Question from G: In Session 52 of The Law of One series, Ra says there is great danger in the use of the will as the personality becomes stronger, for it may be used even subconsciously in a way reducing the polarity of the entity. 1 Q’uo, it seems that the will is a primal moving energy that is accessed, invoked and, like physical muscles, made stronger through repeated use. Is Ra saying that the will, this motion, can operate outside the purview of the conscious mind? Is Ra saying that desires of which one is unaware may take hold of the faculty of will and utilize the will for purposes which ultimately lead to a reduction of polarity? Is it safe to say that will alone has no purpose without desire to guide it? Also, how may we avoid such a scenario? Please elaborate further.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. It is a great pleasure to be called to your circle of seeking and we thank you for the privilege of being able to share with you our humble thoughts on the subject of the will.

As always, before we begin, we would ask you a favor. As you listen to what we have to say, please listen with discrimination, taking those thoughts that are helpful to you and leaving the rest behind. We thank you for this consideration, for it shall enable us to offer our thoughts without being concerned that we may infringe upon your free will.

The query that the one known as G has asked is a very interesting one, for the first distortion of the Law of One is free will. This distortion of free will is indeed [as] that which the one known as G described, a moving, primal force that is available to the use of those who would be co-creators. Therefore, let us look at who the Creator is.

Perhaps one might say that there are three basic levels of will. The first level of will is the will that has not been accessed by any entity. It is the wind on the water. It is the movement of that water as it moves from the rain to the aquifer to the sea to the air again. That free will that is the first distortion has no subject. It has no object. It is pure verb.

There is a second level of will which could be called the personal will. That is the will which creates and then enjoys maintaining preferences. One’s personal will comes into play as one meets the many, many questions of the day. What shall you have for breakfast? What book would you prefer to read? What movie would you like to see? What song would you like to hear? What style of clothing do you wish to wear? Where do you wish to live? All of these matters that matter only to you are matters of your personal will.

When there is a relationship between yourself and another, that person’s personal will comes into play and you quickly discover that often your will and the other-self’s will are not the same will. This is not a particular problem when it comes to what you shall have for breakfast or what it is that you shall read, but when it comes to questions such as, “Where do I wish to live?” the clash of the personal will of the self and the other self can be acute and create catalyst.

Such a clash of the wills is presently being experienced by the one known as R, and this entity can testify with tears and a breaking heart that there are times when the clash of personal wills can be excruciating and constitute a genuine challenge for the evolving spirit, placing the self in the fiery furnace that tempers souls.

The third layer of the will is that aspect of the disciplined personality whose watchword is, “Not my will, but thine be done.” 2 Therefore, the goal of that entity who wishes to work with the magical personality is to come into a clearer and clearer awareness of just what the will of the Creator is.

The practice of such a seeker is first to determine to his or her complete satisfaction what that will is and then, and only then, to set the intention to access that will of the Creator and marry it to the desire of the heart.

This is a tremendously subtle enterprise. It is a subtle thing, firstly to determine the will of the Creator for you, secondly to access that will in such a way as to marry it to your desire, and thirdly to create within the self the environment within which intention and desire become manifest in action.

The ways of the intellect are complex and deep. It is possible to rationalize almost any line of thought, given a length of time in which to find the rationale for such a line of thought. How many times have you heard the conversation of a born salesman and become enthusiastic over something which, upon reflection, is not what it seems at all.

As he seeks to know himself, each entity fools himself many times. The sifting and shifting through masks, personas and rationalizations can feel like an unending maze out of which there is no escape.

Indeed, the seeker who attempts to determine the will of the infinite One with his mind is doomed to confusion and folly, for the mind is not geared towards truth in a spiritual sense. The mind is geared towards the organization of elements that affect that mind and the body which goes with it so that that mind and body, that person, may be comfortable, safe and happy.

Even if that mind wishes to think upon spiritual things, that mind will be sensing into the masks and the personae that equal spiritual behavior or spiritual attitudes. The mind of man is not a tool which is created to engage in that truth that goes beyond fact and enters into essence.

Therefore, the seeker who wishes to engage the will at the level of spirituality is well served by a daily practice which removes the self from the kingdom of the mind and brings the self into the kingdom of the heart.

Thusly, it is to the heart the seeker shall most beneficially turn, walking through the outer courtyard of the heart and gathering all of his humanity in order that he may lay it down in the inner sanctum of the heart in which he may tabernacle with the infinite One. There is surcease there from the ways of the world. There is release from the tyranny of the mind. There is acceptance of all of the imperfect-seeming self by a love so great that it has called you and the creation into being.

