(Carla channeling)

[I am Hatonn,] and I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to greet each of you and we do so with love and with joy.

We would speak to you this evening about the process of allowing that channel which is within you to flow without blockage, that channel for the original Thought which, when blocked, can cause such great misery and confusion among your peoples. When we observe the belief systems of your particular societal patterns, we find a frightening situation. In each area of the common social life and in each personal area there is the concept of failure or success. In your cultural patterns there is a strong drive to succeed. Thus, those who, by the standards of your society, garner great amounts of that which you call money, power or prestige, are admired simply because they have succeeded and those whose accomplishments are modest in the eyes of the society are looked upon with kindness or with pity, but not with admiration, in spite of the fact, my friends, that this is all an illusion. You cannot know whether the work that you are doing in order to garner your money is succeeding. You can only do it with love. You cannot judge yourself, nor can anyone judge you with any accuracy whatsoever. For it is the love in your work, not the remuneration, that will affect your eternal self.

In your peoples at this time there is tremendous turmoil and many people feel the pressure to succeed by means of relationships. Those who have many friends or a devoted spouse are considered great successes in their personal lives. Those whose relationships end in separation or who, because they are loners, have not gathered about themselves a great many of acquaintances are considered—with kindness or with pity—as those who simply somehow failed to make a personal success of the personal side of life, and yet again, my friends, it is not the length of relationships, the number of relationships; it is the love given and received between yourself and strangers, enemies, acquaintances, friends, lovers, mates, family, any self whatsoever, that accounts for the true value of your personal channel of love, for it is in giving that you receive. Not in this illusion, my friends, but in that which remains your eternal spirit.

In your religious lives you may have been familiar as children and some yet abide in a system which states that there is a judgment and that some will succeed and some will fail. What are the conditions for that judgment? In your holy works the answer is not clear, for the master known as Jesus erased the concept of morality, as you would call it, as the prerequisite for success, by the forgiveness which he showed to sinners, as your holy works called those who for some reason were not serving others to the best of their ability.

This is frightening, my friends. This illusion places upon you a desire to succeed in that which is the most infinitely important of all areas, the spiritual. How does one know if one is among those who will be with the Creator? How can one monitor one’s behavior so as to be sure of this eventuality? It is easy for us to say to you that you can monitor your behavior, but we must at this point stop and say to you, my friends, there is no success or failure. There is no judgment. There is, in each of you, the Creator. This Creator seeks to express Itself through you in whatever way that It may, to a world much unused to the original Thought.

Thus, my friends, many, many values which are subjectively clear to you seem ineffectual or even perverted when offered freely, gladly and lovingly to a world that does not believe that there are those who wish to love without gain of any kind, who wish to love without succeeding, who would be glad to fail in the eyes of the world if, through that mechanism, love could best be channeled.

As you find the blockages in your minds and in your hearts, turn within to the original Thought, for it, my friends, is simple, unlike your paradoxical illusion with its great ideas of success and its poor ideas of failure. There is a comfort in knowing that you cannot run out of spiritual food. You cannot be hungry; you cannot be thirsty, for you have only to turn within. To you can be opened the secrets of your birthright—the fire of love, its joy, and its power and the radiance of the whole creation as it echoes the praises of the one unity which is all of us, my friends.

Let your hearts be soothed, and when you hear the thoughts of others or the thoughts of yourself regarding the success or failure of an enterprise, of a relationship, of your own behavior, seek the comfort of the original Thought. There is work for you to do. The world may think it poor. That is nothing. It is what you feel in your heart that is all-important, for the heart is informed in meditation of many, many things far too mysterious for words, and the attempt to speak them can be but a paltry one.

What a treasure you have, my friends. What a wonderful treasure room is locked within you. There is no limitation and no difficulty that can remove the key to that treasure room from your hand. Feel merry then, my friends, and with utmost gladness seek the original Thought, that fire that blew upon creation and formed the planets in their courses, the suns in all their brilliance, the galaxies in their splendor and your tiny, delicate, island home, your Earth. You are inheritors of the splendor of creation. And as you channel that love and that light, you are co-creators with it. Be of good cheer. Understood or reviled, if your work is as it should be within your heart, there is nothing that can truly sway you to the quick, for you are covered in light.

We would leave this instrument at this time and after a brief pause, while our brothers and sisters of Laitos pass among you to offer their services to you in the deepening of the meditative state, we will transfer to another instrument. I am Hatonn.


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn, and will speak a few more words through this instrument while we are conditioning the other instrument so that he may be in the proper state.

To observe those who are successes is not, by this token, to observe those who have somehow became derailed from the spiritual path, for those who have garnered your monies, your positions, and your prestige are in a position to share with many that which is their channel, that which is their way of expressing love. It is simply to say that, also, those who participate in the rearing of children, those who in their personal lives are kind to those some may find it difficult to show kindness to, those who serve in jobs considered lowly, with dedication and love, are creating for themselves the same bias, in the infinite sense. It is this thought that you may grasp and move forward using, no matter what your position, no matter what your thoughts about your life. It is an illusion designed to give you opportunities to find love in each experience and to freely give it forth. Again I will leave this instrument and transfer this contact. I am known to you as Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. We have been having some difficulty contacting this instrument as well as the one known as Don. We shall proceed through this instrument at this time.

