The question this afternoon has to do with the general qualities as a light center that the area occupied by N would have as a center for individuals and for individuals that are seeking to work out their own ways of learning and of being of service to others by what they learn. What kinds of energies are necessary for such a center? How are these energies being expressed there now with the opposition that has occurred in this area and how can people who wish to partake in the center help as individuals in producing the light that might be of service to others? And how can the center, as a grouping of individuals, be of the most service to those whom they would wish to serve?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings to each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are very grateful to be able to share our thoughts with you and to share in the beauty of your meditation. And we thank you for calling our particular energy to your circle at this time. There is a peace, a quality and nature of peace, that is seldom grasped or understood by those who have not suffered from its seeming loss, and it is that peace that we share with you and which we thank each of you for sharing with us.

To begin to answer the questions that you have asked about spiritually helpful places to be—in the body, in the mind, and in the spirit—we would begin by gazing at the question of energy points or grids, places of power, as they are sometimes called among your peoples. The third density places of power are not particularly close together. The energy web does not have as many nexi of concentrated energy. With each level of vibration, each sub-octave of awareness, the energy grids become more tightened and numerous. Thus, if one were to superimpose over a chart of third-density energy centers, the selfsame chart of fourth-density energy centers of the planet would fit into it but would also greatly elaborate and expand the number and kind of places of power.

This potential web of power or energy is available not only in third density, but a third-density entity may, by its own spiritual work in consciousness, become able to discern more and more the multiplicity of places of power if one is seeing from the standpoint of the love of fourth density, the ever-multiplying wisdom of fifth, and the immensely bright and universal pattern of energy grids of sixth density. Consequently, we would answer the question about the placement of any spiritual center by saying that it is as light-filled as is the awareness and crystallization of the entities upon whose soil these entities wish to grow, to learn and to manifest whatever fruits come from the journey of the pilgrim.

Thusly, we would simply remove from the question the idea that we could in some way judge energy or power in any one place, for it is quite subjective in terms of how the power of any one place will aid an entity. This information must be learned in a subjective way, in a way of experiencing and feeling the tug of heart which in its wisdom knows a great deal more than the mind can ever find words to express. There is no place that is closed off from the love of the one infinite Creator. There is no place which is not holy ground.

Now, let us look at the situation in other terms. The journey of the seeker is from its Source to its Source. It is a circular journey—or, rather, a spiral journey—of learning, awakening, manifesting and gaining the strength within each part of the field of consciousness that is your true self that in time, as you would call it, enables an entity to have the spiritual mass to be affected by spiritual gravity, which becomes more and more nearly irresistible until, ultimately, there is no interest whatsoever in manifestation, but only in becoming the unthinking, unsolidified, infinite and unself-conscious Logos or Love, that is, the nature of the one infinite Creator.

As you begin your experience as a being, you find yourself first in a very simplistic kind of environment where the Creator’s hand visibly moves, as this instrument would say from her holy work, “upon the face of the waters.” Earth, air, wind and fire form many, many places where there is more and more the possibility of solidification from spirit to a very simple manifestation of some kind. This manifestation is a process that continues, and, as each entity grasps the conditions and the learnings of one particular school room, it moves to another.

The bodies that you carry about with you are good examples of the work of second density. It is always an error to assume that that which is your physical vehicle is in any way yourself. The physical vehicle which you enjoy is a creature, valued and valuable to the Creator. It has come from the unsolidified ethers before manifestation to the point where, were we talking in terms of normal circles, the nadir or lowest point in the cycle of spirit and manifestation occurs.

This is your position at this time. You shall never see this particular kind of manifestation, this excellence and thoroughness of illusion, when lessons within this density have been learned. This is the density of confusion, suffering, loss, risk and choice, for the spirit that is you is now able to manifest through its physical vehicle the most of which each is capable in terms of the fruits of the spirit, in terms of the silent witness to spirit that may be seen within the eyes and the auras of those who have taken up their choice. This particular state has been called “maya,” illusion.

