Q’uo, I have read that Krishnamurti used to say that in the gap between subject and object lies the entire misery of humankind. 1 It seems to me that the spirit’s journey can be seen in terms of the complex and dynamic relationship between subject and object.

For instance, here are some ways that the subject can relate to the object. The subject fears the object. The subject hates the object. The subject is indifferent to the object. The subject seeks control of the object. The subject is related to the object, etc.

When the heart becomes activated and its energies enter the picture, the relationship between the subject and object begins to change. For instance the subject begins to accept the object. The subject tolerates the object. The subject is patient with, forgives and embraces the object. Love sees the divine within the object. In short the subject sees the Creator in the object and the subject.

Finally it seems the message of the Law of One is that there is no subject and no object. There is only unity. So, how do we eliminate completely the gap between the subject and the object so that our experience is one?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this day. It is a great pleasure and privilege to be asked to join your circle of seeking and to consider the question of the one known as G concerning the distance between subject and object and how to traverse that distance in such a way that it disappears.

However, as always, we would preface our remarks by requesting that each of you who listens to or reads these words use discrimination, so that our thoughts are not simply accepted but are held to your own personal standards and needs. If our thoughts resonate to you then by all means use them, but if they do not please leave them behind. In this way we can speak freely without being concerned that we shall interfere with your spiritual process or become a stumbling block in your way. We assure you that your discrimination is quite accurate. Therefore, listen for the feeling of resonance and pay attention to your own preferences.

Certainly the third-density experience is saturated with the experience of being a person apart from others. There seems to be an inevitable reality to one’s being separate from all other selves. It is obvious that the physical body is separate from all other physical bodies. It is equally obvious that at least in the normal run of human experience your thoughts are your own and none others. Your creation is a subjective one, applying in many ways only to you, the individual.

This is not a mistake in design. It is indeed a prominent feature of the system of third density that creates an environment in which the seemingly separate self, viewing all that lies around him, must make choice after choice of how to see his environment and how to respond to it. In those cases the self is the subject and all other things upon which he looks are the objects.

The veil of forgetting lies heavily over third density. It is not a mistake that each individual self is cocooned within his own flesh and bones. It is the way the school of learning works to [help you] make that choice of polarity. If you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that both you and that other self upon whom you look and with whom you must interact are two sparks of the same Creator, virtually identical in every way, and that you were put here to love that entity, and that entity was put here to love you, there would be no occasion to call upon faith. There would be no occasion to suffer the pangs of isolation. And there would be no reason to go through the fire of catalyst turning into experience when everything about a situation is known. That situation ceases to be catalytic. And although it is hard to fathom within incarnation, this process of catalysis is one of the big reasons that you chose to incarnate and to undergo the experience of having a life on planet Earth.

You came with an agenda for your learning and with a similar agenda for your service. In order to create the proper environment for your learning you chose challenging relationships. You chose limitations within yourself, both physical and mental. You chose areas in which you would work, themes within the incarnation, shall we say. Perhaps by now you have identified your biggest theme or two or three largest themes of repeating patterns within your life. It is by the repetition of these patterns that you can begin to recognize what your higher self and you before incarnation felt was the appropriate direction of your lessons.

What you hoped for in the transformational work of Earth was to shift your system of biases to lessen distortion. You wished to come more into balance in an atmosphere and environment in which there was no guidance but faith; no star to steer by but hope; no surety but your own self-confidence that you know who you are and why you are here. It is an efficient design.

The environment offers you all you need in order to discover who you are and how you wish to shape your life’s journey. In this journey the subject, yourself, remains separated from the object by that part of the sentence that lies between subject and object, the verb. Ask how one may eliminate the distance between subject and object and we would say to you that it is when the verb used is “love” that the distance between subject and object shrinks.

For instance, a neutral sentence might be, “The vase on the table holds flowers.” The vase is the subject. The flowers are the object and the action taken is “to hold.” Taste in your mind the sentence, “The vase loves the flowers.” Knowing the nature of a vase and the nature of flowers, you may infer that the vase is holding the flowers. Yet for the vase to love the flowers is for a seemingly inanimate object to come alive and to embrace the flowers not only with the round smoothness of its opening but also with its heart.

In just such a way the sentence, “I go to work,” can be transformed by changing the verb to “love”: “I love work.” Suddenly your heart has been opened with regard to this object, work. It is so stunningly simple that it escapes rational thought.

