6 September, 2009

Homecoming meditation

Jim: The question today concerns how we can keep this positive energy that we’ve generated here this weekend going after each of us returns to our homes. How can we stay positive and share our love and light with those about us?

11 August, 2009

Special meditation

Question from G: In Session 52 of The Law of One series, Ra says there is great danger in the use of the will as the personality becomes stronger, for it may be used even subconsciously in a way reducing the polarity of the entity. Q’uo, it seems that the will is a primal moving energy that is accessed, invoked and, like physical muscles, made stronger through repeated use. Is Ra saying that the will, this motion, can operate outside the purview of the conscious mind? Is Ra saying that desires of which one is unaware may take hold of the faculty of will and utilize the will for purposes which ultimately lead to a reduction of polarity? Is it safe to say that will alone has no purpose without desire to guide it? Also, how may we avoid such a scenario? Please elaborate further.

4 August, 2009

Special meditation

The question this evening, Q’uo, has to do with Living the Law of One – 102: The Outer Work, the book on which Carla is about to begin working. She would like to ask if there are any suggestions that you might have to make concerning the outer work, the outer catalyst that each of us goes through as we go through our lives, our daily round of activities, and the various types of experiences that we have that provide us catalyst that hopefully we process into experience.

23 May, 2009

Saturday meditation

The question this evening has to do with what we would call mental imbalances or distortions. They seem to happen more frequently with wanderers. We have received information before concerning the difficulties wanderers and other-home-density vibrations have in blending with this one, but as time goes on it seems like more people here, of any origin, are having difficulty in mentally balancing the beginning change of the vibrations into the fourth density that approaches with the energies of our current culture. Could you give us information concerning why these imbalances occur? Do they occur more often with wanderers? And what are the spiritual principles behind such mental difficulties?

9 May, 2009

Saturday meditation

The question this evening, Q’uo, has to do with the concept of the spiritual seeker. At the beginning of the journey, he feels that it should get easier as it goes on but as he goes on more and more of the journey, it seems as though it gets harder. Maybe that’s the same principle as exercising the muscles—you have to lift heavier weights to get stronger muscles. We’re thinking that perhaps that’s the way it is metaphysically as well. We would like you to speak to this concept, to let us know if indeed it does get harder and if that is why, as we go further along the journey, it seems as though maybe we’re not really getting very far, we haven’t done so much. And does this principle, if it is true, hold true more for wanderers than others? Is it more applicable to those who have come from elsewhere to be of service to those of Planet Earth at this harvest?

25 April, 2009

Saturday meditation

The question this evening, Q’uo, is concerning humility. We’d like to know if humility is an automatic manifestation of evolution into higher states of consciousness, or if it is a quality which must be consciously cultivated as one progresses along a spiritual path. Also, in order to enter higher states of consciousness, is humility a necessary prerequisite?

19 April, 2009

Getting ready for 2012 gathering

Jim: Q’uo, we would like to know something about what we, as seekers of truth and those who are desirous of being of service to others, might do in these coming days to aid in the transition to the year 2012. Is there anything we can do now? And will this opportunity to serve change as times goes on and we get closer to 2012, or even after 2012?

11 April, 2009

Saturday meditation

Jim: The question this evening, Q’uo, has to do with why is it men throughout history and up to the present day are so afraid of women, or the feminine principle? All the way back, each religion seems to have some way of subjugating women so that they are not able to partake in the priesthood, in officiating, giving the rites of the various services to the congregation. I was wondering what it is about the feminine principle that is so threatening to the male. Could you give us some information in that area please?

28 March, 2009

Saturday meditation

Jim: The question this evening is, “What suggestions would Q’uo have for someone who wants to polarize service to others as much as possible?”

14 March, 2009

Saturday meditation

Jim: The question this evening, from D, has to do with free will and how, when we talk with other people about spiritual principles, we can keep from invading or infringing upon theirs. Could Q’uo speak to any guidelines that we could follow that would ensure that we not infringe upon anybody’s? And if we should infringe on someone’s, does that affect our karma? If so, how?