The irony of the Creator’s humor is never more present than in calling the third density one in which one is able to do great things, for, indeed, at the point at which you are within the conceptual framework of maya, you are least able to do spiritual work. It is in this environment that you must do the foundational spiritual work upon which platform, builded by you, you shall stand as you refine, and refine again, and refine again the concepts which you have of the Creator, of the nature of the creation, and of your responses to the Creator and the creation. Thus, as each of you believes in the illusion that this is the place to express and manifest and do work that can be seen by others, it is joyfully and humorously true that you are at your least sharp, your least keen, with respect to spiritual journeying, for this illusion is extremely good. And that which you learn within this illusion is learned through a surrender you shall never have to make once you have made it now.

The surrender of which we speak is the surrender of the life, the perceptions, the gifts and the talents, the troubles, the woes, the beauties, all of these things surrendered to the energetic and infinite one Creator. As you sit in your seemingly very solid supports, as your ears, your skin, your eyes, all of your senses, feel and hear and see so many things, it would seem as though this was the realest of all possible environments or experience. However, the illusion is intended to be seductive; that is, it is intended to move the attention away from invisible and infinite things. It is an illusion in which it is a feat of great difficulty to experience the deepest truth about oneself, which is that each self is not solid, is not permanent, does not have an ego, does not have a form, does not have blue eyes or brown, golden hair or dark. How can one refute such a seemingly silly point of view about third density, for there it all is in front of your eyes, in front of your ears, in front of your heart? Things which seem good; things which seem not good; things about yourself which you would judge; things about others that you would judge. All of these ephemeral and useless activities being made possible by the excellence of the illusion of this density.

In meditation, in sitting with the self and allowing the self to be, just to be, there is a process which goes on within each, below the level of conscious awareness for the most part, where the spirit is preparing itself for the surrender of all that it thinks it is in order that it may do the will of the one infinite Creator in all situations.

You seen so solid to yourself. Yet, if we were to suggest to you that there was a microscopic animal which dwelt in the vicinity of your bed clothing and lived off of the flakes of skin dropped by the sleeping entity, you would dismiss the importance of knowing about such a small being. Yet, could you not also be one of the molecules of such a creature, being fed by one which would seem to you to be so gigantic that it would create a universe? It is well to remember that size and all manifestations are illusory. You could be that small entity which lives in the mattress, and you can allow yourself to feel that smallness at this time.

Be aware of the smallness of your solidified self. Look at that self in relation to this gigantic being which, of itself, offers you food. It is no mistake or coincidence that the universe that is seen by the greatest telescopes and the universe that is seen by the greatest microscopes in cyclotrons seem identical. Relax that solidified self at this time. Allow the spirit within you to feel the consciousness which you truly are, to release itself from the judgments and condemnations of humankind. Feel yourself as the servant that you are, as the prodigal who wished to move forward, to climb that great arc which is the second part of the circle of being, finally to come to the house of the infinite One, to be greeted and fed and rejoiced over as prodigal sons and daughters.

Now, what we have been attempting to do is to give you some idea of the actual environment in which you live because that which each wishes to do to praise the Creator’s name is within each, has been placed within each by the self before the incarnation—not the solidified self, but the field of consciousness that you truly are. Consequently, this incarnational experience is all about making choices. You may call them choices between darkness and light, hate and love, discord and unity, or any of the numberless theses and antitheses that bark your shins as you walk through the waters of experience.

So, what can you do in one place and yet, not in another? You can do that which you allow yourself to do. Do you feel weak? Examine this. Do you feel strong? Examine this. For what are you feeling—the illusory environment or the love and the light of the one infinite Creator? We ask you to see that all things, from your environment at its farthest distance to the intimate environment of your conscious mind, all things are illusion. This is the worst possible environment for you to make sincere, heartfelt and loyally kept choices having to do with the path of service which each wishes. It would not be an effective environment for the maturing spirit were it not completely believable.