We would now like to offer ourselves in the attempt to answer any questions that you might have. Are there any questions at this time?

Can Hatonn give us any guidance on how we can recognize—with efforts toward success of one type or another, say success in society versus success spiritually—when they’re conflicting with each other?

I am Hatonn. My brother, we would say to you that you recognize the success of the spiritual journey, if we will use that term and you will accept it, is the task of each entity upon your plane. The success of the spiritual journey has one mark and one mark only in this density, and that is the mark of love, the acceptance of all about you as part of the Creator, the giving and receiving of love as the gift of the Creator. When you see any part of this mark in your life, in whatever direction you are seeking at that time, know that you are achieving, what might be called upon your plane, a successful journey. When you do not find love in your life, in your endeavors, in your activities, you may take this as a sign that you are, perhaps shall we say, embarking upon an empty journey or goal. It is not difficult, my friends, to recognize love, for when you, yourself, come in contact with that which is love you shall know it, for it shall enlarge your field of perception. Within your mind it shall enlarge your capacity to feel the glory of the creation within your heart and it shall be unmistakable to the depths of your very being.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you.

We, as always, thank you. May we ask if there is another question at this time?

Yes. Just following up what M said—if there seemed to be a clear cut problem, where a job seemed to be requiring a great deal of time and the harmonies in the job were such as to seemingly drain one of the love—of the channel of love—is this necessarily in conflict with the spiritual path or is this a challenge for more opening of the channel in that difficult situation?

I am Hatonn. My sister, we would answer by saying that in truth, there are no conflicts on the path of love, for as you have correctly surmised yourself, each activity or each supposed conflict is but a further opportunity to find love, to express love, to share love, to be the heart of love. Those situations which appear to be the most, in what you may call, conflict with this seeking, the sharing of love, are those situations which offer the most opportunity for the finding and the sharing of love, for there are no accidents or mistakes upon your plane, no truly misdirected avenues. Each path that any entity might take has the possibility of providing love. There is nothing but love, whatever density an entity may inhabit, and this, my sister, is most certainly true of this density which each of you inhabit at this time.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No thank you, Hatonn. That was very eloquent and most satisfactory.

Again, we thank you. May we be of assistance in any other queries at this time?

I have a question which you probably can’t answer but I have been attempting to surrender the control over my life totally to the Creator and I have found it difficult because my personality is one which is much given to arrangements and control over circumstance and in the past I have been good at it, which adds to the difficulty of letting go. Is there any specific exercise or visualization that I might do in addition to the meditations I am already doing, with which you are helping, to my great gratitude?

I am Hatonn. My sister, we would say to you that this journey which you have chosen for yourself in this life is not what might be called an easy one. As we have said before in the previous answer, difficulties, as they are known to your people, are merely opportunities offering greater service to others in a sharing of love. The service which you perform at this time in your working is a service which requires a great surrendering. We know that this surrendering is not easy for any among your peoples, for upon your planet the control of the situation round about each entity is most sought, and control is the concept which pervades your planet most fully at this time.

For yourself as an individual entity upon this planet attempting to be of service, you have achieved, as you know, a great deal of surrender, yet there is more surrender which you seek and which shall be of aid to you in the work that you are now undertaking. In this effort to surrender we would simply suggest to you—the most we are able to suggest—that is, that in each moment you attempt to be totally conscious of your efforts as a channel, your efforts to open completely to remove control, to be completely free of obstructions, of thoughts of busyness, of thoughts of doing anything but what you at the moment feel the Creator would wish you to do. We can say no more, for as you know, we are most desirous of maintaining free will among each of your peoples at this time.

May we answer you further in any other way, my sister?

No, thank you Hatonn.

Again, we thank you. May we attempt to answer any other questions at this time?

Is Latwii off on assignment or was he called to this group by a certain individual like E? I was wondering why he had been absent for some time? He and she.

I am Hatonn. Our brothers and sisters of Latwii are of the vibration of light and have a specific purpose, as each in the Confederation has, and their sharings with those of your peoples who call in a certain way for their services. We of Hatonn are of the vibration of love and at this time in your group it has been assessed that love is the vibration which is most called, that which is most needed, and that which would be of the most service to each of the entities of your group and to your group as a unit. For this reason we have remained with your group. We would also say that those of Latwii are in the wings, so to speak, and it is correct that when certain entities, such as the one known as E, are with this group, it is from time to time enough of a change in the calling, shall we say, so that those of Latwii might blend their vibrations with this group in addition to those which we offer as our sharing of love.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No. Thank you. That’s really interesting.

Again, we thank you. May we answer any other questions at this time?


I am Hatonn. Once again, my friends, may we say it has been the greatest of privileges, the greatest of pleasures to join you this evening in your meditation. We would remind each of you that we are most willing to be with each of you in your meditation at any time which you should choose to call us. We of Hatonn seek in every way possible to share that understanding which we have gained through our own seeking of the one Creator, that understanding which is known to your peoples as love. We are known to you as Hatonn, and we leave you now in that love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai.