Question: We would like to know the conditions of a metaphysical nature that bring about the necessity for healing in a person. We would also like to know, considering there are so many different ways to attempt to heal, so many different kinds of healing, is there one way that is better for certain people, certain attitudes, certain diseases or conditions, or is there one energy that is available through many different modalities of healing? And what can a person who seeks healing do to aid the healing process? What kind of attitude is most helpful? If there’s assistance, for example, from the natural environment? Could we receive healing energy from gardens, fountains, streams, mountains? What in general is the most helpful component in the healing process between the healer and the one to be healed?

I’d like to have some general information today concerning the field of healing. We would like to know the conditions of a metaphysical nature that bring about the necessity for healing in a person. We would also like to know, considering there are so many different ways to attempt to heal, so many different kinds of healing, is there one way that is better for certain people, certain attitudes, certain diseases or conditions, or is there one energy that is available through many different modalities of healing? And what can a person who seeks healing do to aid the healing process? What kind of attitude is most helpful? If there’s assistance, for example, from the natural environment? Could we receive healing energy from gardens, fountains, streams, mountains? What in general is the most helpful component in the healing process between the healer and the one to be healed?

(Carla channeling)

Greetings. I am of the Principle of Q’uo and bless you each in the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. We are most delighted to have been called. We offer our humble opinions to your group.

Truly, many in your group feel that there is a lack of wisdom, a lack of knowledge, a lack of authenticity. And before we begin to speak directly to the question of healing, we would ask you to gaze upon your own attention that you pay to yourself, for indeed the coin of the dearest [account] is [timed] and when you pay attention, it is as though you were delivering the goal that was given to you as a steward in the best way possible.

Healing is always best done in an atmosphere where an entity conceives of itself as real. Not simply real within one body and one density, but truly real as that which existed before this illusion occurred and which will remain in existence after this valley, shall we say, of the shadow of third density death is with you. Gaze back at this time, over each event that has occurred to you this day. Have you insulted yourself, belittled yourself, bothered in some way or another you were lacking? Very few people in third density are able to say, “I have done no sabotage to my state of mind.” One’s state of mind, one’s attitude, is primary both for the healer and the healed. So now we shall move then to the question itself.

Entities generally consider that there is a common and complete definition of health and wellness. There is also this strong belief that someone besides the self must enter into the picture of ill-health and create wellness within the entity. In no case is this true. If an entity comes to you in strong yellow-ray abundance and is able to, shall we say, jump start a condition, there is a lightening effect of that which the sickness has caused. Yet when an individual squarely gazes at the picture of itself, it realizes that it and it alone has the choice. The yellow-ray healer will be gone tomorrow and the illness shall return.

There is no need to form dependency upon one entity, especially one which, by its practice, encourages you to come again and again to the sadness of your pocket book and the joy of a doctor’s bank account. This kind of so-called healing is prevalent not simply in New Age or any of the other modalities of healing, but is also true of those of the healers who work within the limits of that which is taught within the medical schools. Now allopathic medicine as it is called by your peoples, just as all other modalities of healing, are as good as the healer and the healed. Let us gaze first at the healer. A healer does not heal. A healer learns to be clear that the Light of the Infinite One may pour through it and give to another entity the possibility of making its own choice. The various modalities of healing are those which are most effective within the [ethos] of the culture in which the healing is done. The healer itself is like the diamond or the gem—that portion of personality which many people may not go toward, guarding the self against negative thinking, is not that which the healer benefits from, for a healer is a kind of minister. A healer administers to an ill person, not simply by [inaudible], surgery or other processes, but because of the fact that the mind of the entity who is ill sees that healer, usually an holopathic one, as one who will make things better. And the simple fact that they have gone to a doctor renders many who are ill the opportunity to allow themselves the healing which they desire but which they have been unable to allow themselves.

This is not to say that the holopathic healer is not extremely effectual in many cases. It is rather that dependency upon a particular doctor that may create a place within the patient which has fear unless that particular healer is with that ill person. Consequently, if something needs to be excised from the physical vehicle, that excision is profoundly due to the healer and the art and the [necessities] which have been learned in the years of experience. However, that doctor does not and cannot erase the cause of that illness. And the loss of an organ or cancer or any symptom whatsoever, is chalked up, shall we say, not to the benefit of the healer but to the one who is to be healed and its willingness to accept this opportunity to take the catalyst of the healer’s presence and to accept it.