You are working in the darkest of nights and there is a sliver of moon which is your only illumination, besides that star of hope, to guide you as you seek to become spirit again, in no way displeased with the entity, the creature, that carries you around so sacrificially, but that you begin to see that the spaces you wish to explore are other than the commonly understood spaces of time and space. Because this is the worst possible condition for you to make your choice of service, this is where all entities must make their choice. We do not say that it is an easy school room in which to learn, but, rather, that you were put in the most difficult situation in order that you could begin to distinguish between the things that occur, that happen to you and around you, and the response which you give to these things. Any number of things, positive and negative, occur to entities. Yet, it is within each entity, and each entity for itself alone, that each choice is made.

We ask each, as you sit upon this illusory furniture within this illusory house upon this illusory earth, to allow yourself to release the illusion and to feel the strength of your field of consciousness, to surrender this incarnation to that field of consciousness that you are, that, in surrendering the illusion—that which can be measured—you open yourself to eternity and that which cannot ever be measured. For, within the spiritual seeking, it is those things that are immeasurable and infinite which draw one onward and ever onward to the greater and vaster beauties of the immeasurable that are to come. It is in this seeming battlefield of negative emotional states that the pure spirit within you must allow itself to be born.

How frightened each of you is during this birthing process. How often you wish to move back into the measurable, into that which can be handled and controlled. But the choice that you are making as a spiritual infinite being of light is the choice to express, first of all, a recognition of the infinite love of the one infinite Creator, that Creator which loves you personally, intimately and infinitely. The choice then seems to become easier: to give back that love, to allow oneself qualities and not quantities of love.

And when one has realized itself as the servant of the Divine One, as the channel through which infinity, light and love may be channeled, one prepares oneself for the basic choice. Having experienced the immeasurable beauty of the Creator, having experienced those things that cannot be measured by any instrumentation, you prepare yourself for this choice: to love the Creator by serving other entities in the Creator’s name, or by serving the Creator by controlling others in order that they will be able to move along the path which you have found to be helpful. The difference upon the surface between these two choices seems not so wide. In actuality, it is the greatest abyss imaginable, for those entities whose paths and service are positive and those who are negative have within themselves, first, the way they gaze at the self and at what occurs day by day and minute by minute.

There is every possibility in the beginning that it may not seem that you have made much of a choice, for the first job of those who seek to serve is to fall in love with themselves, not as creatures who are perfect, not as creatures who are elite or in any way better than anyone else, but as creatures who have, quite reliably, a dark side. All of this you must fall in love with, for it is written within this instrument’s holy work that the one known as Jesus said, in eradicating the Ten Commandments, that there was a new covenant, a new agreement, that each entity was to love the Creator with every possible part of the self and to love others as one loves the self. So you see, when you have become aware of the Creator, you must then become aware of the beauty of the self, for only insofar as you love the self can you have true compassion for other selves.

And while you are learning to love yourself with all of your imperfections, it seems somehow as though there were a selfishness to this process. This is incorrect; it is the learning process. In the Creator all things are perfect and all things are one. In manifestation, all things are imperfect and all things are several. You stand at the crossroads upon the greatest illusion that you shall ever experience, and you must allow yourself to love yourself, to forgive yourself, to accept yourself, so that you may go forth rejoicing and then gaze at the illusion with new eyes.

If you have fallen so completely in love with the self that the self becomes the universe, then the path upon which you tread will be more and more negative as you attempt to show other entities just how wonderful it is to experience the Creator and the self as do you. This is a path of that which is not; this is a path which celebrates that separation that the world of maya offers to the discerning observer.

The other choice, once one has learned to love the self, is to move beyond the self, not in judgment but in compassion, loving this way or that way, whichever way one can, accepting inevitable, seeming barriers as well as seeming successes because of the realization that you shall never know within this illusion how well you have done, how close you have come to the mark which you set for yourself before this incarnation. You have no control, no power over circumstances such as which occur within the illusion. You do, however, have enormous power to choose that which you shall pay attention to, that which you will assimilate deeply, and that which you will allow to be shed from the back as if you had on the raincoat.