Let us look now at the magical personality. The earthly personality is created by you with the help of your culture, your parents, your teachers, and those peers whom you wish to emulate. You try it on as a young child: “Am I this? Am I that?” You discover some things about your earthly personality. You discover your gifts. You discover those things at which you are not gifted. And then you fill in the blanks with [the ways of your] culture and those choices that you have made of whom you would like to resemble, whom you would like to emulate.

If a mask does not suit, you can discard it and pick up another. “I used to be like this, but now I am like that.” You can remake yourself endlessly—to a point. For there are things within your incarnational self, that you call the personality or the ego, which are deep-set, which are you to the bone, even to the marrow of the bone. Who knows what those characteristics are! But there are some givens in every entity’s life. And as you become more aware of yourself as an entity, you either fight them or cooperate with them. Blessed is the entity who decides to cooperate with his deep-set personality traits! For becoming more spiritual is not a matter of dropping the earthly persona. Rather, it is a matter of becoming able to call upon a faculty within the self which is impersonal.

Saying that this faculty is impersonal is not the same as saying that this faculty is not firmly and inextricably attached to the earthly personality. It is simply saying that in order to claim one’s magical personality it is necessary to know the self well enough to be able to control that earthly personality and to lay it aside for a time for the purpose of service to others.

Everything that the magician does is oriented towards expressing devotion toward the Creator and devotion to all other selves in such a way that there is a change in the consciousness of the magician. The magician realizes the scattering and distracting nature of the earthly personality upon spiritual intention and therefore, carefully creates a system of qualities and spiritual essences in a carefully laid pattern that will reach down into those parts of the self that are too deep to see, down into the archetypal and subconscious parts of the self, in order to evoke those powerful, deep essences that tune the mind and the heart so that the self as a whole rings and resonates with infinite value at the level that shall never change.

The desire of an entity is like a firefly—it flits here and there, fixing on things small and large and infinite with bewildering speed. The same entity can desire a certain flavor of ice cream, peace on earth for all mankind, and that parking place that just became available, with bewildering speed. And all desires are true and real in their way. It is at those times when one is tabernacling in silence with the infinite One that the firefly of desire lands just for a moment, just for a spell of time, infinitely short and infinitely precious, and comes to rest at a still point that opens up into all of infinity and eternity.

It is from those timeless moments out of time that one can bring back a growing ability to know one’s desires for what they are and can begin to separate the ice cream and the parking place from the hope of peace.

There is a hunger which comes to one who finally understands that he knows nothing; there is a hunger for the presence of the living Creator. It is a hunger that can never be slaked in the world of ten thousand things. It is a precious hunger. It is a hunger more precious that the fullness of all desires being realized in the world. It is a hunger that calls forth devotion, that lives on faith, that knows beyond all knowing, that has awareness with no content.

It is that hunger, that desire, that fuels the work of the magician. And, my brother, as you work with the will, as you seek to use the will in a way consonant with your spiritual aspirations, you are seeking that grail which is the most real thing in the world of illusion. As you move beyond the desires of the body and the desires of the mind into that emptiness filled with devotion which comes to you in that inner room, you are preparing yourself to be a powerful person. It is when you have become this powerful person that you must be exceedingly careful with the use of the will.

An entity who is living in the world does not have power. It is very rare that an undisciplined personality can muster his will and have force behind it. But it is the most common thing in spiritual seeking for an entity who has become aware of his power to find himself lost in the maze of the self he does not yet know, those portions of selfhood that have so far escaped his awareness.

This instrument is currently working to discover one of these shadow areas she has found within herself. Knowing herself to be a powerful entity, she is concerned that unbeknownst to her, aspects of this unintegrated self may rain judgment down on innocence and cause harm to another which was not intended.

In the end, all effort must be laid aside and faith must be invoked, for there is no end to the subtlety and the complexity of the human mystery. You are inevitably going to be surprising yourself with who you are for the duration of your lifetime. Every living entity is a Creator and contains all things. Every living entity creates his own universe and makes the laws that rule that universe.

As you work with your perceptions of yourself, your will and your desire, you shall wander down twice as many false streets as true ones. Therefore, rely most of all on faith—faith in your good intentions, faith in the process itself, and faith in the Creator that gave you all that you need to do the work that you came to do.

We would ask if there is a follow up to this query. We are those of Q’uo.

Not to the main question Q’uo. Thank you.

We thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

There is a query from the Bring4th forums. “I would ask Q’uo to address the attitude of fear. Our society is permeated with contrived, fearful scenarios of what might happen that seem to keep even the most spiritually adept individual off balance and looking for either cover or succor. The news media shows escalated discord and even panic as people are polarized around various issues. Can you give us some suggestions as to how to find a balance between being reasonably informed, yet not contributing to the creation of a negative reality? Is it even advisable to stay informed of world events at all? Or would you recommend an ‘ignorance is bliss’ approach and just avoid any mention of negativity and fear? Can you give us some reassurance that the STS entities won’t succeed in taking away our freedoms?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query and we thank you for it. It is indeed so that the workings of service-to-self polarized entities depend heavily on fear, for fear and love cannot coexist. Either one or the other shall engage your attention.

Answering the latter part of your query first, we would assure you that the time of the dragon is short. There are always hopes of repetition of those who would rule by empire and enslave others for the use of the self. Yet you have seen empires rise and fall in all of your recorded history and even within the memory of those within this circle there have been the sound of falling idols as one dictator or another is brought to dust or at least into retirement from his evil.

Tyranny has not won, nor can it win, the mind and heart of mankind. What it can do and what it enjoys doing is ruling nations and creating within those nations climates of fear as you noted in your query.

What does this fear do to the spiritual seeker? On the physical level those who rebel against dictators and tyrants can die, or be made very uncomfortable. They can be put in jail. They can be tortured. Their hearts cannot be changed, nor can their minds. And in general, the real day-to-day activities of humankind move below the radar of these governmental tyrants.

Consequently, we would suggest that it is entirely up to an entity as to whether or not he stays abreast of the news of the day. Some entities do not have a great curiosity about it, and it certainly is not needful for a spiritually healthy and fulfilling life. There are many, however, whose personalities are such that they do wish to stay abreast of what is happening and we find that there is no harm whatsoever in learning all that you wish to learn about the affairs of the day as long as you remember that you are not here to judge, but to love that which you see. All that you see is love in some distortion or another and you are here to reflect love back into that which you see.

Therefore, gaze deeply within as you see the news of the day, asking for insight as to the patterns of service to self and service to others so that you may see beyond the details into the grand patterns that are moving energetically within the global web of energy that is the Earth. And as you come into realizations concerning how the two polarities work and how they complement each other, open your heart to love what you see, to send love into the situations that disturb you, to rejoice with those things that you see that speak to the primacy and the victory of love, for that you shall see beyond all of those implements of fear that so abound in your outer world.

May we ask if there is a final query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

That was a beautiful response, Q’uo. A final question comes from K, from India, and he says, “I am a Hindu by religious upbringing. My distortion of the One is largely experienced through the legendary divine Hindu figure of Sri Krishna. I have always been intrigued by this character through whom I have offered devotion and brickbats 3 to the One. I remembered that there were some questions in the Ra series in terms of unraveling the identity of the one whom we know as the Christ. I am similarly possessed with a quest to know who the true Krishna was.

“My question for Q’uo is this: Who was the legendary character of Sri Krishna, who is a now a much-revered Hindu deity? What are his origins? And if he was real, what was his purpose with respect to the Law of One?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. That entity which you call Krishna was, as was Jesus the Christ, an historical entity. However, your stories are older by far than the stories of those of the Middle East that created the many Christs of which Jesus the Christ was one.

Shall you go back 9,000 years to find Krishna, the entity? Or shall you accept that like Jesus, the Christ, he became Christ by taking on a cloak of Christhood?

Further, can you find Krishna in your clothing? Have you taken on the cloak of Krishna-hood? We do not speak to you in near riddles without reason. There is much for you to discover within yourself and we would not take this learning from you, my dear friend.

We thank you for this query and we rest with you in constant meditation, which you may call on at any time that you wish to rest and feel loved. For all entities need that sensation of being loved and being supported.

It is an honor to offer this to you.

We find that the energy of this group and this instrument has begun to wane, so at this time we would leave this instrument and this group rejoicing in your beauty, thanking you again for inviting us to join your session of working and leaving you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai vasu.

  1. Here is that quote in context: “Ra: Acceptance of self, forgiveness of self, and the direction of the will; this is the path towards the disciplined personality. Your faculty of will is that which is powerful within you as co-Creator. You cannot ascribe to this faculty too much importance. Thus it must be carefully used and directed in service to others for those upon the positively oriented path. There is great danger in the use of the will as the personality becomes stronger, for it may be used even subconsciously in ways reducing the polarity of the entity.” 

  2. This quotation is a paraphrase of Jesus Christ’s words in the Garden of Gethsemane, the night before He was crucified. The reference is, Holy Bible, Mark 14:36, “And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt.” 

  3. When consulted for his interpretation of this “brickbat,” K wrote, “A brickbat is a very blunt criticism, a meaning derived from the analogy of using bricks as weapons. To be candid, I give the infinite Creator a lot of verbal abuse, apart from praise and worship.”