Jim: The question this evening, Q’uo, has to do with why is it men throughout history and up to the present day are so afraid of women, or the feminine principle? All the way back, each religion seems to have some way of subjugating women so that they are not able to partake in the priesthood, in officiating, giving the rites of the various services to the congregation. I was wondering what it is about the feminine principle that is so threatening to the male. Could you give us some information in that area please?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. We thank each in this circle of seeking for setting aside the time and the energy to form this circle and to seek the truth. It is our privilege and our pleasure to be called to your circle and to share some thoughts that we may have upon the subject of the male and the female principles and their difficulties in sharing third-density existence within your culture.

However, as always, we would preface our remarks by requesting that each of you use your discrimination and your discernment as you listen to or read these words. It would aid us in being able to speak our minds to know that each of you has taken responsibility for what you shall follow and what you shall let go.

Truly we cannot hit the mark each time we speak and it helps us to know that you will follow resonance and meaning. And if our remarks do not resonate to you or seem to have much relevance to your process, please let them go without a second thought. We greatly appreciate your kindness in this regard.

We would begin by making some observations about the difference between biological femininity and masculinity and archetypal femininity and masculinity, for the feminine principle and the masculine principle are elements within each entity, whether he is biologically male or biologically female.

In general, the male/female dynamic is a very powerful part of the polarized environment of your third-density earth-world. It is the Density of Choice, and in this Density of Choice the environment is stocked with dynamic opposites: male and female, hot and cold, wet and dry, good and evil, light and dark, radiant and magnetic.

Further it is to be noted that male and female are not precisely opposites. They are complements. Their energies complement each other as they create new life by coming together, as they create their own world, the home, for themselves and their children. The partnership between male and female is that pairing of complementary energies that brings in those energies that lie between male and female.

One of the guiding glyphs for third density is that glyph known in the Kabbalah as the Tree of Life. 1 That tree is an image which is created of a tree whose roots are in heaven or above the plane of earth and whose branches reach down into the earth-world. This tree grows then earthward from heaven, to use the vernacular of the religion in which it originates. It has three pillars. It has the branches to the left hand, with all the attributes of the feminine principle. It has branches which go down to the right hand, with all of the male attributes. In the middle pillar, or the trunk, lie those attributes which exist as a function of the dynamic between the female and the male principles.

At this time we do not need to go into those characteristics which are supposedly male and supposedly female. Rather, we would turn to the basic concept that the male energy is that which reaches, the feminine energy is that which awaits the reaching. The male energy is that which seeks to know, the feminine energy is that which, by direct insight and intuition, already knows.

It is as if the male principle hungers and thirsts for the direct awareness of the one infinite Creator, yet with all his heart, with all of his energy and strength, with every priestly attribute, the male principle is denied the Book of Life.

The feminine principle, on the other hand, dwells in a state of rest, aware in a direct way of the energies of infinity and eternity. The moon sings through the blood of the woman. The cycle of the seasons echo in her and to the biological feminine is given intimate awareness of the ocean of life as she conceives and carries new life within her.

The male principle, for all of his energy and dominant strength, can only come next to this ocean of life, sit upon the shore and wonder at the mystery which femininity encompasses. The basis of those cultural prejudices of which the one known as Jim have spoken lies in the inability of men, biological men and archetypical masculine principle, to reach his goal, which is to know.

The energies of masculinity have their place, as do the feminine energies. Yet the energy of reaching and controlling are fundamentally unskillful for perceiving a spiritual path. The male conceit is that if he seeks with enough vigor and persistence he shall come to know the truth. Yet the Book of Life is a book of unknowing.

True spiritual truth lies beyond words and logic. It is full of mystery and paradox. That does not mean that it is not the truth. There is the truth that lies beyond illusion, yet that truth must eventually simply be lived, so that the seeker becomes that which he seeks and allows the truth to flow through him, as the woman allows the rivers of eternity and infinity to flow through her.

If you will study those cultures upon your planet which are the most close to the earth and the least sophisticated in terms of learning the culture of more civilized societies, you shall find that very often, male and female together are called to be shamans. Indeed, in some indigenous tribes, it is the woman that is the leader, and in those cultures where this is true, there is that concept of cooperation and partnership.

The more that it is acknowledged that the female energy has a leading role, the more it will be found in that culture that issues are discussed and actions are taken by a circle of consenting members working in partnership, cooperating and collaborating to further the solution of whatever issue is before them.

Consequently, as we turn to the meat of your question, you see that we are not actually speaking of the male principle and the feminine principle as we are speaking of the manifestation of male and female within physical bodies. No matter whether the culture is one of aboriginal simplicity or urban complexity, certain things hold sway.

When man and woman come together to create a family, it is the woman who shall bear and rear the progeny which are created between the two. It is the woman, physically usually smaller and less strong, whose hands bind the wounds of childhood, cook the food that will nourish the family, and open her heart to the endless concerns and worries of all those within the family.