So, your situation is that you are, as far as possible, in the great realm of eternity from spirit and more full of illusion than you have ever been or will ever be. This is a bright, flashing moment—a parenthesis in eternity—during which you make the choice of how you will proceed upon the great road which wends its way at last to the Source and Ending of all things.

We would ask you to be aware in all things of what the choice truly is, how deeply it begins. You don’t simply choose your actions; you choose your perceptions. If you are a stewardship of the love of the one infinite Creator, you will gaze upon all circumstances without fear and simply plumb that situation as deeply as possible in search of options which are loving both to the self and to other selves.

So, all places are places of power if that place is your geographical, topological home in this illusion. We would not have entities dashing off to the “Mt. Shastas” so prevalent within your literature. With all those well-meaning entities in one spot, surely the Earth itself would tip and be unbalanced! Your home is where you are; your place of power is where you stand; and that which you receive is as pure and complete as you may allow it be.

We ask you to keep this joyous story of heartbreak and larger life gain nearby to the self and not in any way to brag or boast about the exciting process of nurturing that small spirit within you and protecting it from the illusion. For, as one speaks of those things…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…for all are going to the same home; all are submerged in illusion. And the loving heart that will open to the infinite love and light of the one Creator is that entity which shall witness to a quality indescribable within your illusion: absolute and unconditional love.

There is more material upon this subject. However, this instrument requests that at this time we move to a question and answer period, for the energies of this particular instrument are somewhat depleted. And so, with thanks to this instrument and to each of you, we leave this instrument in love and light and would continue this session of working through the one known as Jim. We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves to any queries which you may have. Is there a query with which we may begin?

[Question is difficult to hear. It has something to do with meditation with one’s focus being the sun.]

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. For many, many ages have peoples of your planet, and others as well, worshipped that entity that you know as your sun body, for it has been known by many peoples in a variety of your cultures that there is great energy that is life-giving embodied within this spiritual being that manifests as your sun. This entity is that which you may conveniently call Love or Logos, for it is with the one Creator a co-Creator of this portion of the one creation and, as a being of completeness, offers itself wholly, that life in all forms might be nurtured in the area of its care.

Thus, you may offer yourself in meditation to this being in any manner which expresses your connection to, and appreciation of, the creation or any portion of it in which you move and have your being. There is great depth of awareness that may be awakened as you continue to offer your honestation or devotion to those principles of unity, of love and of light which are perfectly embodied within this sun body. Thus, you may with benefit contemplate, before your meditation, those qualities which you wish to nourish within yourself and to radiate in an outward fashion to others as a result of your communion in meditation with the sun body.

Is there a further query, my brother?

[Question is difficult to hear. It concerns planetary information contained in the Vedas and whether this information is accurate, particularly with respect to descriptions of “hellish” planets where punishment is given.]

I am Q’uo, and believe that we have a grasp of your query. We would refer your thinking to the underlying symbolic nature of all inspired writings that seek to impart those truths that lie beyond the boundary of words by using the vehicle of words in a fashion which describes relationships and the various levels of relationships of one portion of the creation to another, in order that the student of the evolutionary process may begin—and we stress begin—to appreciate the vastness of the creation of the one infinite Creator.

We would speak to the particulars of your query by suggesting that there are many, many inhabited planets that are at a level of evolution that is not as accelerated, shall we say, as is your own at this time, that have experiences which are of a more gross or unrefined nature that would appear to many of your own people to be of what you describe as a “hellish” quality. However, it must be kept firmly within the mind that each environment or planet has its own perfectly revolving system of entities, relationships, experiences and possibilities. Each fits perfectly within its own evolutionary scheme so that there is no punishment or reward, in the absolute sense, other than that which is contained within the mind of any seeker, for as you are well aware, that which many would see as the greatest of difficulties or punishments may be seen by one who has a broader perspective as the greatest of opportunities for advancement, just as it can be said that what would seem to another entity to be the most fertile grounds for advancement would seem to another to be narrow and restricted in possibility. The breadth and depth of the perspective is that which allows an entity to see greater or lesser opportunity.

Thus, it is well said that the area that you call Heaven could easily be destroyed if occupied by a fool and the area that you call hell could be enlightened if occupied by a saint.

Is there another query, my brother?

Is it important to accept our sensuality and sexuality in this density or illusion in order to develop a sense of wholeness? In other words, is there a danger in denying that aspect of this illusion and thereby missing the lessons that the sensuality and sexuality of this density have to offer?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. It cannot be said to be a, as you would call it, “hard and fast rule” for all entities, for each entity is unique, and a pattern of incarnations previously completed may require of an entity certain particular lessons within the current incarnation. But there is the path of the kundalini that, traveling through the energy centers or chakras, is a necessity for all entities at some point or within an accumulation of incarnations, so that the red-ray energy center, which deals with the reproductive and sexual energies of the entity, may be seen as that which is the foundation stone upon which the rest of the building of the personality shall be placed.

Just so, this energy must also move in a balanced fashion from the red ray and proceed upwards to the orange ray, where the individual power of expression is manifested in the incarnation in a fashion which allows the uniqueness of the individual to express itself, using that same energy which has moved through the red ray and which continues, if unblocked, to the yellow, the green, and so forth, so that when an entity has been able to activate and balance each energy center the intelligent energy or prana of the one Creator moves through each center to be met at the indigo ray center or brow chakra, allowing the union with the indwelling love and light of the one Creator and the opening of the entity to the fully experienced presence of the one infinite Creator.

Thus, it is necessary at some point within each incarnative pattern that all energies and their manifestations shall be experienced and balanced so that the prana will have free access to, and movement through, each center of energy.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Are there teachings—are there stones, in the center of this planetary sphere that have information for each individual entity on the surface of this sphere? And is there benefit to contacting these stones for information that can help us understand the lessons that we are learning?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. There are many resources, including the stones of which you speak, that await the exploration of the seeker of truth so that as each seeker progresses upon its chosen journey there may be the opportunity to accumulate knowledge and experience at all levels of its being. There are enough resources of this nature that there is, what you might call, a redundancy factor inbuilt into not only the third-density planetary sphere which you now inhabit, but also inbuilt into its inner planes, as you call them, so that as a seeker calls for assistance in attempting to understand and balance those lessons that are before it, it might receive information and inspiration from those resources or areas which its previous experience and current desire have prepared it to be able to hear with that inner hearing that is necessary for the discrimination of those messages which are received in many, many different ways.

Is there another query, my brother?

No, not right now. Thank you very much for your response.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother, for your queries and your devotion. Is there another query at this time?

I have one that follows up on what’s just been discussed. It’s been my personal experience in this life that lovemaking is a magical ritual, like Holy Communion in the Christian church. And that has been supported by more and more feeling through the years until the point now where I realize not just the pleasure of myself or the sensuality of myself but that it is offered as a prayer to the infinite One. I know a lot of people don’t see it that way. I was just wondering, could you comment on that?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. As you are aware from previous study, there is a path to the one Creator that may be traveled by utilizing that which you may call the high sexual magic or ritual magic where the energy that enters through the root chakra is built and stored until it is allowed to move upwards through the centers of energy and is released through the brow and crown chakra at that culmination which you call the orgasm. And, at this point the energy then moves into the energy web of the planetary sphere to be harmonized with by the realization of the unity of the small self with the great Self which is the one Creator.

