M writes: “I was a Navy Seal for 24 years and now have been working as a security contractor for the last six years in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other hot spots throughout the world. I had an experience where I had the overwhelming sensation to send out the thought of love while in a situation where I intuitively knew my group was going to be attacked by rocket. The attack was thwarted. After that moment, over the next several years, I began to use the thought energy of love in order to thwart many more attacks and keep the groups I was protecting safe. My question is, how can the information about using the thought energy of love be shared with others so that they can contribute to changing the paradigm of war?”

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. Thank you for calling us to your circle of seeking. It is a privilege to be called to your circle and we are happy to speak with the one known as M on the question of how to share with others the one great original Thought of love.

As always, before we begin we would request that all of those who listen to or read these words use their discrimination and their discernment in choosing those thoughts with which they would like to work. We ask that you trust your ear as it listens for resonance and that you leave behind any thought that does not resonate to you. We greatly appreciate your doing this, my friends, for it enables us to share our humble opinions without fearing that we may infringe upon your free will in some way or disturb the rhythm of your spiritual process. We thank you for this consideration.

To share that awareness which one has with other selves when that awareness moves so far from the paradigm used and assumed to be correct, by those with whom you would share your awareness, is a challenge, my brother.

The first thing that we would share with you is the awareness that there is a substantial distance between the paradigm of a warrior or protector that is enjoyed by those within your armed forces and the paradigm which has become crystal clear to you. The concept of both the entities who are on what they would call “our side” and those on the “other side” as being equally valuable, is perhaps at the center of the distance between the two paradigms.

At a level which is seldom said but often implied, theories of warfare undervalue, in a systematic way, the entities who are soldiers, or [who are members] in forces which are not part of the national armed forces but who maintain security, as this instrument would say. There is an unspoken acceptance of the fact that the lives of the souls within one’s command are not as important as the accomplishment of the mission. When even the entities who are fighting with one are so brutally undervalued, the entire energy that fuels the desire and the intention to form a new paradigm of protection is substantial.

There is a second issue which also feeds into there being a challenge for one who wishes to share the awareness of the power of unconditional love. Those within third density on Planet Earth at this time are sometimes deeply asleep within the planetary dream. There is often in that sleep little hunger for or awareness of the nature of the mind of the one Creator. There is a comfortable numbness which has replaced whatever early yearnings there were for the truth. And in that numbness there is a lack of sensitivity to the need for a relationship with the one infinite Creator or the thoughts of the one infinite Creator.

Lacking a direct apprehension of the love and the light of the One, there is a characteristic dullness of spirit. At the soul level, my brother, each of your brothers and sisters, however deeply asleep they may be, is alike a part of the Godhead principle, a part of that one Thought of love. At heart each and every one of your brothers and sisters with whom you wish to share this awareness is a citizen of eternity.

At a level far below consciousness and waking awareness, each of these entities is fully aware that they are one with their brothers and one with the Creator. They are aware at that deep level that the nature of the mind of the Creator is that of love. At the conscious level many of your brothers and sisters have no belief or faith in the power of love. In itself this is not a tragedy, for all entities have control over their experience and are doing the will of the infinite One as they form desires of whatever kind and satisfy those desires. There is no time limit on spiritual evolution. Progress is inevitable. Those who do not awaken to the power of love and begin to desire to serve the infinite One during the present cycle, which now draws to its close, shall take flesh once again upon another third-density planet and experience another great cycle of learning in third density.

The challenge before not only you, my brother, but before all those who wish to serve the light at this time is to find oneself able to share in such a powerful way that there is the triggering of what this instrument often calls the “snooze alarm” function because of what is said by you, and more than that, because of that energy which you carry which flows through you and out into the world, which is as a lighthouse that others may recognize from afar and into which they may be drawn.

That being said, we shall now say that it is certainly not impossible for you to find techniques by which your ideas and the energy which you wish to share may be communicated successfully to those who are ready to be awakened. And there are many, my brother, who are sleeping lightly at this time. The uncertainty of the times creates additional incentives to awaken. Even those who are deeply asleep in their dream of Earth have heard the thunder of approaching storms and are uneasy in their slumber and vulnerable.

