The question this evening has to do with what we would call mental imbalances or distortions. They seem to happen more frequently with wanderers. We have received information before concerning the difficulties wanderers and other-home-density vibrations have in blending with this one, but as time goes on it seems like more people here, of any origin, are having difficulty in mentally balancing the beginning change of the vibrations into the fourth density that approaches with the energies of our current culture. Could you give us information concerning why these imbalances occur? Do they occur more often with wanderers? And what are the spiritual principles behind such mental difficulties?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. Thank you for calling us to join your circle of seeking. We are delighted to share with you our humble opinions on the subject of the increased mental distortions of this particular time in your planet’s evolution.

Before we begin, we would, as always, request of you that you use your powers of discrimination as you listen to or read what we have to say. Take those elements that resonate to you and use them as you will. Please leave those things that do not resonate to you behind. In this way we will be sure of maintaining free will and not infringing upon the natural rhythms of your spiritual process.

Let us begin discussing this interesting subject by talking about the nature of the human animal, shall we say, that combination of mind, body and spirit that together makes up the human being.

Left to itself, your body would have a heedless, instinctual life. However, your body is not left to itself, nor is it intended to be left to itself. In your third density the body is a vehicle which carries mind and spirit in a way that is not seen in first or second density. Your present density is the Density of Choice and your mind, your body, and your spirit are coordinated to live in an environment which fosters the process of becoming able to identify the self as an ethically based being and to make ethically based choices that polarize the self towards the north pole of service to others or the south pole of service to self.

It is an environment designed to shake a complacent person out of his complacency and to challenge his presuppositions. The goal of this is not simply to give the seeking soul a degree of suffering, but to set the stage for that great choice of polarity upon which the next two and a half densities are based and which shall only be refined in fourth, fifth and sixth densities by further studies in love, in wisdom, and in unity.

The work you do here in third density is profound and crucial to your future. This process of deciding who one is, what one believes, how one shall make his choices, and how one shall determine the reason for his being here and his hopes for accomplishment within third density are all those things which are very fruitful to contemplate and those things which we would encourage each of you to ponder, each in your own way.

As you wend your way through the days of third-density incarnation, you express yourself in a physical sense by what you say and what you do, by how you feel and how you experience life. On the metaphysical level, on the other hand, you express yourself in an ever-flowing and ever-changing way by virtue of the constant changes within your energy body, as various of your chakras react to those things you are thinking, feeling and doing.

Overall, your vibration may alter greatly from moment to moment and from day to day, depending upon the catalyst which you are experiencing and the amount of difficulty you may have in responding to that catalyst. However, against the surface of these constant changes within the energy body, there is a deeper vibration which, shall we say, takes the average of your vibratory range in each chakra and creates a basic vibration which is your signature in time/space. We have often noted through this instrument that we would never need to know your names, for we have your identity clearly offered in the vibrations and colorations of your energy body, which are as distinct to us as any fingerprint is to a criminologist.

In a way, it could well be said that spiritual evolution consists of reducing the difference between your basic vibration and the vibration of the one infinite Creator, whose nature and vibration is unconditional and absolute love. This journey is taken by each seeker through all of the densities of your octave as he walks, in his own peculiar way, as the one known as Kris said. 1

The vibration of the one infinite Creator is the starting and the ending, not only for an entity within an incarnation but for the entity within the entire range of the octave of experience. Through the many densities, through all of the lessons of each density, and through the countless experiences which together create your personal biases and distortions, you seek endlessly to return to that vibration which is your home, your nature, your origin, and your ending. It is a thirst and a craving within the very depths of your nature, deeper than your thoughts, more intimate to you than all of the trappings of culture, language and learning that ripple the surface of your waters as you move through the ocean of life.

This one original Thought is a touchstone which can be experienced in each density. However, the experience of this Logos comes up into conscious awareness from the roots of consciousness that are placed within the environment of your density in such a way as to enable you to represent and identify love and the vibration of that unconditionally compassionate Logos.

When an entity has wandered into third density from another density because it wishes to serve at the time of harvest, as so many among your people have chosen to do, echoes and shadows of the home density are retained within the third-density incarnational self. An example of how this works would be that an entity from one environment who has many adventures moves to a completely foreign environment and has amnesia. Over a period of years that person becomes used to the new environment and even creates for herself a feeling of belonging, a feeling of rightness. Yet there is retained within unconscious parts of the self a hidden but stubborn awareness that there is a different way, an alternate way to be and to conceive of life.

