This is T’s question: “I came across a great book called Cosmos written by Carl Sagan. 1 It describes the intelligence of whales vividly and also describes the cruel behavior of mankind toward them and dolphins. In brief, Sagan says dolphins and whales are telepathic and self-conscious beings and their spiritual level is even higher than that of mankind and that their original homeland is Earth since eons ago.

“Meanwhile in our LOO study group in Taipei we just read Session No. 90 and Ra there talked about their supposition about opposable thumbs and that it seems to be one of the key factors contributing to mankind’s warring tendencies.

“My main question is, how may we learn from whales and dolphins on a steady, daily basis? Is it imperative that we should learn to communicate with dolphins and whales? If so, will Q’uo teach us how to communicate with them?”

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. We wish to thank this sitting circle and especially the one known as T for calling us to your circle of seeking. We are very happy to join you for this session of working and to talk with you concerning the whales and dolphins of your oceans.

However, as always, we would first request of you that you use your discrimination as you listen to or read these words, taking those thoughts which are resonant to you and are helpful and leaving the rest behind. We would greatly appreciate your doing this as it allows us the freedom to offer our opinions without being concerned that we shall trespass upon your sacred spiritual process or infringe on your free will. We thank you for this consideration.

Just as your species has had its evolution interrupted by genetic manipulation many thousands of your years in the past, so has the evolution of those known to you as dolphins and whales and other cetaceans such as porpoises been interrupted, not by those from elsewhere than your planet but by those on the island-continent you have called Atlantis.

The consciousness of these mammals was enhanced by the genetic manipulation which caused the so-called human and the so-called cetacean 2 to be bonded and blended and unified into that which had every appearance of being a cetacean, yet that which now possessed a spirit complex of third-density level.

Thusly, the natural process of reproduction gradually invested all of these species with third-density consciousness. Consequently, you and the whales and dolphins are indeed brothers, moving through the third-density major cycle of 76,000 or so of your years.

The necessity to engage in a dialogue between humans and dolphins, humans and whales, and humans and porpoises is attractive and compelling to many of your scientists, who grasp the unusual intelligence of these ocean-going mammals. Perhaps we may say that the best way to learn from the cetaceans of your planet is to imagine how you might experience third density if your field of endeavor were limited to those activities which could be accomplished without the use of hands with the opposable thumbs which the one known as T mentioned in his query.

What would it be like to have a long life in which there were no jobs necessary in order to pay bills, where there were no resources to guard or territory to defend?

How would your life be different if you were free to choose what dreams and visions with which you wished to occupy yourself; what meditations in which you wished to encompass yourself; what contemplation you wished to enjoy, not only for an hour or a few minutes but also for all your waking hours for an entire life?

If your joy was the dance of harmony with the elements, the dance of fellowship with those of your kind and the dance of the mated family with the mated parents’ children, how would you be different than you are today? How would the environment of leisure and ease and rhythm affect you?

How would the lack of necessity for creating and using tools affect you?

It is clear that the changes would be profound. For in most human lives the pace of life revolves around the necessity for doing some sort of useful work. That is, useful as defined by those who would hire you to do that work in order to barter your time for the emolument 3 received. This emolument is necessary so that you may buy for you and your family food to eat, a roof over your heads, warmth in the winter, coolness in the summer, and clothing to create a modest appearance and cover the bareness of your physical form. There are many gadgets which your people find necessary or desirable. These too must be purchased with the money made from your work.

Only a very few humans are able to go through their incarnations without their consciousness being saturated with the hurry and the clangor of what this instrument would call the daily grind. That which you eat must be prepared and then after it is eaten the detritus must be cleared away and this takes your time. The roof which is over your head must be maintained. The soil, dust and other untidiness [must be] swept and dusted and scrubbed. Indeed, even your natural environment which you call your lawn has come to be that which must be maintained and not allowed to grow naturally. And so more time, more energy, more of your money are spent in creating for yourself the atmosphere that you prefer.

Your world is full of limits: on this side is your property, on the other, someone else’s. In your closet are your clothes, not someone else’s. You spend a good deal of your time amassing your stockpile of useful and desirable items and these, too, must be maintained. Batteries need changing, power cords must be found. The list goes on and on.

This is in stark contrast to your brothers and sisters who are able to ride freely through the ever-changing waters where food is plentiful and is found with no discernable effort, where all waters are acceptable in temperature, where there is no money to make and there are no goods to buy. There is nothing to store up against a harsh winter or old age. There is only the air to breathe, the water in which to swim, companionship and the dreams, meditations and contemplations of all the years of life.

