The question this afternoon has to do with the concept of “Not my will but Thy will be done.” When a seeker wishes to know what the will of the Creator is for him or her, how does a seeker prepare for receiving that information? How do you know when you are doing the will of the Creator? How do you meditate upon that concept? How do you get from “Not my will but Thy will” to actually discovering what the will of the Creator is?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most pleased to be called to you. We are strictured by the circumstances of this particular session of working to allow the instrument to more deeply rest in what you would call sleep, so that we may speak upon the question of how to recognize the will of the One Creator when wrapped about with the physical vehicle. Were we to have worked with this instrument in the waking state, we would have been unable to express our humble thoughts without significant distortion.

The question of finding the Creator’s will is in a way self-defeating, and for most who wish to follow that will the skill lies in that which this instrument has always done, that is, to surrender the personal will, and then express the gift of faith, love and unconditional support when and in such manner as the opportunity appears to the lucid inner eye. To ask what the will of the Father may be is in its own way predisposed to looking at the creation as a place where the Creator’s will is manifest, largely or wholly in physically observable ways—the speaking, the manifestation of right action.

Therefore, when a seeker wishes information from the infinite subjective consciousness that is the Creator, many times the seeker will receive directions which it cannot process, for its biases are those which see inaction as slacking of one’s desire to serve. This is due to a lack of ability to gauge in an accurate manner, or to skillfully value, those messages in which the only instruction from the Father is to abide.

In the state in which this particular instrument exists in the physical vehicle at this nexus, for instance, the will of the Creator has been fulfilled, this instrument having called again and again upon the deep reservoir of its spiritual will. It, like many doughty and powerful spiritual warriors upon your plane, is using more than the strictly safe amount of vital energies than it would be wise to use. It, as many such, is biased towards the sacrifice of the incarnated physical complex in order to use its gifts to the fullest. As in many cases, the instrument is less interested in the continuation of the physical vehicle than in the amount of service it may offer. This is a quantifying of spiritual stewardship. Spiritual stewardship is more lucidly approached by regarding the quality of that of its gifts which it can offer. This is to say, that the work ethic of your peoples is misaligned to respect things that can be seen and counted, at the expense of those infinite qualities of consciousness which cannot be seen or counted.

There is a line beyond which we choose not to venture in this particular offering of opinion. Already we have moved well over the line of free will in attempting to address this query. We have removed ourselves from this unacceptable invasion by encouraging this instrument to sleep. Thusly, were we able to speak at all—for although it is ever service to share our opinions—nevertheless, the strong will of this instrument could not hear the bell of rest and compline which its physical vehicle sounds within, whether it were mentioned or not. The spirit of love speaks as the instantaneous, emotional, attention-getting fire. That instantaneous light offered itself to the instrument as the rather precise readout of available physical energy. This reading was rejected by the instrument, serving as a perfect example of the situation in which the spirit speaks, but the message is rejected because of bias and the desire to use up all incarnational energy because of love of the One Creator.

This is more common than it would seem to the observatory powers of an observer of your environment who sees most entities in somewhat profound degrees of unawareness of the Creator, Its love, their nature, or their opportunities to worship in service to others and to the Creator. Most who discover the love they have for the Creator, no matter what the individual experiences of the palpable presence of that Creator, choose again and again to give all possible energy and intensity to serving more and more, without judgment concerning its own state of vital energy. Consequently, in the midst of the darkness of ignorance and unawareness among your peoples, there burn the torches of many who have chosen the path of sacrifice in order to burn as brightly and accountably as possible.

We do not have a clear resource for aiding an entity in the evaluation of its level of vital energy. When the path of service is consistently sacrificial, the entity who serves becomes unable to evaluate with any precision the state of its own energy. The usual suggestion offered by service-to-others entities is to ask those familiar with the instrument to aid the instrument in the decision to work as this group does now. It may be seen that it is not the instrument, but the harmonies of the working group which are the unity, both calling for the contact most beneficial and the degree of purity and intensity of the information offered. We have no choice, if we are to honor the energy dedicated to a session, but to communicate according to our best opinion on any question asked. Therefore, we cannot say we shall not communicate, for the energy of the instrument and of the group would be wasted.

In general, this response should be considered personal material. Although there are points of information acceptable for general use, this answer is highly anomalistic, as is the actual state of dedication which this group shows, is, although blind and suffering in darkness, still a towering faith and will. We chose to deepen the instrument’s link with the consciousness of sleep and address the level of dedication which we here find.

The general run of seekers contains little enough acceptance of servanthood that the usual encouragement is towards surrender. The will of the Father—if we may call a co-created will of self and the All Self that—is instantly manifest, not when the query is asked, but when the time and place of service is matured. The greatest portion of the Creator’s will is so interpenetrated by that which is unattached to space or time that it is in the present moment that the opportunity for service arises and is placed upon the heart of the Hierophant.

We ask such entities as you who together seek and who seek in harmony, to aid each other in encouragement of all kinds, including the encouragement of discretion. We may say that in the case of the questioner, there is no judgment, but there is the desire to give all. Each of you has this desire, but with the questioner it is also a lack of ability to estimate a state of energy, as there has been the stress of pain for a substantial portion of your time. Therefore, if the questioner is conscious, it estimates its energy as satisfactory. We do not criticize this degree of purity in any, but suggest that those with competent discernment aid the entity which wishes to bankrupt its vital reservoir.

We may conclude this query in considering that which we have described as fire. It does not come to one and not to another. It is explicit in the unfolding of circumstance. If an entity wishes to hear the voice of the Creator, to hear aloud the appropriate service described, it must wait for the rhythms of destiny to unfold in their spontaneous way. Nothing, including a surety of service, is intended for those within your plane of existence to hear and mark. Rather, the opportunity is instantaneous, and it is the entity who has surrendered all private desires to respond to the situation, not questioning whether it be one’s service, but moving from a position of spiritual abundance and rest to trust in the spontaneous opportunity for service at the level of instinct. The appropriate meditation, then, upon the will of the one infinite Creator, is the trustful relaxation into apparent ignorance.

Those who feel that they have the experience of the presence of the one Creator, and those who have the experience of lack of perceptible union with the infinite One, appear to be in different situations as regards the choosing of how to manifest the love and the light of the Creator. However, the openness of both kinds of entities to being of service are identical. Some have the experience of aloneness, of loving the Creator but feeling isolated; others feel the consolation of the spirit always. These apparent differences are an artifact of the incarnational lessons to be learned. There is no true distinction between those who love the Creator. As the strength of faith and will is, so is the entity’s true association with that great Self of which any atom of consciousness [is a part]. Each of you is the same, though your experiences vary. The dedication which is not apparent moves as the true measure of service.

Rest in knowing that many who are distressed in the search for the infinite One are beyond the illusions of the consciousness mind quite directly where they wish they were, that is, in communion with the loved infinite original Thought. Likewise, many of those who more vociferously state the closeness of the self and the Infinite are lacking true unity with any Creator except ambition and the creatures of ambition.

We find this instrument to be moving into awareness of muscle spasms, and would at this time cease to communicate, as the level needed for this session of working of sleep is soon to be finished. We again ask that this be considered personal material. We thank this group for its fidelity, and name you our friends.

We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Go forth, therefore, rejoicing in the power and in the peace of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai. We leave you in love and in light.