Further, if you see yourself as love and you see objects about you as love, then love is loving love, whatever you do. To translate that into another form, we might say that if you perceive yourself as the Creator then you know that you are a person of power. Therefore, your striving can cease, for a powerful person does not need to strive effortfully. If you perceive those about you as the Creator, then you know that your relationship is Creator to Creator. Since the Creator is love, then you are love, loving love. Again the distance between subject and object diminishes.

To envision a troublesome other-self as the Creator is an exercise that anyone is capable of doing. If you attempt to reason with the other-self and find that the other-self is not capable of rational converse, then you are at a loss, stymied for further action. If you attempt to judge another self then you are caught in the wheel of karma, and as you judge, so shall you be judged. We say this not to discourage you from analyzing and seeing as clearly as possible each and every situation, each and every relationship.

We say this to point out that the mind of the world can take you only so far, whereas the mind of the heart, that consciousness of love, can transform your world into a beautiful place. It can transform the daily grind into a great adventure. Say that you are attempting to deal with a family member that seems to be intractably determined to avoid coming into harmony with you. The challenge then is to re-see that family member. See that entity as the Christ and watch your defensiveness and anger subside.

Now, you are the only one who is aware of this entity’s true nature. Certainly the other-self is not. Had the family member seen himself as the Creator and a being of great love, he would not place himself in opposition to you or stand in the way of supporting and encouraging you in everything you do. So this is your secret. Only you know the true identity of this family member. But since you know, it changes your experience of this entity. This family member may continue, as this instrument would say, to push your buttons and yet you can see this entity unhappy as he is attempting to sow strife and you are not vulnerable to the automatic responses that you learned toward this family member so long ago. You do not have to remain stuck in the pattern of relationship that was formed before you were a person of self-awareness and power. You can forge a new relationship that only goes one way and that relationship is love reflected in love.

Perhaps the family shall never perceive any difference between the past and the present and shall not see your transformation into a person of love and power. That does not matter to you. All that matters to you is that you retain the vision of this entity as the Christ and are therefore able to love, encourage and support this entity in any way that lies within the path of your integrity. His situation may not change. He may never get that which you are offering so freely and lovingly. But your experience shall be greatly improved. For you have chosen to see reality instead of illusion, to dig deep instead of sliding across the surface of life. Those depths are comforting and peaceful and living in love is healing and joyful. Thusly, little by little, you may, by the way you live your life, create a new world for yourself in which all beings are the Christ and all actions are those taken in love.

We do not suggest a grand program of changing the world in order to achieve a more loving Earth world. Rather we suggest that you confine your work to your own consciousness. That is your true arena of adventure and challenge. It is not for nothing that the one who wishes to seek goes into a cave or the apse of a cloistered church, or other quite forested or retreated places that are dark and that limit the stimuli of the senses. It is very easy for the seeker to become lost in sensations. Your culture is on sensory overload. The more you partake in listening to or watching the mass media, playing the games that the computer experts have created for your entertainment, and other ways of distracting the self and keeping the self on the surface of life, the less success you will have in living a lucid and coherent life in faith.

We are not suggesting that you refrain completely from spending your time watching the media, listening to the songs and the news and so forth. We are suggesting that you be aware that, generally speaking, the purpose of such media in offering their shows to you is to sell products and to create an atmosphere of sameness and conformity so that each human being within the society becomes a trusted consumer of products and ideas that have been sanitized until nothing of true digestive value remains. The more of the buzz that you take in, the more it is likely that you will continue to see other-selves as objects against which one may have to defend oneself or with which one may have to be clever and smart in interacting. Blessed is the man in your society who is able to greet all with the unspoken but very present awareness that the person to whom he is speaking is none less than the Creator.

The journey from well defended isolation and life as a monad to the undefended self with an open heart that senses itself as part of the dance of life is a long one. And, indeed, to achieve a total awareness of the unity of all things within incarnation is quite rare. Yet it is a goal that is clearly a good one, a positive one, one which shall bring you many blessings as you do the work that it takes to clear your vision of judgment and to allow love to flow into the sometimes unkind and harsh picture that you see with your physical eyes.

As always, love is the answer to your question. See yourself as a creature of love. See all other things as creatures of love. And see the action you take towards another self or a situation in general as partaking in unconditional love. Love, love, love: love as subject, love as verb, love as object. These are the practices that shall bring you ever closer to your goal of living in unity in a world of your own making that is a world of love.

May we ask if there is within this circle any follow-up to that query? We are those of Q’uo.

[Long pause.]

We are those of Q’uo, and we find from your silence that, as the one known as G is not here, there will be no follow-up to that query. Consequently, we would ask at this time if there is another question. We are those of Q’uo.

I’ve heard either you or Ra speak on a soul’s natural ability to polarize towards a certain polarity. Could you speak on this inherent polarity or natural tendency to polarize and why the negative polarity tries to circumvent it? I guess the gist of this question is, are third-density souls really up for grabs like the fourth-density battle would imply?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. In the sense in which you ask it, it is quite true that as [a seeker] goes about making its choices in life, each entity is seen as an object to be swayed by those of negative polarity who would distract seekers from the positive polarity and retrain them to think in terms of service to self.

It is not, my brother, that the negative polarity seeks to circumvent the process of evolution. It is that it is lobbying for one of two paths of evolution. As the seeker goes through his life, he is constantly standing at a fork in the road. One decision lasts for awhile but then another decision comes up, another fork in the road. The challenge for the seeker is to determine which choice contains more love, more service, more radiance, and which path contains less service to others, less radiance, and more magnetism, and that which serves the self.

When choices are made carelessly, it is often the case that an entity thinks he is choosing positively but has been seduced by the negative polarity into rationalizing a selfish act by pretty words. So a great deal of care is called for when the seeker perceives that there is this fork in the road. It is well to sit and meditate on this choice, to feel into it: “Well, if I did that what would it feel like? If I did the other thing how would that feel?” For analysis can take the seeker [only] so far. To achieve a more well-rounded ability to judge at a crossroads in life, it is well to invoke one’s own insight and one’s feeling of direct apprehension for sensing into the true situation.

In order to avoid becoming a pawn in someone else’s game, it is well to think for oneself. In order to avoid moving down a sweet-sounding street which ends in a dead end in service to self, it is well to envision and sense into the choice before you. In this way, as you ask for deeper senses to come forward in you, your ability to perceive a situation is enhanced.

It is always helpful to ask your guidance for insight. The practice of journaling is an excellent way to consult your own guidance, where you simply write out your question and then write down the next thought that comes into your mind. In this way, fairly easily, you can begin a conversation concerning those things that concern you, that are on your mind, and for which you need guidance.

So, my brother, looked at from the standpoint of the self as that one that has taken his power and chosen to be responsible for himself, the negative-polarity entity that might wish to distract you or turn you to the path of service to self really never has a chance. It is at first a seemingly risky thing to stand on your own two feet and think things through for the self without letting other people’s opinions or the run of opinion throughout the culture affect your thoughts.

Many times it is all too clear that the cultural bias is somewhat oriented toward service to self. That which is of the popular culture tendencies will often have the tang of selfishness and self-involvement, where rationalizations abound. And you may say, “Well, it’s just business. That the way the world works,” while you hoard your riches and ignore those hungry, homeless and lost entities that are your other-selves, saying, “Let them get jobs, let them work, just as I have had to work.” [As] your hearts [are] softened, these huge differences between person and person shall begin to soften also.

The one known as Jesus the Christ said, “He who helps even the least of these, my brothers, has helped me.” This is so directly against the prevailing attitude of the culture in which you experience life at this time that it is easy to see the dynamic.

Another way that the negative polarity can seduce you from the positive path is to encourage you to use your power in order to help your family or your nation, or some element of the world, rather than the world as a whole. The one known as Jesus was once offered a great kingdom. And indeed, in the worldly sense, many of those who followed the one known as Jesus thought of him as a worldly, earthly king. Their hope was that he would take the Holy Land, as you call it now, back from the Romans who had conquered it.

The one known as Jesus could well have been tempted to lead his people to freedom. Yet somehow he knew and stated that his kingdom was not an earthly one. And so he took to the road and walked it with dusty feet and offered his parables instead, educating people concerning his true kingdom, the human heart.

We have spoken before concerning the battle between good and evil that reigns within the inner planes of early fourth density. We do not deny that such a war exists. It takes a good deal of what you call time and what we may call experience to see clearly that the war is not necessary, that there is nothing to defend and that love is the answer. And so, filled with glory and honor and hopes of serving the one infinite Creator, those of positive polarity go forth to do battle for the light.

Gradually, as fourth density progresses for each of those in the fight, there comes a time of epiphany when it is seen that the war is unnecessary. And finally that entity lays down his sword and moves ahead rejoicing.

In your life too and in every seeker’s life there shall indeed come many forks in the road, many chances to make ethical choices. Receive them as gifts and enter into such choices with a full heart and a request for guidance and we believe that you will find yourself completely equal to remaining in your integrity and progressing along the path of service to others.

May we ask if there is a follow-up to this query? We are those of Q’uo.

[Long pause.]

We are those of Q’uo, and again we perceive from the silence that there is no follow-up to this query. May we ask if there is another question at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

G asks about the word “darkness” as it is applied to those of the service-to-self path. It’s also used when speaking of the unknown. What’s the difference between the darkness of service to self and the darkness of the unknown?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. It is an interesting question and a play with words at the same time to think about the darkness of the unknown and the darkness of negative polarity. Indeed, there is a bias within the general run of entities that would place a negative connotation on the unknown. For that which is not known can easily be feared.

However, the entire spectrum of the spiritual journey takes place in darkness and in the light of the moon. Consequently, all that shall be good as well as all that shall be evil, according to your definitions of good and evil, alike are present in the darkness. This darkness is not a positive condition but rather an absence of light. The unknown seems dark because it is as yet unlit by familiarity, whereas negativity and evil seem dark because they express the utter refusal to let light shine.

The negative mindset is one which is shuttered against the light. For the light cannot be controlled. It is only in the absence of light that control may be had. And so when darkness, in the sense of evil, occurs, it is a darkness of the deliberate shutting out of those things which do not conform to the desired situation or outcome. That chosen darkness, when there is no need for darkness, is different from the darkness of the unknown in that there is a positive choice being made to shut out the light of compassion, inclusivity, and the radiance of love from the self to others. And so that which is dark because it is service-to-self is dark by choice.

However, simply because a choice has been made to deny the light, that does not mean the light does not exist. Consequently, the service-to-self path is a path steeped in illusion and lies. For it is only by denying the truth of light that darkness can prevail. In the end, darkness never prevails. For it cannot put out the light, as the light can and does at last illumine every corner of existence. The eventual ascendancy of light is inevitable.

The service-to-self path is delaying the inevitable moment where light is embraced, whereas the service-to-others polarity is cooperating with that moment and accelerating the pace towards it.

We are those of Q’uo, and would ask if there is one final query before we leave this instrument.

Yes, I have one quick question about love/light. When a being sends love/light to another being, is love/light sent only through the hands or can it be sent by concentrating on a being and willing it?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. In actuality, the sending of love by an act of will is far more common than the sending of love through the hands, which takes place only when a healer is working upon another entity. Both are perfectly possible and equally efficacious.

However, we would comment on your use of the word “will,” for it is not necessary to be overly concerned or to will or to project or push the sending of love/light from you to another person. In actuality you do not have to do anything. You simply have to set your intention, offer your prayer, and then move out of the way. For love/light is not flowing from you, or at least it shall not be for very long. You shall exhaust your human supply quickly.

Rather, whether it is from your being or through your hands, the love/light moves through you, not from you, coming from the one infinite Creator. It is for this reason that there is never any concern when love/light is offered, because it is the Creator’s light, and it is not an invasive or pushy light. It goes where the need is. And if the entity to whom you are sending light does not wish it, then it shall gently surround that entity but not enter its auric field. For free will is infinitely respected by the Creator’s light.

May we answer you further, my brother?

That’s great, thank you.

We thank you, my brother. We find that the energy wanes in this circle and regretfully it is time for us to take our leave of you who sit in this circle of working this evening. We thank you for the beauty of your beings and your courage in seeking the truth. We thank you for digging deeply and thinking carefully. We thank you for the love that you have for the truth, for each other, and for the Creator.

And we would offer you every support and encouragement as you go about your daily lives, seeking to transform a seemingly dull and placid existence into the great adventure it truly is when it is seen from the standpoint of the spiritual seeker who is using this mazed and mysterious veiled illusion of physical life to become a more authentic, a truer, a more genuine person who knows himself ever more well and who is ever abler to serve the one infinite Creator as he so wishes.

At any point that you may wish for us to share your meditation, you have only to call upon us and we shall be with you, offering a carrier wave that helps to stabilize your own meditative vibrations. Simply ask for us mentally and we shall be with you, not to speak but only to love you and support your seeking.

Thank you again for the opportunity to share our humble thoughts with you. We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We leave you, as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. The quote from which G formed this question is found on p. 209 of Ken Wilber’s book, A Brief History of Everything. It reads, “And so the typical structure of experience is like a punch in the face. The ordinary self is the battered self—it is utterly battered by the universe ‘out there.’ The ordinary self is a series of bruises, of scars, the result of these two hands of experience smashing together. The bruising is called ‘dukha,’ suffering. As Krishnamurti used to say, in that gap between the subject and the object lies the entire misery of humankind.”