What can you learn from the contemplation of these differences, my brother? It was the choice of those Atlanteans who volunteered for the experiments in genetics to choose these beautiful animals. The politics of their home in Atlantis seemed to them to be questionable in polarity [and so it seemed] desirable to them, therefore, to use their technology to embark upon a great adventure.

These, then, who swim the seas of your time, are the descendants of the philosophers and sages who saw a better way to move through the spiritual evolution of third density, choosing not so much service to others as a refusal to live in service to self.

May we ask if there is a follow-up to this query, my brother? We are those of Q’uo.

His second question is, “According to Ra Session 90, our Logos seemed to be in favor of the bipedal monkey [physical body]. If so, then how come dolphins and whales seem to get the upper hand over mankind in spiritual development? It seems they don’t have the heavy veil of forgetting as we do. Why is that?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The one infinite Creator, my brother, was not responsible for choosing the bipedal monkey, or great ape, over any other species. Rather, it was the social memory complex known as Yahweh who felt that this form would be a very efficient one for exploring the question of polarity. The Creator is utterly willing for any species to achieve a third-density level of awareness and to take on, therefore, the spirit complex as a portion of the self.

The potential of intelligence and insight in humans, the descendants of great apes, and in cetaceans, those who originally were land animals but evolved into sea-going animals, is roughly the same, the ratio of brain size to body size being similar. However, the human species has become increasingly distracted from the deeper levels of contemplation, meditation, imagination, insight and dreaming.

The consciousness that is common to both species has been greatly interrupted by the intellect of the human species, which has more and more, as your centuries have rolled by, become involved in making choices, none of which bear upon spiritual questions.

Consequently, the great blessing and resource of the frontal lobes of your brains is not used. There is no concerted effort to develop and learn the use of these frontal lobes. The process of achieving connection with this part of the brain is not that which is widely taught.

This instrument would say that the human species has shot itself in the foot. It has turned its back upon a great spiritual resource, that which is a great enhancer of the consciousness that is the gift of the Creator to all species in third density, what they have in common. That is the same for all. However, humans have chosen to continue to develop their ability to use tools, make connections, and find ways to do things in the arena of the world with its many gadgets, its many machines, its more and more sophisticated electronics.

The spiritual aspect of those frontal lobes has given away to the sharpening and ever more complex use of the intellect, that part of the mind which is different for each entity, that part of the mind which is not liable to find connections between self and other-self. Consequently, humans have locked themselves into isolated pockets of awareness that begin and end with [the area between] left ear to right ear and top of the head to bottom of the brain.

Humans have done a marvelous job of developing the possibilities of intellectual thought while they have left carelessly neglected, and for the most part abandoned, the deeper realms of insight, meditation and contemplation, those activities that connect the frontal lobes with the rest of the brain.

You have not had the choice of those sages from Atlantis. You do not have freedom to choose the environment of land and the opposable thumb or the water that goes on forever with no boundaries and no limits to entrain the mind and shut it down. Therefore, it may well seem that the whales and dolphins have more wisdom than their human counterparts. However, their and your resources are the same. It is the environmental difference that has shaped the way the two species have used third density to make their choice of polarity.

May we answer you further, my brother? We are those of Q’uo.

“Carla’s latest UPI article mentioned the environmental issue and after reading it I can’t help asking the question, Q’uo, do you think the dolphins and whales are better or more adequate keepers of Mother Earth than human beings? And if you don’t like to answer simply yes or no, could you just comment on the question?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. It cannot be said that those who swim the seas have any capacity to be stewards of the ocean in which they swim. Having no opposable thumbs, they have not created tools to make things that may or may not be negative in their impact on the environment. Consequently they have never left the state of nature in which they are simply a part of their environment. They do not create difficulties with their environment for their environment has formed them and they follow the ways of their environment.

Humans, on the other hand, have every capacity to make an impact upon their environment, either as a plunderer or as a steward. For some of your years your peoples have forgotten that they are part of their environment and that their environment is part of them. So they have turned from being stewards to being plunderers, taking from the Earth that which the Earth cannot replace and creating a downward spiral with the careless and thoughtless use of resources which cannot be sustained.

It is to humans then that the great challenge is offered and it is to those same humans to choose their response to the various bad habits, shall we say, that humans have created in their so-called civilization. Indeed, we find that the shock of awakening to find how cruel they have been, indeed, to their Mother Earth is a stunning one for many who have only gradually awakened to the awareness that they wish to be part of the dance of life on Earth and not its rapist and its thief.

We hope that more and more it will be a challenge gladly met and enthusiastically taken up to find ways to coexist as part of the dance and part of the good within the environment of Planet Earth. We feel that, more and more, there is great love in your peoples’ hearts for their Earth Mother. And we find this a very helpful and appropriate emotion, one that greatly aids in the process of polarization towards service to others.

