The question this evening has to do with individual or group efforts to make energy or technological advances available for humanity. The Confederation of Planets had this problem in pre-World War Two when they were giving information to the Manhattan Project scientists who then developed the bomb. Is humanity ready for further technological such as free energy, or if we wish to be of service to… [inaudible].

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we apologize for our premature beginning. We were saying how much of a privilege we consider it to be asked to speak with you and share our thoughts. As always, we would ask that you pick and choose among these thoughts, taking those which are helpful to you and leaving the rest behind. For we have no illusion that our own concepts of the truth are any final word; rather we are happy to share our opinions with those who have discrimination. And each does indeed have that discrimination that recognizes that which is one’s own personal truth.

The question this evening concerns the application of gifts and we would, as we often do, wish to begin by placing the concept of gifts in some kind of context.

When each incarnate being gazed upon the incarnation to come, each selected from the infinite self those gifts and quirks of being, thought and attitude which would provide the resources and tools to prosecute various purposes for which the incarnation was chosen. Often, these eccentricities and biases do not seem in the life experience to have any direct application. However, the indirect use of gifts is frequently an enlarged group of service. Secondly, we would encourage the concept of the personality shell that makes use of these gifts and a kind of focus for the deeper reasons for incarnation. As the self gazes at the self, the self is actually gazing at the personality shell. This is the first fruit of self-knowledge, that knowledge of the personality shell. Now, this personality shell is created of the blending between the second-density life-form which is your physical vehicle, and whose mind and instincts are unimpaired, and the consciousness that is that infinite self within its vehicle.

Far beyond the apparent nature of the self, with its temptations and duties and positive and negative thoughts about many things, there is a deeper self, a self that may ultimately be identified as the great original Thought, which is love. This Logos is complete and utterly within and it, love itself, is the nature which you may come to know in the most trustworthy way. For love is love. Love created all that there is. There is no sham, no falsity to divine Logoic love. And this is the vibration, this is the essence which each is beneath the personality shell.

When one considers what one is to do with one’s gifts, we would encourage each seeker to contemplate first the greatest gift, that gift of consciousness. There are duties and responsibilities that go hand in hand with the awakening of awareness of one’s spiritual identity. One responsibility is to remember who you are, and what you are. For it is that essence that you came primarily to offer as your service. As each comprehends these words, each is fulfilling her major, primary service. For the primary service is to share sacrificially the essential vibrations of self with the planet that you call Earth in order that the planetary consciousness may be lightened at this critical time, metaphysically speaking, in Earth’s history. So no matter what occurs within the outer world, as the one known as C observed, no matter whether one devolops a new physics or works and retires, the primary service is performed as you breathe in and out, and as you are most deeply and truly yourself.

It is this vocation for which you took flesh. Primarily, this is why you came. You came here to be yourself, to offer yourself sacrificially to a world greatly in need, a relatively unbiased vibration of love. The sacrifice is life itself. Not that which is within the life. It costs something for each to come here. You have paid that price. We encourage each then, to relax, to trust, and to surrender to that destiny which is a gift carefully chosen by yourself before incarnation. You have prepared ways to serve in the outer world. It is not terribly important whether or not this or that which was prepared is taken up and manifested. However, it is from this standpoint, and from this context that we would prefer to deal with the question of the use of gifts.

As each contemplates the future, each is immediately aware of a sense of tumultuous change as your solar system rotates into a new area of space. The vibrations are changing, the density is changing. Time itself is altering. And the old paradigms grow increasingly awkward. There is in such a time a need for those who are able to move with the rhythm and the information surrounding that change, that energy, or dynamic of transformation. In such a situation as your Earth is at this time, it is to the scientists who look carefully at the actual knowledge of humankind a time when there is seen by all to be a crying need for a new paradigm. Much goes into shift or transformation in consciousness. The entire panoply of arts and sciences, disciplines of every kind, factor into a new creation, a new way of being, that model known as life experience. And so it seems simple and true that if one’s gifts include a vision of a transformed physics, cosmology, economics, social model… this would be a good time to explore areas which seem to draw you forward. This instrument, for instance, knows she must write a book. This instrument will continue to question her ability, her knowledge, her rights, her worth; however, this entity is persistent and will produce that fruit of her particular gift of which she is capable. And we encourage each to move with those gifts that draw your interest forward.

We are aware that the one known as C has serious concerns, for indeed many are the newly discovered items that have quickly been co-opted for their military use, or otherwise been used for the detriment of humankind rather than its welfare. And indeed we agree that the only safe area for an entity to work is within the self. Working with the self, it is difficult to infringe upon anyone’s free will. It is difficult to find oneself suddenly aghast over the misuse of the fruits of your labor. For that which you do within yourself is yours to do, there is no possibility of infringement. And this work is at the center of the life, this being rather than doing. We realize that we are more or less simply describing the situation which the question attempted to address. We wish to eliminate the landscape rather than to choose one road or another as this instrument and the one known as Jim both said earlier. We are not those who feel that any should do this or that; this is not a concern of ours whatsoever. Our concern is simply to share anything that we know or think that might constitute a resource to those seekers who we came to communicate with and to serve.

There is a delicate, yet surprisingly robust, middle or golden mean, or as this instrument would say, there is a groove coming from the jazz groups that she has. And when one is in that groove, one is simply responding to a rhythmic unfolding of destiny. It is this feeling of rightness and rhythm that will come to the one who is making right use of her gifts. And we commend to your processes of thinking the inclusion of that feeling sense that lets you know when you are on the beam and when you are not. For each has the intuition and the inner knowing that one can draw on and depend on.

It is after all, your creation, for each entity, whether it be one of us, one of you, or any within the creation of the infinite Father.


We are those of Q’uo, and we must apologize… we are those of Q’uo. [Laughs] This instrument almost went to sleep on us and we are sorry, and the instrument is sorry, and we must regroup. We were saying that each within the creation of the Father has an infinite rightness for each is a citizen of the time, each is a spark of the infinite Creator and from creation to creation, the sparks shall fly out, become homesick, and return. And you are flying and wishing for home—and you shall return—only to be sent out again by an ever inquisitive Creator to see just what love can be, what it can do.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo, and we leave this instrument with thanks and love and light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each of you in love and the light through this instrument. We have attempted in this session of working to speak to the query which has been most important upon the minds of those present, especially the one known as C. And we would ask at this time if there is any further query that any present might ask.

Well, I don’t have a question, but my mind sure was wandering all over the place and yet I wanted to thank you for your words because there seems to be some general truth in it because I usually find inspiration in dealing with my concerns that are on my mind.

I am Q’uo, and we are grateful that we have been able to provide the information that has set your mind in motion. We are always hopeful that we are able to speak in some way to the heart of the concerns which are offered to us in the form of queries. We are aware that much within your illusion is confusing and difficult. There is the need for the ray of light, shall we say, within each daily experience of each seeker to shine the way for the seeker and to inspire the dedication to service. And to give the seeker the knowledge that to be is the greatest service that any can offer. For to be is to reproduce the nature of the Creator in the individual incarnation. For the Creator exists in a fashion in which the creation is much like your computer program, running in such and such a fashion with infinite participation and possibilities. There is great harmony within this intricate and infinite moving energy individually expressing as each personality. If you can be and allow the harmony and the love and the light of the one Creator to shine through your being in your words, in your thoughts, in your actions, then you have offered that is which most helpful to offer. An incarnation, an illusion, and all those about you, as you move through your incarnation within this illusion it is your free will choice what you shall do with your being, but first be, my friends. Then that which is appropriate for you to do will present itself as clearly as the sun shines on a clear summer day.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, thanking each again for inviting our presence, and cautioning each to take only these words we have offered that ring of truth to you, leaving all others that we have spoken behind without a second thought, for we would not be stumbling blocks upon your path. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

Adonai, my friends. Adonai.