To one who wishes to share the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, we would speak of two levels of sharing at this time. The first is intellectual, using the tools of words. This instrument was just looking at a book which you have written 1 and this is a powerful tool, an instrument that can be handed to any soul, leaving it completely to the discrimination of the one who holds that book whether or not he shall open it; whether or not, if he reads it, he shall comprehend it, be persuaded by it, or find it to be a resource in his own awakening.

As you know, words can only go so far. No matter how beautifully sentences are wrought, no matter how powerfully stories are told, words, compared to that awareness which you have of love, are poor indeed. Nevertheless, many entities are at that tipping point right now where just the right word at the right time shall indeed create that change in consciousness that wakes one up, and, having awakened, entities will find that they cannot go back to sleep.

However, we are aware that you hope to create a situation in which, without infringing upon the free will of any, you are able to offer a direct apprehension of the power of unconditional love.

Gurus choose to retreat from words and sit in silence in order that those who follow them may sit in their train and share the energy of their meditation in which, in full conceptual form, knowledge of love lies. Shamans take their students into the wilderness and lead them close to death that they may lie in their graves, become fully aware of their death, and then rise to become fully aware for the first time of life. Both of these techniques are using essences rather than words to create changes in the consciousnesses of your students and have merit and may be considered for those resources that they may offer.

As you create your own strategy for aiding entities who wish to learn to become human, that which must be awakened is desire. That desire will be fueled by belief. The reality and the power of your own experience with the Archangel Michael operated beyond the boundaries of space/time. The challenge for you is to make accessible the full impact of your experience in time/space so that those who, of themselves, would not believe in the possibility of what you suggest, may become convinced in a subjective manner of the reality of your experience. For in order to aid entities in shifting a paradigm in a drastic and final sense, it is necessary to create a hunger for that new paradigm, a genuine desire to investigate the possibility of creating that new paradigm.

The nature of your experience is that of becoming aware of the mind of the infinite Creator, which is unconditional love. When one says the word “love” in your culture, it is a flabby, weak word compared to the reality of love, for the love of which you became aware in your experience is the love that created all that there is.

The one known as Jesus the Christ, in his teaching often altered people’s awareness radically by healing those who were ill, helping the blind to see and the lame to walk. When faced with that which would seem miraculous, the dream of Earth falls away and all things become possible for that entity at that moment. The challenge therefore, my brother, is to create moments that strip away the torpor of careless unbelief. It can be done by you or by anyone with a keen enough desire. We would ask you to believe with no doubts or hesitations in the validity of that which you wish to do. And we would suggest to any soul who sets out to serve that there be a constant and unremitting request for aid.

That which you have set before you is a task that requires allowing the self to be empty in order that the chalice of flesh that is your earthly temple may be filled with the power of the living Creator each and every day. Let not your intention grow old or stale, but set it anew as each sun rises and as each sun sets. Speak, to the daytime and to the nighttime, your desire to serve. And know that the nature of your desire is that which this instrument would call “magical,” using the term as it is used by the white Western magical tradition known to this instrument as white magic.

The definition of a magician in this particular discipline is [one who develops] the art of creating changes in consciousness at will. This is what you hope to be able to teach, the changing of consciousness at will. Were you of a priestly nature, you might consider creating a ritual in which the mind of the Creator, that Logos of unconditional love, is invoked. However, the challenge there would be to find students who wished to discipline their earthly personalities as you have disciplined your own. It is not an insurmountable challenge, however, it is a substantial one.

Know that you do not start from zero. For within the culture in which many of those whom you would teach enjoy life there is the lip service of Christians, Jews and Muslims of their belief in one Creator who has created all that there is in love. Especially within the Christians among your students you will find an awareness of the ritual which is entirely magical in nature, of what this instrument would call “Holy Eucharist” or “Communion,” where the infinite Creator in the shape of the Christ is poured forth into bread and wine and then into each of those who worships, thereby changing the entire vibration of each of the worshipers.

It is in many cases, or should we say, in many churches, a watered-down experience, literally and figuratively, yet even in its diluted form it has the shape of the invocation of love. Consequently, as one who attempts to aid others to become aware of the power of love, it is a help and a resource. It is for you to decide how to approach this facet of your quest.

