The question this evening has to do with a phrase from the Ra contact which said that the price of each action of a positively oriented nature was in direct proportion to the purity of the action; and we would like some information upon this price that we seem to pay with each desire we have to be of service. And the situation that it puts us within presents us with challenges, difficulties, confusions and so forth, and these seem to be part of this price. We would like to have any information that you could give us as to the price that we pay, how we pay the price and what it is that we’ve bought with this price.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. We greet you with the light, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in Whose name we come to serve. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to spend this time with you, to enjoy the blending of your vibrations and the beauty that lies about your domicile, and we thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts for this privilege. It is a true service to us, for it allows us to be of service as we hope to, and this is a precious thing to us. So, we thank this instrument and, indeed, all of those who comprise this circle of seeking, for as we have said before, each of you has made sacrifices in order to be sitting in this circle at this time. And as this is your requested topic of the evening, we shall share some of our thoughts, always with the understanding that each of you shall exercise your full discriminatory dominion over your own truth and your own way, for within your heart lies that awareness that is absolute of that which is yours, and when those gems of truth come to you, you shall hear them or see them and recognize them as if remembering them. If truth does not fall upon your mind in a grateful 1 way, allow it to pass and do not be concerned that there might be a point that you have missed, because each seeker has those triggers for transformation that are subjective and unique to that one seeker. And so, each will react in a way unlike any other. We may say the same thing any number of times, and each time there is a novelty in the approach that cannot be gotten at in any of the preceding ways of stating that simple truth which, in fact, we do come to offer; and that is that all that there is is love. And all that is manifest is love, quantized and rotated and turned into light.

Each of you is as a starry messenger that has become tangled in flesh. There is that portion of yourself that is eternal and infinite. That eternal and infinite being is steeped in unknowing—truly a mystery of mysteries. Each entity is as deep a mystery as the mystery of the Creator, for each, truly, is one face of the Creator. And in each manifested illusion, each entity is the face of the Creator and each face shall be unique. But to all these sparks of love sent forth upon the winds of free will there is given the knowledge of home and the desire to be moving in the direction that home lies.

In the portion of the spirit’s journey through the present octave that is third density, the crux or focus of the learning that is offered in third density is The Choice. This archetype of The Choice was referred to by the one known as (name). This archetypical image is of a young man stepping off into thin air—no suggestion of a bridge, no suggestion of another shore, but simply the walking off of a cliff in perfect faith. As each entity awakens to her spiritual identity, that which has awakened is in part that fool, and that which lies before that entity is a step into midair. And once that step has been made and the air has seemed to solidify about the new vantage point, a cliff will appear once more and the fool must needs step over that one as well, and the next and the next. And each time that this occurs, that seeker, that fool, has recomprised the choice.

To define this choice is a deceptively simple thing, for the choice is that either/or of morality and ethics that seems straightforward. We have called it service to self as opposed to service to others, negative as opposed to positive, following the way of attraction and control over others as opposed to following the way of radiation and the releasing to all others of that which flows through. The creation of third density gives evidence, again and again and again as one observes the natural world about one, that this is a world of duality—of light and dark, heat and cold, and so forth. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually… repeatedly the nature of this experience of incarnation causes entities to see their dilemmas in terms of clear-cut choices. When things do not seem so clear and the choice likewise is unclear, the person tuned to hear the ethical either/or is in a quandary, and often in the midst of change, a seeker shall have to simply wait with patience that is difficult to come by, simply wait until all the ripples have quieted and the horizon can once again be seen. And in those times there is no choice except the choice to trust. To trust in what—this is a subjective thing. But to trust, certainly this is the recommended action. For indeed, to deal with concern by moving the mind in ceaseless circles is a wearying thing. Trusting, upon the other hand, is a release that can be seen to be helpful.

You have asked about the price of choices made by those who wish to serve others, and have said that the one known as Ra suggested that the more purity with which the choice is made, the steeper the price will be. If you can enter into the deeper portions of your own mind, perhaps you may see the heart as a dark room, full of shadows and yet containing the Most High, the infinite One. In that darkness nothing can be discerned, and yet, this is where the learning comes. And that which is taught one in those deep, private moments has a tendency to spring forth once the seeker has gone out into the daylight world again and joins that dance of manifestation that you experience as you live within incarnation. Within that deep and dark heart, within that holy of holies, that portion of you which is beyond space and time dwells, perfect, complete, ineffably whole. It is as the buried treasure.

