The question is from S, who asks, “Could you tell me the difference between space/time and time/space? This was a question that was covered in the Law of One but I would love to hear Q’uo talk about time/space for I still do not understand it very well even from an abstract point of view. When entities live in time/space, what is their life like? We move freely in space but move slowly in time. Do entities in time/space move freely in time and slowly in space? We do not control our movement in time. Do they not control their movement on space?”

(K channeling)

I greet each of you here this morning in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. As always, we are pleased to be called to this group. When you seek that which we also seek you chose to know more and ever more of the mystery which surrounds us and expands infinitely in which direction we choose to go.

We have spoken many times of the path of seeking, of the mystery we see before us along this path. But the path of seeking is not a straight line, my children. If you wander off any line that is not straight you are still on your path of seeking. For to the one who seeks the mystery the entire life is a path. It contains many seemingly circuitous roads. But when it is realized that each present moment contains infinity, that each point in space/time or time/space contains all that there is, the concept of a straight line being the way the path is is recognized to be only an analogy.

You wish information this morning on the concept and the nature of time/space. Time/space is that which surrounds you at all times and in all spaces, shall we say. In your present illusion you are consciously aware of space/time and it is that in which you conduct your daily activities. It is that with which you are most familiar. Time/space permeates all of space/time and you move within this as well, although you do not have as great a degree of awareness of this.

You are aware that space/time is the home, shall we say, of the illusion of incarnation and that when an entity is not conscious of being within the incarnational illusion, whether between incarnations beyond the process of physical incarnation or in some other way aware of the dimensions of space/time—whether in the dreaming state or other means of alterations of consciousness—then the field of time/space is that of which the entity has primary awareness.

Time/space is that realm within which we are able to be with you at all times, that we may inhabit space/time as well. The movements which are possible to make in time/space are variable as are those in space/time and perhaps more widely variable because of the greater divergence of types of entities that inhabit time/space. There are entities of more differing densities that inhabit these realms and their abilities to move vary according to their individual development. [This] is also true of space/time which in your current illusion is inhabited by the first, second, third and beginning of fourth-density entities. And you may see the divergence of the abilities to move in, for example, the rock entity which moves very slowly in space as compared to the third-density entity which moves about in space seemingly at will, limited only by such physical laws as the entity is aware of.

There are similar laws governing the fields of time/space and similar divergences in the abilities of varying entities to move therein. We ourselves have developed abilities to move much more freely, shall we say, than the time/space counterpart of the walking entities of which you are familiar. Each entity that has the appearance of solidity in your illusion also has the time/space counterpart which exists in a superimposed, shall we say, manner. This time/space counterpart is discernible to some of your entities who have developed the capacity for this type of perception.

The time/space counterpart is that which is worked with very often by those with healing abilities. Each here is aware of such instances. Thus, the separation between time/space and space/time is not such a clear-cut distinction as you may have thought, although it is possible to move purely in the realms of time/space without being a part of space/time. It is not possible to be in space/time without also being part of time/space or the time/space realm containing, shall we say, those of space/time.

We notice this instrument’s struggle with the various terms used and apologize for the limitations of language and speech for we are attempting to communicate complex concepts with a very limited amount of words that may be applied to them and thus of necessity reuse words in slightly different applications when the meaning would be clearer were there different words available. However, this being the illusion we must all do the best we can, shall we say.

I am Q’uo, and we feel that these words are a sufficient beginning upon this topic and would be happy to respond to further questions should they arise among those here or others that participate in seeking with this group. At this time we transfer to the one known as Jim and will close the session of workings with this instrument. I am known to you as those of Q’uo, and leave this instrument at this time.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light. It is our privilege to offer ourselves at this time for any queries that you may have for us. May we speak to any query?

I have a question [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The question of praying in a manner which is helpful and efficient, as you may say, is a question which could be answered briefly if one were willing to accept a synopsis, or a question which could be answered at great length for it is one that, as do most questions concerning the spiritual journey, could be answered infinitely, for it is one which also touches upon and reflects the entire spiritually oriented life. For as one learns to live in a conscious fashion one is learning to pray. And as one learns to pray, as you call it, one learns to live in a consciously oriented fashion. For to pray and to live the conscious life is to become aware of the central feature of all life and that is love. To live consciously in love is to see the Creator in all and this includes, of course, the self. To learn to pray is to learn to address the love within oneself and to speak to that love which resides in other individualized portions of the one Creator. And to ask that love [to] move and use its forming abilities to aid another self or system of selves or situation.

As one becomes aware of the relationship between the Creator and the creation one sees that the power of love is that which moves all things and all entities in patterns or in rhythms, cycles and in seasons, that this enabling function of love may be hindered or blocked by thoughts and attitudes that express themselves in behaviors that stop up or block the free flow of love. This alteration of the power of love in any life pattern allows for a more varied experience, for it would not be thought of by any entity who lived in perfect harmony with love to stop its movement.

However, as each entity within the creation desires to serve the Creator by providing experience that allows the Creator to know Itself so then does each entity alter to some degree this basic motivational power of love. Altering or distorting the flow of love causes the necessity for a balancing action that will once again allow the love to move freely. This process of blocking and unblocking the flow of love is that process which you call experience or evolution. This is a simplistic description but [one] which we feel is basically accurate for each portion of the Creation. Thus, as you pray and seek to intercede or call for another’s intercession on behalf of one you feel is in need you ask that the power of love to move freely be restored in an area where it has been blocked.

As you are more in touch or in tune with this power of love within your own life pattern you are able to appreciate and manifest this power in your own life pattern and to offer a catalyst or way by which love may be offered to others. Engaging in the process which you call prayer is one way which you may open a door or gateway for another entity by calling upon individualized portions of love to share their love with the one for whom you intercede or seek intercession. Your own awareness of this process and your own desire to be of service to another are those qualities which enhance the prayerful attitude.

As you call upon entities such as Jesus the Christ, various saints or archangels, the mother of Jesus known as Mary, or any angelic presence to intercede for another you are providing the purity and intensity of your own love as a request, a call which is heard because of the purity and intensity by the presence whom you seek and this presence hears the call no matter how weak and responds according to its strength, purity and sincerity. The response is in a form which the one whom you wish to aid can accept, whether it be an immediate healing, as you would call it, which occurs in some few cases, or the sending of the general quality of healing, love and light energy that the entity may utilize in a less immediate or more diffused manner according to the entity’s own ability to contact those qualities of will and of faith that may open the door to the healing power of love for it.

Is there another query, my sister?

[No further queries.]

I am Q’uo, and we are pleased to have been able to utilize both the one known as K and the one known as Jim. In this session of working we feel that each entity has been able to open itself to a wider range of concept and we are pleased that each has continued to improve the desire to serve others in this manner. We applaud the perseverance that is necessary within your illusion to penetrate the great wall of mystery that surrounds all third-density entities. Your perseverance and your desire are likened to small but brilliant lights that illumine a portion of your way so that you may continue your movement in seeking and in service.

At this time we shall take our leave of this group, thanking each for once again inviting us to join you in your journeys in a way that is immediate and effective in expanding the limits of perception. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.