The question today has to do with the healing meditations that you recommended a couple of weeks ago in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11 and various other places on the planet which are full of anger and war and hatred, famine, poverty, disease and so forth. We would like to know a couple of more ways that a person could use to send love and light to all the areas, the people, the places that need it.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle Q’uo. Greetings, love and light to you. The love and the light of the infinite Creator to you this beautiful autumn evening. What a pleasure it is to rest in meditation with each of you and to join your circle of seeking. We greatly thank you for the privilege of being called to your group, and, as always, we would simply ask that as we offer our ideas, that each be confident in her own powers of discrimination. If an idea or thought seems resonant to you, by all means, we offer it as our opinion and our best answer but not as authority. If it does not interest you, then by all means lay it aside and move on. We thank you for that discrimination because that allows us to express ourselves with the most accuracy that we can through this instrument without abridging the Law of Confusion.

It is a pleasure to speak with you concerning the question of how to be instruments for the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a most central and key question for us as well as for you. We have long hoped to offer our part in positively affecting the process of the birth of fourth density positive upon your planet and among its peoples, so we, too, are focused in our own ways on the questions of how to offer love and light to the planet and to its peoples. Obviously, our current solution is communication within the rather narrow confines of a meditation which has a trained channel of the type such as this instrument and the one known as Jim are. This enables us to offer impressions and to tell stories as the one known as S suggested, to weave tapestries and structures of words that may constitute resources for you, as you think about these questions that are infinite in their possibilities for fruitful contemplation and further realization and understanding, if we may use that term.

This communication of ours is bound in silence. It is silence that fuels the channel, silence that fuels the desire of those present, and silence that enables that desire to be honed. It is silence that enables the self to be known to itself. It is in silence that trust and faith abound. It is in the shared silence of prayer that miracles happen.

Prayer is a word that has emotional overtones for many, and yet we use prayer not only for formal orison and for words beseeching the Almighty in the traditional sense of prayer, but also prayer as entering the silence, prayer as practicing the presence of the one infinite Creator. It is easy to open to the self an empty room by silence. It is more fruitful to visualize or to realize that room within that is the room of prayer, shall we say, or the room of silence as a room that has atmosphere and person, in that it has location within that person that you are most deeply are. It is like the sanctuary that is in the very heart of the temple that the priest may enter for private moments, those moments which fuel that ministry that serves others. For each of you is a temple and a priest within the temple. The temple is that body and that personality and those gifts. The priest is the consciousness within that directs that building and its stewardship, the disposition of the talents and treasures of the temple and the use and aid of those faculties of being that fuel the ministry.

Each priest needs to spend time in that sanctuary that has to do with no one but the self and that connection that is sacred between the self and the infinite Creator, between the loved and the lover, between the spark and the source of that spark, that great fire, that great light, that great love, that great Thought that is the one infinite Creator. It is helpful to picture entering, not that empty room of impersonal prayer, but a very personal room that is the heart of self and in which there waits the figure of the Creator as the Creator would appear to you. Many see the Creator as Father. Many see the Creator as Mother. Some see the Creator as the Christ, as does this instrument. Whatever that image is, realize that the Creator is waiting for you there and that you go to be with your true self when you enter the sanctuary of silence.

This enables the basic lining up of the energy body so that the silence may be offered and may be used to the Creator and for the use of the Creator. For meditation itself is something that feeds upon itself. There is the intention to meditate which becomes the meditation, which becomes the intention to meditate, which becomes the meditation. The one known as T was quite correct in stating that it matters not the perceived degree of efficacy achieved by the meditator or the one who prays. What matters is that the entity remember that the entity come into remembrance of that sanctuary, that infinite Creator, that presence that touches the life and in so touching the life creates the life for it.

We will speak to some extent about various techniques, but first we would like to say that beyond any technique of meditating, visualizing and sending light to a certain concern, there is the simple truth that as this instrument’s Psalm says, “Send forth your spirit, and I shall be created, and you shall renew the face of the Earth.” As each of you comes to that sanctuary, comes to that door of spirit, enters through it and practices the presence of the infinite Creator each of you is coming into his own higher self and is filling out and fleshing out a nature that is already there, that has been there before the world was. Each of you is a spark of the Creator. Each of you has within you that spirit which has the genius to know what is needed in a particular moment. The greatest and most courageous feat of faith is a surrender to that spirit and to that spirit’s will for you. And that in itself is a prayer. “Send me forth. Create me. Play on me as you play on the face of the deep and create that which is a new world, that which is a new me. Let me be, for the first time, fully my true self. And let that true self become full enough of the higher aspect of self that it irresistibly begins to radiate.”

