional muscle in a very meditative and contemplative ways is most helpful to the unconscious mind and will, to some extent, clarify those dreams that are also hints and inklings that help one upon the spiritual path.

One of the threads of inquiry this week was having to do with service to others and how to evaluate such service. Truly this is a question that moves to the very heart of spiritual work in third density and beyond. It is a question that we answer when we come and speak with you through this instrument rather than landing on the lawn, impressing you with our looks and our differentness and then attempting to persuade you to our point of view. We attempted service in such direct manner at one time, and we found that it was not acceptable in terms of [the] infringement of free will that we caused. We now are perfectly content in ways that can never be proven as real because we feel that the information will speak to those for whom it is helpful. There is a law of attraction in seeking so that we know that, one way or another, the thoughts that are needed will come to those who truly are asking. And so we add our voice to those voices that are available if someone seeks such a voice.

Much of service to others is wrapped up in the study of polarity. However…

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