Our question today is from B: It is my understanding that the formation of a social memory complex is crucial to fourth-density existence, and that the human race, due to factors already cited in The Ra Material, has been unable to even begin to form a social memory complex. My question is: What would be the areas of study, and the mental and spiritual disciplines required, of a dedicated group of people who wish to form a social memory complex in preparation for harvest? I assume detailed communication between complex members is a necessity, with direct person-to-person communication being the most efficient, allowing communication to take place at multiple levels, but is physical proximity necessary to initiate the formation of a new social memory complex? Can a social memory complex be formed through a tool such as our Internet or electronic mail? And how much a portion of this preparation for a social memory complex might be accomplished by seekers of truth simply seeking the truth and living a life? Is there something specific that we need to do?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you for calling us to your circle of seeking. We thank you for your quest for truth and for your preservation of this special time of silence in meditation, for it is a beautiful and most helpful discipline to come together in silence and to invite the truth with all of the ardor of a courtier. For truly you do court that which is to you unknown, that which to you is a gift of your own spirit within. We thank you too because it allows us to perform a service that we feel is worthwhile. The one known as R was saying how remarkable it was that we continue to be happy to speak to you on subjects which seem to cycle around and perhaps cover the same material more than once and certainly in a generalized sort of sense this is true, yet we find that at each asking the direction from which the question comes and the seeking and vector of that seeking are different not only in a horizontal manner but different in a vertical manner. It is a matter of the cycles of questioning being spirals and perhaps not even that organized or logical because oftentimes the learning of a spiritual principle is completely nonlinear and some of the seemingly advanced bits will come very easily to a certain personality shell whereas some of the most simple things will be very difficult. Consequently, it does no good to take one’s own spiritual temperature but simply to continue to live each day as though it were the central concern of your soul to live it well.

We ask one thing and that is that always each of you use the discrimination that has been created as part of your consciousness. Listen with an ear for resonance and when resonance is occurring, retain those thoughts and invite them to develop themselves more and to blend within your musing. If the thoughts do not interest you, do not attempt to follow them, for they are not yours at this time.

The question today concerns how to form a social memory complex of fourth-density level while in third density. And we do find this an apt question and an interesting one. To begin with, let us look at third density as opposed to fourth density. There is a quantum break in between third density and fourth density. Consequently, the question cannot be answered as asked precisely because of the fact that third density is not fourth density; fourth density is not third density. The two have different locations within time/space or the metaphysical universe. It is easy to mix up in one’s mind the question of how to be a fourth-density social memory complex in third density and the equally valid question of how to express fourth-density values within third density, thus foreshadowing or pre-echoing the fourth-density reality of which your foreshadowing is a gift of hope. It is far more simple to talk about fourth density as fourth density, and we will do this first. But we do not believe that it completely answers the question.

When a third-density entity allows or surrenders to that ineffable energy of unconditional love, which has often been called Christ consciousness, then the experiencer of this love vibration is dwelling, unknown to herself oftentimes, in fourth density. That quality of love, when the veil is removed, simply places one in a fourth-density environment. In this fourth-density environment the social memory complex is alive and well because the nature of consciousness in fourth density allows that pattern and that pattern is a model that is higher than or that will replace the lower density when there is the awareness to see the higher density. In other words, when the spirit is not embodied in incarnation and the soul involved is vibrating at this level, the disciplines and studies involved in creating a social memory complex begin to be available, certainly, but even before such study and discipline the roadway is there upon which the seeker finds it convenient and easy to walk. The difficulty in fourth density would be finding a motivation for shutting off any part of the self from the blessed company of all other selves that were part of your being.

So any time there is between two entities an energy exchange that is genuinely and authentically mutually loving, without reservation or purpose of control or manipulation, any time that there is the achieving of a state of trust that is pure between two entities, any time there is that insight and awareness of the oneness of the self and another, within that moment, within that communion, however long it lasts, you are walking the bright and golden path of social memory formation, weaving connections and experiences that redound to the personal process of evolution and also to the planetary process of birth into fourth density. Third-density entities finding themselves to be running fourth-density energy greatly aid in the formation of the fourth-density social memory complex simply by opening the heart to the extent that those moments are possible.

It is not, however, to our mind, a physical goal of physically incarnate beings to achieve the complete fourth-density social memory complex. The concern that we share with you here is simply that there not be the desire for outer achievement or for some kind of clique or society of elite. It is well to realize that the social memory complex is not that which is made up of certain selected entities whose personality shells seem to indicate a certain level of awareness. Rather, in the complete democracy of spirit the social memory complex is made connection by connection, energy exchange by energy exchange between all peoples who connect in all ways, on all levels, and in many, many cases without there being a noticeable catalyst. Consequently, it is well to work with those with whom there are special connections. It is also well to level the gaze to include all entities whatsoever who come within the purview of any being who is working on this very worthwhile line of direction in seeking to serve the one Creator.

Do not expect to be completely successful in third density except momentarily or briefly and always be aware that in seeking such goals there is the greed for moving quickly, perhaps more quickly than the wise old woman inside the heart would have you move. And you must listen to that grandmother within that says, “This is the day in which you shall be content to be silent and to surrender and to wait. This is not the day to go forth and achieve.” Be aware of the energy that you have from day to day and work with the energy that is there that day, not towards an arbitrary goal of running Christ energy at all times. But simply live the goal of moving towards the self again and again. This instrument was saying earlier that where she has weaknesses in her thinking she finds herself moving back again and again, iterating the messages of faith and confidence and peace that she feels most deeply to be true, but that her emotions and her mental quirks of character do not find so appealing and, of course, in each situation where an entity has to repeat that particular lesson, whatever it is, again and again, the message is clear. This is something that we need to pay great respect and attention to and to sit with and to welcome as a friend. For this friend has something to teach us. Perhaps it may sit at our campfire with us for a long time. Perhaps it shall be the entire incarnation. Perhaps it shall be a month or a year. Whatever that time is, be hospitable and welcome that time. We simply encourage each not to go faster than the wheels will turn. The need here is not for any rate of speed but rather for the self in the daily moment to be paying attention and attempting to do those things that are felt by that entity to be important at this particular time.