As you continue asking for help, concepts shall come to you. We encourage you to trust them and to allow new ways and thoughts and strategies to roll around within your mind in a way that does not tag them and order them, but instead allows them to roll and to tumble together, for you are asking of yourself that which is illogical and paradoxical. These two elements almost guarantee that you are on the right track, spiritually speaking, but it does mean that you cannot apply the rigors of intellectual order to your creative process. Rather, let the concepts which arise play like puppies, tumbling and rolling and allow, rather than force, your strategy to unfold.

There is a great deal to be said for the power of suggestion and you will find when you gather a group together that there is a group energy that begins immediately to prevail. Since you have an intellectual property upon which you may base those strategies which you employ at a gathering of entities, that intellectual property, that book, those ideas, create a filter. Those who filter through the book to you to learn more are ready for a group experience that is a transcendent one. Know that at such gatherings you have a tremendous arsenal of resources in the unseen realms.

There is much power in your own guidance and in the guidance systems of those in a group. Further, there are oversoul energies connected with various entities in that group, depending upon what planetary influences from which they may have originated.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

Many of those who would be drawn to a gathering you offer shall already be aware of having angelic help. You may call not only Archangel Michael, but also all of the Archangels to such gatherings. All in all, my brother, not even mentioning those of the Confederation who would be honored to lend their love and their light to any such effort, you have a wonderful group of resources from the unseen realms. And we encourage you to be aware of it and to use it and to give thanks for it.

We say this even though it is obvious to you, my brother, having had this experience with the one known as Archangel Michael, because until angelic help is requested in space/time, it cannot be offered. Consequently, ask always and thank always that great band of angels, who are, in their own way, warriors for the light.

We at this time would ask the one known as M if there is a follow-up to this query before we move on to other questions. We are those of Q’uo.

Can this love-energy information also help those with the post-traumatic stress syndrome?

We are those of Q’uo, and do not perceive a query, my brother, but would you wish us to speak upon the connection between this love energy and those with post traumatic stress syndrome?


We are those of Q’uo, and are glad to do so, my brother. The nature of this syndrome is much like the nature of those who have taken a powerful hallucinogenic that has blown out their electrical system, or as this instrument would say, their energy bodies. As you know, the model of the energy body that we use with this instrument and with our discussions in general is that of a string of energy centers that together create a body that is interpenetrated with the physical body during incarnation. To speak generally, my brother, it is an electric system and it is prone to surges that blow out part of or all of the electrical system so that it becomes dysfunctional.

Because of the fact that this particular kind of energy is a time/space energy, it can only be healed by light. The medicaments of your allopathic 2 physicians and their vast panoply of techniques for discussing the laying to rest of experiences that were too horrible for words can ameliorate the energies of distress and chaos. However, they operate only upon the physical body and it is the energy body which has been damaged.

Further, there is an element of spiritual suffering that is not often seen in less traumatic situations. When a healer wishes to aid an entity with such distress, it might be well to have the image of the blown-out part of the energy body as a gap in the light so that one could imagine oneself sewing threads of light back and forth over the hole that has been caused by the trauma and then weaving light against those woven threads to form a darn in the [hole of the] sock, shall we say, of the energy body.

Those who work with energy, such as Reiki masters and those who have the gift of touch healing are often conduits for this light work. Angelic help may be invoked for angels are wonderful sewers of light and weavers of healing. When the intention is to offer this kind of healing, then there is the possibility of touch and visualization. The work, however, needs to be done in an atmosphere of awareness that those who lay on hands, those that do the visualization, are not of themselves doing anything but offering a conduit, a channel if you will, through which light may come.

May we answer you further, my brother? We are those of Q’uo.

You’ve answered all my questions. Thank you very much.

We thank you, my brother. May we ask then if there is a final query before we leave this group? We are those of Q’uo.

Thank you, Q’uo.

We are those of Q’uo. My brother R, we thank you as well. Indeed, we thank all of those who have given their precious time and their energy in order to seek the truth this evening. It humbles us and gives us great pleasure to see the beauty of your auras as they blend together to create this sacred circle. The light of this group creates a cone far above the roof of your dwelling and it is glorious to behold. Thank you, my brothers and sister.

The energy of this instrument and this group begins to wane and so we would, at this time, take our leave of this group and this instrument, leaving each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. M has written a book on this subject that is available at www.michaeljaco.com

  2. The term, allopathic, is used by homeopathic healers to characterize mainstream, traditional medical techniques, such as prescribing drugs, used by university-trained medical doctors.