In a way, moving into third-density incarnation is a type of amnesia, in that the veil of forgetting drops, so that one is veiled from his memories of who he is and why he came here to this interesting but somewhat difficult place called Planet Earth in third density. This overlay of memory can indeed create within the incarnation of the wanderer a heightened tendency towards an inability to cope well with the surrounding environment of Planet Earth.

In some cases there is even a conscious awareness that “This is not my home; this is not the place from which I sprung.” And that feeling of being isolated in a strange land can create a lot of fear and contraction. The self becomes defended in order to survive. Adjustments are made which enable the entity to survive, to some extent, within the surrounding milieu of earthly life. And yet, in order to survive, the focus has been narrowed, the defenses have thickened and hardened, and there is that tendency to create a self-generated reality within which the entity can actually survive, or feels that he can survive.

This increase in distortion sometimes means that for the wanderer there is a heightened difficulty in remaining undefended and keeping the energy body open and flowing. This is a self-perpetuating distortion in that the more the energy body is contracted in fear and defended against the feelings of things not being right, the less energy is able to move through [the lower chakras of the energy body] into the heart, and the less able the entity is to cope with these feelings. So, as life moves forward and the incarnation ripens, there is a natural tendency for this self to become more rather than less distorted, more rather than less defended, and less rather than more able to make use of the environment of this Density of Choice.

Our hope in speaking concerning wanderers and their difficulties is not to excuse wanderers or to justify difficulties which wanderers experience. Rather, our hope is to bring wanderers to a state of remembrance. The key to becoming unafraid and undefended is the memory of why the decision was made, in good faith and with a happy heart, to come among those of third density at this time. The decision was made in an atmosphere of absolute compassion and the high-minded and altogether whole-hearted determination to be part of the good of that third density for those approaching harvest at this time. There was in fact competition for opportunities to incarnate and each of those who considers himself to be a wanderer can be sure that his was no idle decision but the result of deep thought and absolute surety.

We would not know what specific words might trigger that initial memory, for it too is behind the veil. Yet there is always a moment of crystalline awareness, a time of lucidity that comes to those who ask to become more aware of their deeper thoughts and their deeper nature. And we do encourage those of you who perceive themselves in these words to turn in faith and trust to their deeper selves and to their guidance and to set the intention to become more fully aware of the guiding motivation which moved you into service in this particular way at this particular time.

When one is dealing with a great deal of catalyst and finds difficulties dealing with the environment surrounding him, it is extremely helpful to find this key awareness, this centerpiece of surety. When your experience is that of suffering, it is very helpful to be able to set that suffering in the context of a life of service. And although it does not substantially affect your overall vibration to experience these difficulties, it does tremendously alter the surface experience within your day-to-day life, so that you are far more able to smile and give thanks for the challenges of your incarnation as well as the perceived blessings.

In this wise also, it is to be noted that when you are as close to the onset of your planet’s fourth-density activation as you are, there is an increasing amount of a kind of catalyst that is the reverse of the difficulties one has as a wanderer. And we feel that this increasing interpenetration of third-density light by fourth-density light has created for all of those upon Planet Earth, natives and wanderers alike, an ever-increasing sensitivity to issues of truth and clarity.

The progress for each seeker is, in a way, the progress of one who knows himself better and better. Within third-density life as it has been experienced upon your planet for many millennia there has been third-density light that shone, both physically and metaphysically, and helped you to work towards making your choice of polarity and then maintaining that polarity and increasing that polarity. Ever since perhaps forty of your years ago that situation has gradually changed and it has made things more difficult for third-density entities upon your planet. Your planet comes closer and closer to that time when fourth density shall be the active density and third-density light shall be exhausted.

We are not saying that the sunshine will go away. This instrument was speaking earlier today with those who thought that perhaps on the winter solstice in 2012 the third-density experience would blink out and there would no longer be a third density. We, however, do not suggest that this is the case. We would suggest that the case is that the light that created the spiritual or metaphysical atmosphere of third density in such and such a way shall be exhausted and that the light that is striking your third-density energy bodies shall be a light of fourth density which you, as a third-density entity, are not wired to be able to grasp without significant distortion.

As this instrument has experienced this change, it has been a matter of being completely unable to avoid looking at each and every part of the universal personality which this instrument has which has not yet been integrated into the heart, the mind, and the basic beingness of the surface personality.