The healer is as the crutch, the thing that can be hung onto, the focus about which the entity begins to heal itself, believing not in itself, but in the doctor. Of course, the doctor is a patient; the patient a doctor. All things are one.

And so to doctors we would probably say, allow this vision of the self as a channel of Love and Light, to open your heart to the Infinite Wisdom that cannot be spoken, that shows itself in the hunches, in the slightly different things, in the one more test—all within the confines of holopathic medication. For an entity is not necessarily a healer because it is a doctor. Healing is indeed a state of mind, energy or consciousness field. We use the term diamond—that which is crystalized. When the healer has itself out of the way then pouring through that healer and to all that need it is the healing gift that has been given within this incarnation of which each healer is a steward. All entities have their gifts and to some that gift is healing. Whatever modality has been offered by circumstance, the learning will be secondary to the flow of love and compassion and acceptance, with strength and courage not to shrink away from an entity which is clearly, very, very ill.

Consequently, we would suggest to each who wishes to be a healer that it recognize itself as a minister, a giver of grace, a catalyst through which the Spirit sends the opportunity o; Love - that Love which heals every cell because it is every cell. At the density of the body itself, that wisdom is sure. It is the third density illusion which does not give us this fullest understanding.

So as a doctor approaches a patient, it is well to think not in terms of the pharmaceutical and either forms of harsh chemical therapy, but first to gaze in the mirror of the self and see that the self is not what you are looking at in the mirror. It is not you. You are not defined as a healer. Healing defines and refines you as any steward has a gift which puts it out, as in a parable, to gain interest. All of the enormously intricate routines and processes of healing are worth nothing whatsoever unless the patient and the healer have been able to come closely into interaction with each other to the extent that each loves the Creator in the other and which is only to do the best which it can as a healer.

So the healing, though often frenetic and busy, is actually a slow, gentle reassuring love emanating from the green-ray chakra of the healer and received when the patient is ready to become well in the green ray chakra of that entity. As hearts are shared and become one, the strength of one becomes the strength of all.

Perhaps the best advice we could give to healers is to feel that relationship as organic to the earth and its cycles. Healing, when gazed at from the perspective of second density, takes a far different meaning than that which we think of as healing. For each harvest time, all the trees are skeletons and the grass has died and even the weeds have trouble rising up from the ground to. seek the winter sun.

As the healer gazes at each case, we suggest that the healer ask of its Higher Self, “Where is the healing and the love in this situation?” For there are some who heal to life, some who heal to a somewhat limited life—but for a reason—and those who heal into death, that being a beautiful healing and not at all to be despised. We realize that these words leave out of consideration the sentiment and the worldly wisdom of those who wish to see their loved ones’ physical bodies made well and perhaps even judge the entity or the family for creating the conditions which caused this sickness.

Now let us move to the entity who is to be healed.

Perhaps firstly we should say, that unless an entity wishes to be healed, just at that moment and just by that person, it is a far better thing to relinquish that opportunity of healing. For the healing must take place at a level of very high trust. Open heart to open heart, so as the patient reckons with itself and finds that it does indeed feel that it still needs this apparent disease, that is alright. That is acceptable. It is not necessary to take damaged entities and refurbish them for the entire chemical engine of your physical being, though very wide in a cellular way, will not respond to that which the Higher Self does not feel that that entity needs or wants on a deeper level. And once again patience of the cycles of the year: the gleaning of the harvest, the darkening of the days, the rejoicing when the sun starts once again to make a lighter and brighter world for the eyes and for the hearts of all. Those things which most often create difficulty for both healer and patient are the blockages that keep entities from opening their hearts. For you see, that which is done in green-ray is fueled by the sacred energies of the lower chakras. As this entity comes to love and respect, one’s sexuality may seem to some a folly, yet it is a wonder, a Eucharist, a time of thanksgiving. Not merely because new entities are created, but because there is a transfer of strength from one partner to another, some balance wherein one who is physically weaker, may receive more strength and one whose mind is full of grand ideas, but no real aspiration, may find a blessing of the energy exchange at the green-ray level.