May we ask if there is another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

“According to information from Q’uo, the fourth density is coming very soon. When Earth enters the fourth density fully, I suppose there will be two kinds of fourth density beings: one looking like humans and the other looking like dolphins or whales. Is this correct?”

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. My brother, it is certainly correct in terms of the early graduates of third density, for it takes a certain amount of what you call time and experience in fourth density in order to begin to enjoy the freedom that this density offers. We are not those who can probe your future in terms of linear time, for in the linear space/time sense these choices have not yet been made.

But within fourth density there is the capacity of the physical body to make choices as to what form it would wish to use. This opens the choice not only to the human form and the form of the cetaceans but other forms as well.

So we would say, my brother, in early fourth density there certainly shall be found many fourth-density cetaceans and many fourth-density humans, in that their forms continue to resemble those species. As fourth density evolves, so shall the choices of its souls.

May we ask if there is another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

The last question concerns diet. T says: “Basically, I think we are free to eat any kind of food we desire. However, we don’t eat human flesh because it is against the law and unethical. But what about whales and dolphins? If we kill and eat them, do we incur or increase negative karma, like when we kill a person?”

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. Karma is incurred when an entity makes a choice in service to self, knowing that this choice shall harm another sentient being. There are very few human entities upon your planet at this time that have any awareness at all of the nature of the cetaceans. Consequently, since to their awareness they are only destroying fish, their karma is that of one who destroys fish. One who is ignorant cannot be held as being guilty of that in which he was in complete ignorance.

On the other hand, it is well to point out that there is what you may call a kind of karma involved in eating anything whatsoever: berries, nuts, vegetables, grasses and dairy products. All of these things have a consciousness of a kind. It is not only the flesh of fish and animals that cannot be consumed without there being a responsive effect. All things that move into feeding you as a human have given their consciousness to you and consequently, it is a spiritually positive practice to remember always to give thanks for every morsel of nutrition that is ingested.

We find in this instrument’s mind the awareness that there are certain kinds of tuna that contain dolphins and that this instrument has long ago refused to purchase that particular kind of tuna. 4 And we would suppose that wherever the awareness has come of the special nature of these cetaceans, there is the corresponding refusal to ingest their flesh.

The way of your density is the way of bodies that are created as chemical distilleries which take in raw materials and process them chemically in order to break them down, to use the nutriments that the body needs and then to excrete that which is left over. It is certainly an excellent idea to spiritualize the process of eating, giving it respect and honor and giving to those nuts and berries, vegetables, dairy products and meats that are eaten thanks and praise for the gift of their consciousness.

We would close this contemplation of dolphins, whales and porpoises by considering one last characteristic of their being, and that is communication.

The communication of cetaceans is concept communication. It is not yet telepathy. There is the creation of sound that travels through the medium of water which contains the very short bursts of communication that create the cluster of thoughts within concept. There are great advantages to concept communication over communication by words, for in concept communication there is not the possibility of misunderstanding because of clumsily used words.

This instrument also has learned to use concept communication to receive concepts and to translate them into language. However, for you as a species to learn to offer concepts to each other rather than words is perhaps expecting too much, for you have the capacity to vocalize and whether you sing your language or speak it, you have great facility in modulating your voice and in making a variety of sounds.

Of all of those ways of evolving that have split between the land-based, opposable-thumbed humans and the water-based cetaceans, this is perhaps the single most telling difference. And, in a way, it explains much of the confusion and turmoil of you who dwell upon the land and speak words at each other but often not with each other.

[We hope] that you may learn not only from the dolphins and whales but also from us, who speak in concepts to those with ears to hear and hearts to understand.

What a joy it has been, my friends, to speak with you at this time. We would thank the one known as T with all our hearts for probing ever more deeply into the nature of things in an effort that never tires to seek the truth, to find the love, and to choose the service that offers the most compassion and the most light.

We thank the one known as T for his being and for his service, as well as for his questions, which it has been our privilege and pleasure to consider.

At this time, we would leave this instrument and this group, thanking each for the beauty of your shared vibrations. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.

  1. Carl Sagan, Cosmos: New York, Random House, [2002]. 

  2. A cetacean is defined by as “belonging to the Cetacea, an order of aquatic, chiefly marine mammals, including the whales and dolphins.” 

  3. An emolument is a salary or the compensation or fee for services rendered. 

  4. In general, there are two quick ways to make sure the canned tuna you purchase is dolphin-free: buying the water-packed white tuna as opposed to the oil-packed, darker tuna, and checking the can labels for the notice “Dolphin Safe.” Over 90% of all tuna canners are now in compliance with this labeling and dolphin mortality has correspondingly shrunk over 90%. To learn more, visit