However, it is more difficult to speak of the foreshadowing effect but much easier to find a sense of reality which we may share with you, which you might be able to see in a conscious manner. This flashing of fourth density is a magical thing. It is a matter of the state of mind of the person, and it is extraordinarily difficult to talk about that state of mind, but belief and faith are a state of mind, perhaps we would even say that knowing 1 is a state of mind. If one knows that something is true, that person becomes able to demonstrate that truth. It is the depth of the knowing that creates the state of mind which opens the gateway to intelligent infinity and allows that Christ-consciousness energy its freedom of passage, and when that energy is flowing freely, even if that entity has no idea of what is occurring, the planet itself and the people around that entity will feel the light shine, will feel the warmth that is radiated and will be drawn towards that light and that gentleness of energy that moves with those who are full of love.

All of you have seen this in your daily lives. You have seen the illuminated moments when those around you or even you yourself experienced something that made your everyday experience seem like a black and white movie in comparison because the colors are richer; the feelings are more intense and more pure; that which seems two-dimensional in third density is three-dimensional in fourth-density. And you flash on this awareness, not because you have changed, but because you have opened the door that is closed within yourself. Or the door has been opened for you because of your surrender to the silence and your discipline with persistence in keeping that silence daily.

One of the questions that was asked was “What studies or disciplines might be helpful for those perceived to be at the fourth-density level and to create a social memory complex?” Certainly the most important tool is silence, for truly until you have come to a certain degree of silence within yourself the energy exchanges of the quality of fourth-density would be difficult. For there will be fear. Times spent in silence over a period of time, a little at a time but daily, are extremely helpful for opening those higher densities to the self within so that the self is beginning to pre-echo and foreshadow fourth density without even thinking about it.

We believe that we have given enough for this sitting and would appreciate the one known as B refocusing and requestioning for further information, if this entity desires. We would at this time thank this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. We are those known as Q’uo. We leave this instrument in love and in light.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each once again in love and in light through this instrument. We would ask at this time if there might be any further queries remaining upon the minds of those present to which we might attempt response? Is there another query at this time?

OK. I have been receiving some interesting communications, and I have developed the theory that I am receiving a psychic greeting at this time from an entity which has to do with me and which I met during the course of the Ra contact. This is the fifth-density entity. Some information that I got recently suggests that this entity is working to dismantle the Law of One and has been doing so for a long, long time. My feeling is just to love this entity as myself and to let the chips fall where they may. If you would like to comment in any way about this situation I would greatly appreciate it.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. As you are aware it is with great care that we attempt any response to such a query. However, we feel that it may be stated that your relationship with the entity of the fifth density negative polarity was, shall we say, begun at a time previous to this incarnation but became more specific and personal, shall we say, with the beginning of the contact with those of the Ra social memory complex. This was of necessity for this entity has as its primary purpose in regards to this third-density planet the increase of the harvest of those who share its polarity and the reduction of the harvest of the positive polarity. This entity has been engaged in this activity for a great portion of what you would call time in your third-density illusion. The mandate, shall we say, that such an entity gives itself is that there shall be control over those in this entity’s field of experience. It is the nature of the negative polarity to arrange itself in such a fashion so that there is a definite order in the movement of energies, thus allowing those controlling this ordered movement to benefit most in the harvest of energies and power. This entity has many areas in which it has invested its own energies in this manner and with these goals. It found the necessity of focusing upon your role in the contact with those of Ra, for it was with this contact that this entity felt the most opportunity for gaining power resided. That this entity would focus upon such a contact was logical from its point of view, but we would also suggest that this entity has busied itself with other endeavors as well.

We would speak briefly to the concept of dismantling the Law of One. This entity observes the Law of One with the attitude of using this law for its own gain. Thus it does not seek to dismantle this law as much as it seeks to bend it and form it in a manner which suits its purposes best. The Law is One. It is indestructible. However, there are means by which certain of its applications may be distorted by those who would seek to use it for their own gain. Is there a further query, my sister?

No. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you for your query, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I guess I would ask one more question, but feel free to tell me that you cannot answer it if it infringes on free will. My question has to do with a fellow who wants to create a simpler version of the Law of One. I have mixed feelings about this project. I’d love to see the Law of One available in more ways to more people at more levels. I am hoping that it could be accomplished without changing the material substantially. This is an entity who wants to serve very deeply and is willing to put a lot of energy behind the project. We may have the opportunity to be of more service here and want to do our best. Can you comment?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. In this particular question we find that there is so much of your free will available for infringement that we must not give any kind of response at this time.

That is fine. Thank you so much, Q’uo. I have no more questions today.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you for your queries and apologize for our lack of response to the second query. We would take this opportunity to thank each once again for inviting us to join you this day. It has been a privilege, as always, to do so. We would take our leave of this instrument and this group at this time, leaving each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. Carla: I used italics here because when the Q’uo said this word, “knowing,” I could feel a substance and depth.