While she is doing these things there is a tendency for these activities to be supported by the male, who finds ways to bring in the food and the shelter and the clothing that are necessary for the family.

One cannot blame male or female for this arrangement, for it is the biological necessity of the woman to take time away from whatever else she may do in order to bear children. And it is this central and pivotal fact that tends to create what looks to be a non-equal partnership between male and female.

In reality, of course, the traditional male/female roles—a woman “not working,” a male “working”—seem to be unequal. One effort brings in money, the other effort does not, and more and more, your cultures have judged the worth of activity by the money which that activity earns.

We would note that in many of your more highly civilized cultures, these traditional roles have tended towards disappearing. Women and men alike must work to pay the bills. Men and women alike therefore leave the home and go forth to do what is necessary in order to take care of the family and to see to its needs. Yet, this does not stop the thinking of both male and female from harking back to that central difference between the sexes, that difference being that it is only to women that the miracle of manifesting new life is given. That fact, in all of its glory and all of its implications remains simple.

Let us look now at the way the biological male feels, realizing his part in creating and sustaining a family. Whereas in a simpler society it is simply assumed that this mating and this creation of a family will take place, as a culture becomes more complex and sophisticated, the options available to men and women alike multiply almost endlessly. The energies of instinct fade and entities more and more hark to the desires of the moment.

Whereas in a simpler society it is not considered that there is anything that is unimportant or without sacredness in the life, in the more complex society many things are seen as not having anything to do with the sacred, the holy, and the divine.

In an aboriginal society fatherhood is sacred, motherhood is sacred, trees are sacred, animals are sacred, the water that is carried from the river is sacred, the tree that is carved into an implement or used for firewood is sacred and the fire is sacred. These simple things, all being holy, create an environment in which there is no boredom, but a dance, a dance of the seen and the unseen, a dance with nature, the elements, the seasons, the day and the night, all of the factors that go into living a life. It is a life that is seen as a whole and that entire, whole life is sacred.

We ask you, my friends, to think of your lives. Do you see all that you do as sacred? For truly, in our humble opinion, it is. The water comes from a tap now and not from a bucket that is hauled, yet it is sacred still. The sun that warms is not as fearsome for there is shelter with conditioned air, and yet that sunshine and that warmth remain sacred. Yet you are removed from the direct contact with that holiness.

All of the elements, the forest, wildlife, fire and water, the great wind that blows, all of these energies impact an aboriginal very directly. In many relatively undeveloped countries, there are places where there is no electricity, there is no water, there are no pieces of that infrastructure that you, in the sophisticated society in which you live, take for granted.

In that environment it is easier to see the rightness of the division between male and female, to see that this division is not a matter of opposites but a matter of complements. It is far easier to see the goodness of all people.

We would agree with you, my brother, when you note the long, long history of the subjugation of women. In the Jewish religion, in the Christian religion, and in the religion of Islam, together, there is that prejudice that to the male is allocated the capacity for priesthood but not to the female.

Think of the figure in the Tarot image of the Potentiator of the Mind 2, shielding the Book of Life within her veil and we believe that you have the essence of why this prejudice exists. The truth is, it is to the female principle that spiritual knowledge is given, not as one who tells, but as one who carries. It is not that the biological female is more knowledgeable of spiritual things than the male. It is that the very essence of femininity, the archetypical nature, contains knowledge in a direct sense of the truth for which the male grasps endlessly, but which he can never completely uncover, for it resides in the mystery with which women are comfortable and men are not.

The easiest and most direct way towards reversing this situation which is unconsciously felt by men is to dominate the women who contain the key to the mystery of life. It is not a logical movement. It is not a rational decision. It is based in fear, as the one known as Jim has said. Yet it is not a fear of any one woman. It is that fear that they shall never be granted the truth, but shall always be dependent upon women who contain that truth.

Consequently, there is that energy to enshrine and worship the ideal woman who contains the truth, and also to take womanhood away from the pedestal and under the heel. Therefore, there develops within societies, ancient and modern, a set of rationalizations for prejudice. In extreme cases, as you may see in your Middle Eastern cultures, there is a long-standing belief that women are biologically inferior, weak, and without the ability to take care of themselves.

Thusly, you see subverted that energy of cooperation and collaboration that was intended by the one infinite Creator and instead, there is a lack of equality and an even deeper lack of belief in the possibility of true equality.

May we ask, my brother, if there is a follow-up query to this question or anything further that you would wish us to speak to in this regard? We are those of Q’uo.

No, thank you, Q’uo, that was very good.

May we ask if there is another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

D says he is experiencing a dimming of all of his chakras. He feels as though there is a psychic greeting from a negatively-oriented entity that is causing this. He’d like to know the spiritual principles involved in thinking about this question. Please offer any information that you may have without infringing upon his free will. What is the nature of this energy and what is the best defense against it?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We thank you for asking us concerning this issue in your life at this time.

As you know, my brother, there are many things that we cannot discuss in this regard because of the fact that this is a situation which is front and center in your spiritual process at this time as well as being an issue in your personal life altogether, regardless of spiritual activities.

We would speak upon the concept of psychic greeting and how that works. Whether the origin of the psychic greeting lies within one’s own personality or whether it lies in an outer entity which is not the entity experiencing the psychic greeting, it is true that psychic greeting functions by seeking chinks in one’s personality, if you will, or one’s spiritual nature. Different entities have different areas of weakness, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual.

In this instrument, for example, the weaknesses are largely in the physical and consequently, if this entity experiences psychic greeting, it is likely to manifest as an enhancement or cranking up, if you will, of physical discomfort so that a little pain becomes a big pain.

If the weaknesses are emotional, the small trouble becomes the big trouble.

If there are weaknesses within the mental area, the concern may become the obsession, or the fear becomes the paranoia.

For the one known as D, the chinks happen to be largely within the physical vehicle and consequently, it is to that part of the mind, the body, and the spirit which together make up a person that this entity shall experience the enhancement or the ratcheting up of the distortions.

There are two avenues at which we may look in speaking to this situation. Firstly, we would invoke the spiritual principle of unity in pointing out that very often the solution to psychic greeting is not to run away from or to try to fix the greeting, but to embrace the energy of the seeming attack.

When there is a physical greeting such as the one known as D is experiencing, this principle of unity would lead one to embrace the situation where there is some dimming of the chakras and to ask, not how to stop it from happening, but what the gift of such a dimming of the chakras might be. What gift does this inconvenience or this discomfort hold within its folds? It is well to ponder this and to unwrap that gift as much as one can in contemplation.

There are, of course, steps which one may take in order to work with a psychic greeting which consist largely in aligning oneself with the highest and best principle of which one is aware and then challenging the energy of that psychic greeting according to that principle.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

The other tack 3 which one might take, my brother, in thinking about this question, is to look at the chinks in the physical vehicle that are being enhanced by the psychic greeting and to work with those healers within your society and that healing information which one may read that may give more enlightenment concerning the distortions of body that are vulnerable to being enhanced in this way.

For instance, when this instrument discovered that there were weaknesses within her digestive system, she found, after many years of trying different diets, those foods which would best nurture her particular physical vehicle. That kind of thinking, working with the body since that is what is being distorted and is therefore vulnerable to psychic greeting, may be an avenue which offers possibilities.

Again, as in all seeking, work with this, my brother, as a spiritual discipline rather than as an earthly or physical discipline. Being sensitive to the path of resonance for yourself and in all things, my brother, it is always well to seek the guidance that is yours by nature.

Ask your guidance system to speak with you in dreams or in conversation if you wish to journal, writing down questions that you would ask and then writing down the next thought which comes into your mind as you sit with your computer or your paper and your pencil. Open those pathways which lie between you and your guides, your angels, your higher self, however, you wish to think about this guidance system, for truly you have one, my brother, as all do, and it is ever ready to help. Yet it must be asked. There must be that opening within you of the willingness to hear.

And lastly, my brother, as in all things, we recommend periods of entering the silence so that you may hear the still, small voice of guidance and so that you may rest from the endless considerations of the rational mind and give yourself over to the experience of direct company with the one infinite Creator. For the Creator awaits you in the silence of the tabernacle of your heart.

We would ask at this time if there is a final query. We are those of Q’uo.

Not for me.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware that we have exhausted the questions in this group for tonight. In a way, we are sorry to see that happen, for we greatly enjoy our conversation. Yet the energies of this channel and of this group are waning and it is time to take our leave. May we say again how much we enjoyed being with you this evening, how grateful we are to have been asked to join your group, and how beautiful we find each of you, with the beautiful colors of your energy bodies joining together to create the sacred space within which you seek to know the truth.

We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai vasu.

  1. An image of this glyph may be seen at www.wyldwytch.com/weavings/articles/pagan_path/pages/tol.htm. William E. Butler’s works contain excellent discussions of this glyph. Since the glyph is important to three distinct traditions—Christian mysticism, Jewish mysticism and Wiccan mysticism—reading in this area needs to be approached carefully. Butler’s work is of the Christian mystical tradition used in White Western ritual magic. Butler’s discussion of this glyph is more nearly compatible with the Q’uo group’s use of it than the other two strains of study of this glyph. 

  2. The Potentiator of the Mind is the Ra group’s title for the second court card of the Tarot, The High Priestess. It contains a figure of a woman half-hiding the Book of Life beneath her veil. 

  3. A tack is a direction, in sailing, specifically a way of pointing the boat in relation to the wind. In this instance, “the other tack” is synonymous to “another angle.”