As the small self reaches, then, with this experience of ecstasy, the one Creator begins to reach in return in a fashion which allows the harmonic expression of the creative power of the universe to reverberate in the sine wave fashion within the small self which has offered itself and its experience as a means by which the one Creator might be known and glorified.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

The energy that rises in the base chakra—is that Earth energy? And how much of that is unlimited and can be stored? Are there unlimited vast amounts of this energy that can be stored?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. If we understand correctly the definition of your Earth energy, this is not the energy which moves through the system of chakras or centers of energy during any experience of energy exchanges of your third-density population. Rather, the energy which is moving through the system of chakras is that which may be called intelligent energy, or the prana which gives life to all creation, and which may be opened in the ability to receive by any seeker as the seeker balances those distortions that exist within each center of energy, and in this balancing crystallizes or regularizes the centers of energy so that they may traduce the prana of the one Creator in a clear and lucid fashion, losing not one iota of energy to distortion, but allowing this energy to be stepped up in each center until it joins with the indwelling intelligent infinity that resides in each entity as the identity of the one Creator expressing itself as the small self.

Is there another query, my brother?

When the energy rises up through all the chakra centers, and if lost—or the centers have any distortions—does that cause blockages to that energy flow?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. This is correct, and this is the reason that the work upon one’s distortions is the path of the seeker, for the path is quite literal within each system of energy centers or chakras, and as one studies the nature of these chakras one may place one’s distortions within the proper center of energy and gain an overall perspective as to the nature of the lessons, and the blockages that represent these lessons, that awaits the attention of the seeker.

Is there another query, my brother?

Do these blockages usually manifest in pain in the physical?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The blockages of energy within any energy center may manifest in a variety of ways, depending upon the amount of awareness that the seeker has gained regarding the blockages. When there is an increased awareness of a blockage and there has been work offered upon removing the blockage, the tendency of catalyst in this area is to repeat until there has been a balancing of the energy, or a removal of the blockage, as is another way of describing this process.

If there is relatively little awareness of a blockage, the blockage then has the likelihood of being given to the physical vehicle by the mental vehicle so that it may be symbolically represented as a form of what you would call disease or malady within the physical vehicle that then has the purpose of catching the attention of the mental vehicle which previously did not notice it. Pain may or may not be a part of this learning process, depending upon the needs of the seeker at a particular time. Pain is a very effective way of gaining the attention that has long been lacking.

Is there another query, my brother?

The instreamings of energy that come in from, what we may say, is the sky or the heavens and through the crown chakra, is that intelligent energy, and is its function to raise the consciousness to a higher state of unity and nourishing the body? In other words, what is the function of these instreamings of energy and what would you call it?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The intelligent energy of which we have been speaking is also known as that called prana, is also known as love/light, for it is the enabler—that which has created all that is and that which gives life to all the creation. It is the Creator in Its active mode, and enters each third-density physical vehicle through the feet and the base or root chakra, and attempts to move upward through the system of chakras to its mating point with the indwelling intelligent infinity, or whole Creator, which resides within.

Thus, you may see the intelligent energy as a feminine aspect of the one Creator seeking Its mating point with the masculine aspect of the one Creator that is indwelling within each entity as the intelligent infinity that waits in the brow and crown chakras.

The point of meeting or mating of these two energies is determined by the level of awareness of the entity that seeks the one Creator, and the success, shall we say, that the seeker has experienced in learning those lessons or removing those blockages in balancing those distortions that it has placed, itself, within each center of energy before the incarnation began in order that there might be experience gained from the discovering, the balancing and the harmonizing of each center of energy.

Is there another query, my brother?

Not at this time. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my brother. We feel that there is energy remaining for a final query. Is there a final query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and as the only remaining query is one for food from the second-density creature [the cat meowed], we shall with great gratitude thank each entity present for inviting us to join your circle of seeking this afternoon. We are overjoyed at this opportunity, and cannot express our gratitude to you in terms that are sufficient. We have no beingness within your experience without your call and without your sincere queries, and we are blessed, indeed, this afternoon with your presence and your queries.

We shall take our leave at this time of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.