So if each who seeks wishes to begin somewhere, it is well to begin at the red-ray chakra of generation, of survival. How blessed it is. How thankful we must all feel, to be breathing, to be living this day. If that joy is lost or removed it still may be joy to one who has faith, just as those who live through the night have faith that the morning will come. The female in the culture in which you live is programmed to block the red-ray chakra to a great extent because the consequences of baring children are much more devastating to an entity who has casually found oneself with a child. Therefore, we do not mean-that to claim the red-ray energy and clear it one must be sexually active. That is not so. However, one must be comfortable within one’s body, with one’s sexuality. Within each fart and giggle and mole the world offers these chemical [engines] which make such funny noises and do such funny things and so gallantly carry the consciousness that you are through the experiences that you have sought and from which you hope to learn.

You understand that we are redefining healing as a healing into wholeness and that is different for each entity. Once the red-ray chakra has been cleared and energy from the Limitless Light of the One Infinite Creator is flowing upward into the body of the healer, or the patient, one then encounters the challenges of relationship. And that is why we started, so strangely perhaps, with the urge for each in this [meeting] to encourage and exhort oneself in positivity and calm and serenity with each and every relationship with the self and with others. Likewise, in yellow-ray or societal energy, it is most important to be free of the desire to control or the desire to be controlled.

For instance, before this meeting began, while the entity known as Carla was moving through the process of tuning, it became aware of that which was pulling from the yellow-ray chakra, whereby the entity took the simple fingers of the hand and made the motions of cutting with a scissor. This did not take place in space time, but there was a metaphysical drain upon the channel which is not a good idea for either the one who drains the channel or the one who is drained and thereby fails to be as strong as it could be.

When the entity has become able to clear red, orange and yellow chakras, the sexual energy, the energies of personality, the energies of ego, the energies of relationship, the energies of society, and can still move about with at least half of a grin upon the face and a light-hearted attitude, then the entity has a heart that is full of love and no longer must depend on that paltry amount of love which is given to those who live and die and that is what you experience at this point.

You cannot count upon your character or all of those things which you think are you to power you through a situation which is unacceptable. You cannot expect to live a life which is always lived within your limits of your ability to cope with it. A great deal of life is involved in failing and to many people those failures are things to be healed or they create things in the body which may be healed. The prejudices in this direction are amazingly [ingrained]. The body, like any fertile soil, will take the ideas given to it, and will take that energy which it restores itself with, and will create an instrument during which some activity will take place. As the healer touches or loves or prays for or excises from the patient, it needs to know that The Great Healer is the Love and the Wisdom in every cell of the body and in every cell of the healer. There is a bridge betwixt patient and healer. When it is a partnership it is glorious and much can be accomplished. When there is a desire to make someone well in the ways that we think we know as wellness, we are taking upon ourselves the wisdom of the world. That is to say, folly.

Therefore, let those to be healed gaze long at that illness. What is it there for? What is your lesson? What shall you do? What shall you refrain from doing?

As one looks at the various modalities of healing, we find that the question as what is the best healing and how is it done has its answer. There is no one definite way. It is unique to the healer and to the patient that that relationship may open the heart in a certain way and may give the entity who is to be healed the opportunity to choose, which it had always, but was not aware that it was allowed to have.

Often times those who are sick in a way which seems to people serious, they are concerned for the [wealth, wellness], concerned for the providing, concerned for the future, gazing back into the past and saying, “Did I cause my own cancer?”, for instance. These are only distractions. Although it may seem grossly selfish, if an entity wishes to heal from a disease and understands the cause of that disease, not that it may be healed from it and does no longer need it, then it must focus upon the Light and the Love that surround it, that permeates every cell, that is the Wisdom of the body. To surrender to this one point of wisdom of the body is to be very difficult for many who wish to help, because the well or healthy one experiences helplessness and an inability to change the situation and thereby sees the illness as a terrible weakness. However, the time for self-judgement or the time for worrying is specifically not when one is ill and attempting to progress well into health. Turn off the music in the ears that would irritate, the musical voices that speak disparagingly of one thing or another. Tune out all but that which is of help. And if there is no help to be found in a person, then let that person to be healed surrender.

[Transcript ends]