8 March, 1991

Intensive meditation

Dealing with the question this morning of why it seems to be that for each of us, throughout our lives, the mother and father relationship seems to be the most critical, the most important. The voice that we hear in our head when we do one thing or another and the voice to which we seem to respond in one pattern or another and why is it so critical as in criticizing?

3 March, 1991

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 4

Please talk about accepting and not judging the self, concepts of what we think we should do, and how this is involved in fear. How do we accept ourselves and avoid the “shoulds”?

3 March, 1991

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 5

C: I would like to know how to draw anger out of my son and re-establish a calm relationship with him. There is a lot of pent-up anger and it comes out in inappropriate behaviors. He is a very sensitive, bright child. He never felt that he fit in anywhere. He has never felt like he belonged anyplace that he’s been. He’s never been able to adapt to just functioning in the everyday world. He tends to be off in his own world quite a bit, and he can’t reconcile the two and it comes out in anger which is expressed physically and that type of thing.

2 March, 1991

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 3

We all have questions about fear. Barbara has fear of responsibility she is not able to meet, fear of the unknown, and fear of going beyond her prior limits. Carla and J fear being unable to measure up to their own standards, ability and potential. K does not wish to rely on outer authority but fears she is not equal to the task of establishing her own inner authority. Would you please speak to these fears, or fear itself?

1 March, 1991

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 2

Barbara: Yesterday’s talk from Q’uo didn’t record on my tape recorder, and I got just what little I was able to lip-read. I had meditated on the content I’d gotten and felt Q’uo’s presence, felt Q’uo knew what I did or didn’t understand. I didn’t want to ask Q’uo to take responsibility for me or my questions, but I also didn’t want to ask for repetition. Would Q’uo reshare whatever they feel I missed, that they shared last night?

1 March, 1991

Aaron-Quo Dialogues - Supplementary Session

Aaron: You ask why I am not content with the term “density.” I have nothing against the label itself, but it is your misunderstanding of the label which I was trying to circumvent, to stir you beyond that misunderstanding.

28 February, 1991

Aaron-Quo dialogues - Introduction

The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues are a series of co-channeling sessions done by Barbara Brodsky, channeling Aaron, and Carla L. Rueckert, channeling the Q’uo group. The material was received during a series of nine weekend gatherings, seven of them being held at L/L Research near Louisville, Kentucky and the other two being held at Deep Springs Center, Barbara’s non-profit group, near Ann Arbor, Michigan. These gatherings spanned about a decade of time.

28 February, 1991

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 1

Barbara: We seek to know ourselves and the Creator but do not know how to do this, as we fear we are imperfect in ourselves and our understanding, and incapable of this. How can we proceed?

24 February, 1991

Sunday meditation

How important is the knowledge of the self for a channel and for the contact? This is knowledge in the metaphysical sense, the knowledge of the essence of the self by which a channel may offer a challenge to any discarnate entity, and why, when such a challenge is offered, cannot a discarnate entity lie about who it is when it is thusly challenged. How does its knowledge of itself keep it from lying?

22 February, 1991

Intensive meditation

Q’uo: You wish information this morning on being and doing. These concepts represent the passive and active principles of nature itself. They are manifested most initially in the concepts you know of as "love and light"; love being the primary state of beingness of the infinite Creator and light being manifestation thereof. We see these basic principles extrapolated in all of the creation around you.