It is not unusual that there would be aspects of the shadow side of a personality which have evaded notice. The reason is simple. For most of those focused upon the positive path of polarity there is no desire to investigate carefully or deeply the aspects of the personality that are the robber, the murderer, the adulterer, the envier, the one eaten with greed for what he does not have, the debaser, the one who wishes only to destroy. These are all aspects of the universal self. Each entity has them and the mark of a truly spiritually mature entity within incarnation is that he has faced his shadow side, has embraced it, has forgiven it and has asked it to work toward the good. We would suggest that each entity has found it less and less possible to avoid facing those issues in life with which he has hitherto not had to deal.

The problem, one may say, or the challenge of the situation is that these awarenesses come in ways that cannot be absorbed straightaway by the energy body. Rather, there is a sensation of harshness, as if these new awarenesses were too harsh to bear. There is a lack of ability with third-density wiring, shall we say, to experience fourth density in an entirely comfortable way. Consequently, there is this sensation of abruptness, of a lack of grace about these new awarenesses. They seem to offer to the self hard knowledge that seems almost impossible to bear.

For this reason there are no entities now being born into your Earth world that are equipped only with third-density wiring. Those who are moving into incarnation upon your planet at this time have the dual wiring of third density and fourth density. And so they have the roots of consciousness and all of the delivery systems of deep awareness coming into conscious awareness that are native to both densities. And therefore those younger entities among you are able to use the light in a far more efficient fashion. And yet, because of the increased clarity of fourth-density light and its increased ability to hold information, these same younger entities often express themselves as those who indeed do have difficulty in connecting with third-density’s common reality.

In short, we may say that this is a very challenging, although a very fruitful, time for those of you now incarnate upon Planet Earth. You have an unique opportunity at this time of cusp for the planet itself to offer within your very being a location and a place that is love.

We ask you to be compassionate, both upon yourself and upon those about you, at this time. Spiritually speaking, this is not a time that offers the easy, the comfortable, the pretty ways of experiencing your sacred nature.

Those times may indeed come. For that world in which you find yourself, that gift of first and second density, overflows with beauty and comfort. And all within the natural world is in a state of love for you, just as the very bones of your body, in their instinctual life, have an answering and overwhelming love for the environment without it and like nothing better than to dance in rhythm with all of creation. Indeed, the world which is more than human lies all about you as a vast and largely untapped resource for those who wish to regain their balance and to lessen their distortions. We greatly recommend immersion in this world of nature.

Another resource for those who wish to increase their stability within this challenging psychic atmosphere is the help and consolation of the guidance system that you have about you. You have your higher self, in whatever way you wish to conceive of that entity, which is your highest and best self and to which you have access simply by asking. You have angelic help. And for wanderers, there is also the aid of the social memory complex from which you came. All of these loving and caring allies are as close to you as your next thought. And it is the wise seeker who disciplines himself to turn in thought to thanksgiving for this help and to the asking of it, for it is truly said that it is to those who ask that response is given. Therefore, enter the silence, my friends, and ask.

Beyond all that we have said, however, we return to that of which we spoke at the beginning of this discourse. The spiritual journey is one in which you seek to lessen the differences between your vibration and the vibration of unconditional love. Beyond the “wheres” and “whys” there is love. And truly you do understand what love is. Therefore, seek love. Open yourself to love. Let yourself be loved. And in the end, allow yourself to drop away those things which are not expressing love, not asking for changes but allowing change when it happens.

My friends, as you go deeper into your natures do not be afraid of what you shall find. All of those artifacts of the human personality are merely the surface flower of that seed which is unconditional love. As you move toward that seed, move fearlessly. For you shall not be appalled when you penetrate that which the one known as Jim called the meniscus 2 of life. The deeper you go into your personality, the less personal it shall become, and the more loving.

We would at this time ask if there is a follow-up to this query. We are those of Q’uo.

[Side one of tape ends.]

I don’t think there is a follow-up to the main question. I’ll ask quickly if it would disturb the energies if I walk just to the printer to retrieve the questions that I have printed up from readers abroad?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. My brother, it is gracious of you to ask and we shall swirl about you as you make your journey. We are those of Q’uo.


We are those of Q’uo, and would ask if there is another query at this time.

J from California asks, “Does it serve the highest good for a service-to-others entity to pray for a successful harvest for the service-to-self population?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. The heart of prayer is the setting of desire into a formulated intention, and my sister, if this is your desire and it is that which you feel moved to do, then we encourage you to pray as you feel. In effect, to make the prayer universal it would not be necessary to specify the polarity as being service-to-others or service-to-self, but simply to pray that for the well of indifference there be substituted the ability to find one’s heart’s desire and to polarize towards it. Whether that is service to self or service to others, it would increase the harvest.