As the one known as T noted, even a tiny bit of doing this, of allowing the heart to become open and golden and flowing, creates a joy and a blessing that is often startling. It is not that you are going in search of joy. It is not that you are attempting to create bliss. It is simply that you are attempting to line up the energy body, balance it, open it and ask it to work. Ask, shall we say, the Holy Spirit, the one infinite Creator, your guidance, however you frame your processes of communication with the divine, to make you an instrument of His peace. Each of you is a crystal instrument and truly it is not necessary to know precisely how you are creating the melody of love, how you are shaping that instrument which is your crystal being so that it is able to transmute, intensify and anchor into the planetary vibration the infinite light and love of the one Creator. It is only necessary that you surrender to that intention. The remaining details are useful, but they are more useful for the linear mind than they are in terms of the metaphysical.

In terms of the metaphysical, the clumsy and awkward attempts of sincere people are far more persuasive than the sophisticated, easily spoken and roundly shaped phrases of faith that do not come from the heart. It is not necessary to be clever, articulate or even to have words. What is necessary is that there be a process that is passionately being pursued whereby the seeker is seeking along the path of spiritual evolution. The desire to serve creates the opportunity to serve. The opportunity to serve creates the means to serve. The means to serve flow through the instrument and out into the world. Thusly, the main focus of the crystal is to be a good crystal, to open the self as a crystal, to give the intention of service, to give the intention of placing time in the silence for this service and to be persistent about offering this service in a way that speaks more and more to the question of how high an amperage is this light? How high in amperage are you as a crystal? [How committed are you to] this process of patient, dogged persistence, no matter what your self-concept is: to that which is most effective metaphysically. Those intentions are powerful. They are your strength, not any self-perceived skill or lack of it with entering the silence, maintaining the silence, holding a visualization and so forth. These are linear details that some are quite effective at dealing with and some not so effective. This instrument, for instance, is not a skillful visualizer and, in fact, is often blocked from visualizing.

The secret to visualization is finding an image that brings forth the passion and the desire to serve and opens the heart in a certain way. We speak now not of visualizations in the white magical sense but visualizations in the sense of taking an image and sending energy into that image, attempting to build an image of light and healing. Perhaps the simplest image is the globe itself. The book cover of this instrument’s book [A Wanderer’s Handbook], which shows the globe with the sun rising behind it in that dawn of the new age that is breaking over the Earth, is perhaps a good object to take visualization from, for in that visualization there is both light shining from the dawning of the new age upon the entire planet and the colored lights streaming into the planet which are all of the souls entering the Earth plane that wish to help the Earth at this time.

Realize that much light is being sent to this planet at this time, and when the visualization of this globe is done it is not a visualization that you have alone. For many, many entities visualize the basic globe and send light to that globe until it is bright all over. There are ways to embroider this basic image of the globe in space and the light coming to it and dawning over it that, perhaps, are more personal. One may picture oneself as one of many beings which are weaving a net of love and light just like a fisherman’s seine or a butterfly net, something that moves across the entire stream, that wraps around the planet like a great, full skirt from an angel so that all of the planet is wrapped in this shining mesh that is made of individuals’ love and light, woven energy upon energy, sent from so many instruments of love and light, from so many light workers, shall we call them, into this web or net of love.

One great problem is simply convincing your planet that you truly care. There has been a substantial amount of uncaring, neglectful and even destructive action of entities upon the Earth in ways that the one known as Jim was commenting upon earlier, creating ever-increasing lacks of good environment in which various species may thrive. The sheer passion and persistence of this effort is that which the Earth will hear. If visualization is a problem, it is possible simply to speak with, to give words to, the Earth, to explain to the Earth how much it is loved by you, how much you appreciate the Earth, how much you feel in unity with the Earth, and how much you want to help it come through this tremendously exhausting and difficult period of birth.

We find that we need to move on to speak through the instrument known as Jim. We are watching this instrument’s energy level this day, and we feel that this is sufficient through this instrument. We thank this instrument and would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each once again in love and in light through this instrument. We would ask if we may speak to any other portion of this query if those present would examine that which we have given and put forth any refining queries at this time. Is there such a query at this time?

Would you like to discuss any other methods of meditation and sending the light that would be options for people to use?

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my sister. We are grateful that you have asked this portion of the query again, for there is indeed a variety of ways that those who wish to aid the healing of this planet and its peoples may do so. We have often mentioned the technique of visualization, as we did previously today, so we shall at this time discuss a technique which may be more helpful to those who are less skilled at the inner visualization.

When in the meditative state look at the feeling that one connects to the anguish of the world, of various locations, peoples, experiences and so forth. This ability to perceive the difficulties which others upon this planet are experiencing is yet another means by which those who meditate with the desire to heal may connect their experience with those who need light. Indeed, all are a portion of the one Creator, and the connections that bind each together with each other entity are those which are, shall we say, submerged within the subconscious experience. It is helpful to imagine one’s own being within a certain set of circumstances, perhaps of having no home, being hungry, cold, alone or with a great mass of other entities in similar circumstances such as is now the case in the area of the world which you call Afghanistan. Imagine what your experience would be like to be without a home, hungry, to be fearful, to be uncertain of what the next day would bring. Allow your feelings to move into those areas of your being which can appreciate this experience. These are the subconscious levels of the mind.

Experience for as long as you are able the feelings of anguish, of pain, of loss, of confusion. See with new eyes how an entity such as yourself would respond to these severe circumstances. Allow that feeling to grow within yourself until it is truly palpable. Then, from within the center of your heart, allow that quality of love/light to emanate until the previous feelings of the stress have been, shall we say, engulfed, surrounded by the love and light emanations from within not only your heart but from within the hearts of all others who meditate with you as well. Experience the outpouring of these small streams of love and light until there is a great river of love and light that completely engulfs the feeling of distress. See these feelings of the distress begin to lighten as there is sent to them those streams of hope, of faith, of support, of unity. See these threads of light weaving together, feel them joining, experience this blending of the concerns of many such as yourself for those who are experiencing extreme difficulties. Allow this feeling to remain with you for an equally long period of your meditation. Then give praise and thanksgiving to the one Creator who made all that there is the opportunity to serve the One in this manner.

Is there another query, my sister?

That was very interesting. It seems like it is similar to the personal balancing technique but for the planet. I guess another question that comes to my mind is one that I was talking to C about because she and S have a great number of crystals. I had imagined them sorted into colors and used like a mosaic to create a glyph, some kind of shape that would help to intensify the self as a crystal and become a larger crystal and do better light work. I had thought of the Star of David with a cross inside of it or some such symbol that had a lot of energy to it that would be helpful. What do you think of this idea to use crystals or water as a kind of accelerator to help?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The use of the crystals for enhancing the meditative practice of sending love and light where it is needed is a practice which, indeed, can be most efficacious. However, there is some skill in the use of such accoutrement for the purpose of healing. It would be our recommendation that one or more crystals be chosen for their specific feeling or vibratory nature. There are many kinds of crystals which are each unique in their qualities of being able to enhance the imaging of light. For, indeed, the crystals themselves are often referred to as frozen light. To use a great number of crystals for such an endeavor would be, in our opinion, counterproductive, for this quality of uniqueness that each possesses would work against the unified acceleration or intensification of the light which is being sent as a healing device.

We would recommend that the crystals be examined for the appropriate feeling-tones, shall we say, and those possibilities for utilization be used one after the other separately in order that the most efficacious crystal be finally chosen and used in a manner which may be likened to a resonance chamber. The crystal may be held in the hand while the meditation is undertaken. The inner visualization would need to see the crystal and the heart and the third eye working in harmony in a synchronized fashion, the thought of the need for healing being held foremost in the mind. Then the crystal may be imaged as being the medium through which the thought would be sent. And the visualization of the recipient of this light, whether it be a planet, a country, or a person, would then be seen to be bathed in this light. Thus the thought or the image would be sent forth and enhanced by the use of the crystal in this fashion. Is there a further query, my sister?

I would like to ask a couple of questions from Dr. E Are there cultures of sentient third- and fourth-density, service-to-self nature of reptilian and gray beings located in subterranean facilities or cities located in the southwest of the USA that are busy herding humans as slaves, guinea pigs and labor?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. As you are aware, we are hesitant to speak in specific terms concerning such a query for indeed there has been a good deal of interaction between various extraterrestrial races and those of your governmental structures, both within this country and many others. The activities of such interactions and the entities involved are those which we feel are, shall we say, subsidiary to the primary effort of those entities who seek to serve the Creator in the positive sense by the opening of the heart chakra and the shining of the light of love to all who are encountered and seen as the same as self, the same as the one Creator. Thus it would be our recommendation in this instance that the focus be removed from the fringe areas of concern and placed once again in the heart of the incarnation. Is there another query at this time?

His next question is, if so, if there are beings here which are service-to-self, what is the best way to thwart or greet their efforts?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We, again, would recommend the meditative state for any such effort to be of service to those who may be seen to be of a service-to-self nature. Those who are seen as such may also be seen as the same as those who were seen in distress; that is, there may be engendered this quality of love/light which may then be seen to be sent to these entities who are of the negative polarity so that they also are engulfed in the radiance of the noonday sun. Then this quality of love and light may also be seen to be surrounding and protecting those areas or persons that are felt to be endangered by such entities. Thus the quality of love and light may be utilized both as a healing and as protection. Is there a further query, my sister?

I think I will hold it to two questions from Dr. E. I know he will appreciate what you have said. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

A minor question. Carla just sent me the [transcription of the] first session of this fall’s meetings, and side two didn’t record. Do you ever change your mind and have the tape recorder not record, or is it just mechanical? Is there something else operating here that keeps the tape recorder from recording?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We give information and our opinions with a free and open heart. We do not change our hearts or our minds. Your recording devices are usually accurate in their functioning. However, there is occasionally the misdirection, shall we say, in the operation of such machinery. We find that this instrument is often unable to handle all the buttons and dials. However, he is diligent in his perseverance. Is there a further query, my brother?

We hate to lose any of your words. If there is any way that you could let us know if there is a problem with the recording devices we would appreciate that.

I am Q’uo and we are aware of your query. We are able to utilize an instrument such as this one and the one known as Carla with some difficulty, but we find that we are out of our league, shall we say, with the mechanical devices that are utilized in these sessions. We must apologize for our lack of ability to communicate with such entities. Is there another query at this time?

No, I guess I won’t ask you to program a VCR then. Thank you.

I am Q’uo. We thank you once again, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I would like to ask about a dream that V had, that she has had repeatedly at various times in her life. She has a dream of seeing a shore and darkness upon the water, infinite sea, and then above the sea there becomes one moon, and then a second, then a third, then a fourth, all full. And then she looks and sees the moon that is creating these four moons and these four moons are reflections of it. Then the fifth moon smiles and she realizes that it is the Creator and that the Creator loves her and that everything is perfect. Then that Creator’s moon splinters into a million pieces of all different colors. She wonders if you could comment on this dream?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. In this instance we find that we may speak in a limited sense, pointing the way rather than leading. The concept of the moon is one which is, of course, central in this dream. The moon for this entity is a quality which is partaking of the feminine nature, that which is somewhat hidden and mysterious, illuminated by another source. The one known as V may look within her own experience for the recollection of the primary quality of the moon. The shattering of the Creator in the form of the moon into many colors may be seen as the many peoples and experiences which the one known as V has met or shall meet in her life pattern. The number of four also is significant. Moving from the lower to the higher in energy centers one finds that the heart is the fourth center which may be seen as a means by which the Creator may be apprehended or known by the one known as V. Each previous center or moon having distinct vibratory signatures that this entity would profit from examining. We would recommend that she be given basic information concerning these centers so that she may further contemplate the message of this dream experience.

We find that this is the extent of the information which we are able to give at this time without infringement. Is there a further query, my sister?

No. Thank you from V.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you my sister. May we ask if there is a final query at this time?

[No further queries.]

I am Q’uo, and as we have apparently exhausted the queries for this session of working we would again thank each for inviting us to your meeting this day. It is a privilege for us to be able to join you, and we commend each for the great desire of each to be of service in the healing of this planet which has brought each to this circle of seeking this day. We would encourage each to continue in these efforts for indeed your thoughts of healing are things which are seen and felt and which have their effect upon the levels of the spirit which, indeed, is that place within each of us that enlivens our very vehicles of experience, our hearts, our minds, and our desires to learn and to serve grow from the seed of spirit that is firmly placed within each entity’s heart. As you send love and light to any, you send it to all, and there is a kind of reverberation that feeds this process and moves it in the metaphysical sense.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we would take our leave of this instrument and this group at this time. We leave each, as always, in the love and in the ineffable light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.