If one attempts to take the self that has not realized the nature of its heart, the holiness of its center, and asks it to make a choice, the entity may make a positive choice, but this entity is making a choice that has no depth of root. A little wind can blow it over, a newer idea can take its place. And so the entity that has not gone down deep, diving into the heart, may skate happily across the pond of life, skittering along the meniscus, happy as a dragonfly in the summer sun, and like the ephemerid, it shall pass, and it shall not pay a price, for it has not bought very much. To the one who has begun to discover the utter and intense purity at the heart of self, a choice that is made is made not simply upon the surface, but in profound depth, and to the extent that the purity of the heart has been penetrated in the making of a choice, this action in the metaphysical world is as that which turns on the bright light.

When entities consciously choose the service-to-others option in a difficult situation because of pure awareness of the purity of self within the heart, this takes the clay of flesh and shaves it aside until the light begins to shine through. The more deeply the entity knows his own heart, the more pure that choice can be made; and in the world of time/space, this movement of light is an energy flow that automatically triggers the attention of what this instrument has often called the loyal opposition, for there are those forces within the dualism of third, fourth, and fifth densities that appeal to entities who wish to take the path of service to self. And they hunger for the light that they may use that light for their own purposes. Attracted by this light, entities move, looking interestedly to see what they might see: Where is this light coming from? What is this entity’s weak points? How can we put this light out?

There is a very wide range within which entities can experience imbalance. Indeed, we encourage seekers not so much to work upon the energy centers one at a time as to become the entity that knows its instrument, and in a state of balance allows the energy to flow freely through that instrument, making those intonations and notes that naturally flow from the rhythmic intersection of the self and the moment. To an entity of negative polarity, such activity is irresistible; and once attention is drawn, the natural course shall be that each weak point or imbalance within that energy web of self shall be offered. And this is, in a very real sense, a service, for at each point of testing, the seeker being tested has the opportunity to see the test, to see through the test, and to see that attack and defense is not necessary, but rather, that these times are the times to trust and have faith in the self and in the perceived light.

Indeed, the greater the purity of desire, the more numerous and the more telling shall be the challenges to that positive choice in a state of balance. What the natural resistance of negative thought in essence wishes to do is move entities who are radiating light off balance so that they become less than transparent, so that they become fearful and defensive and ruled by the impurity of considerations that are based upon fear. And yet, we say to you, once you are able to touch the purity within that deep, dark heart, once that light within has been perceived for but a split second, never again can that seeker truly say that she does not have faith, for she has touched the heart of the Creator; and this is a knowledge that none can remove from the seeker who once claims it.

We encourage each of you to seek within the self for that heart, to look for and to bless the purity within that has values and ideals that are completely impractical and unearthly. We encourage each to dream the highest dreams, love the deepest beauty, and know the deepest truth, and embrace, as this instrument said earlier, the deepest and most authentic passion. And if that purity calls forth the testing and the trial, we hope that each shall be able to know that the fire that burns does not burn away the heart of self but only the dross of flesh. Fear not that fire, and if that which is called the ego by your peoples loses a bit of a chip here and there, is that any great loss? For that which replaces that small self, though far more impersonal, is that which marries peace and ecstasy, quietude and joy.

May you each go forth rejoicing. This instrument kindly informs us that we are asked to shut up now, which we shall do, sparing each the traditional question and answer session in the interest of this instrument’s failing energy. We thank this instrument and this circle for bringing us to you this evening, and you to us as well. And we leave you in all that there is—the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Carla: This is a musical usage of the word, “grateful.” A particular piece of music is grateful to the voice if it is easy to sing. A lot of composers cannot write for voice well, and their music, especially Beethoven’s, is considered ungrateful to the voice. A synonym is “hard to come by,” for grateful does not mean “easy,” but “complementary to/possible for.”