May we ask if there is another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

M writes, “It is understood that the veil of forgetting is necessary in order to make the free will choice to polarize to the positive. Yet as a wanderer who has made this choice in the past, I observe that the veil persists within myself. According to my reading of your words, the veil persists within myself because if it were to be removed, it may infringe upon the free will of others who have not yet polarized. Yet I do not understand why this is the case. It would seem to me that it is possible for me to be fully conscious of both third density and fourth density simultaneously without infringing upon the will of others who choose to remain unconscious of fourth density. Please explain why the removal of the veil in one who is polarized would infringe upon the free will of one who is not yet polarized.”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. My brother, it would not infringe upon the free will of another self for you to become fully aware of both third-density awareness and the lack of the veil which is characteristic of fourth-density awareness. Rather, it would infringe upon the free will of yourself.

You are a certain creature, my brother. It is an excellent creature. You chose to come into third density with its veil of forgetting, specifically because in matters of metaphysical and ethical choice it would throw you completely upon your own assets of faith, hope and charity. You did not come into third density in order to overcome third density. You came into third density to dwell within this illusion and to serve the one infinite Creator.

Have you had to claw your way into an increased awareness of what lies beyond the veil? We think not. We believe that the moments in which you have penetrated the veil are many and they are to be appreciated. Nevertheless, my brother, were you to dwell without effort beyond the veil of forgetting within third density, you would immediately obviate the advantages of living by faith alone. When you choose within this veil of forgetting to turn towards love, to live love, and to be love, you have done so against resistance. And in meeting and working with this resistance, you have tempered your soul and have done the work which you came to do.

Thusly, my brother, we would say that it is not a matter of infringing upon the free will of another that keeps you from being able to dwell in third and fourth densities simultaneously. Rather it is the nature of third density that it takes an effort of will, of memory, of desire and of spiritual maturity to live by fourth-density values and to act as if there was no veil.

Each time that you act in faith to enlarge love and to be its witness and its messenger, you lighten the consciousness of the planet as a whole. And it was for this that you came, my brother. We thank the one known as M for this query and appreciate the energies which provoked the question.

May we ask if there is a final query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

There is one from C who says, “I am engaged in creating biodegradable coffins to give people the natural alternative for burial. I would like to know if this work that I am doing is helpful to the overall effort of our collective spiritual evolution. Please offer any thoughts which do not infringe on my free will and discuss any spiritual principles that may help me to think about this.”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. When actions are accomplished within your Earth world, they have their surface aspects and those more subtle aspects which are involved in your motivations for and hopes for acting in such and such a way. While the surface aspects of your query do not lend themselves to spiritual import, since it is a matter of a physical vehicle moving towards the dust from which it came, regardless of how it is housed, nevertheless there are substantial benefits which have to do with the motivations for making this product available.

The motivation, we feel, was the desire to express the unity of all things and no more central spiritual principle can be involved in a decision to act upon your planet. The creation of biodegradable houses for the dead creates the inference that it is well to return to the dust in a complete and utter way, not defended against the natural processes of disintegration of the body, but embracing them. Consequently, this action, as this product is made available, is one which invokes the awareness that all is one and that all is love.

We, therefore, praise this motivation and the spiritual principles underlying the decision to create this product, my sister, and feel that your creativity in bringing a sacredness to those aspects of life which are not seen to be sacred in the common run is an excellent way of showing love to the world about you and expressing your awareness of the unity of all.

This energy of this group wanes and it is time to take our leave of you. We would thank you with all of our hearts for creating this moment of silence and seeking of the truth. It has been a privilege for us to exercise our service by sharing our thoughts with you and we thank you for this opportunity. We leave this instrument and this group rejoicing and giving thanks. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu, borragus.

  1. Kris Kristofferson, This Old Road, CD, ©2008, all rights reserved, “Pilgrim’s Progress.” This song was played during the group’s tuning process before the session began. The part of the lyrics to which Q’uo refers is this chorus:

    Am I young enough to believe in revolution? Am I strong enough to get down on my knees and pray? Am I high enough on the chain of evolution To respect myself, and my brother and my sister And perfect myself in my own peculiar way?

  2. In the sense in which Jim used it, the meniscus is defined by as “the convex or concave upper surface of a column of liquid, the curvature of which is caused by surface tension.” This surface tension means that there is a slight resistance when one tries to penetrate the surface of the liquid.