We’ll be looking at the question today of how does one look at and interact with people, especially friends and family that you are closely associated with, that you have disagreements with and perhaps even a dislike with and for. I would hate to leave all those prepositions at the end of a phrase, but I don’t know where else to put them, so, I guess that’ll do it.

(Carla channeling)

I greet each of you this morning in love and light. We thank you once again for the opportunity to be called to this group and to work with you, for we feel a great sense of harmony and comradeship with those of this group who, as we, are focused in the will and the desire to search for whatever truth may be discovered out of the mystery. Each is aware that this is a progressive process. That truth is not static. That as each portion of the mystery is seemingly discovered other vast unknown regions are disclosed, apparently beyond the nature of those seeking.

So that the process, or the goal, is not one of attaining the truth or discovering the mystery, but rather becoming aware of the harmonies and balances that exist within the self at each moment. These vary from moment to moment. The apparent nature of the self, in terms of perceived awareness, varies from moment to moment. Thusly, there is much flexibility required of the seeker, for when a particular truth or belief system or particular awareness is grasped tightly and applied to each situation that is encountered, then it becomes dogma and force is required in its application over a much wider area than was intended. This has been experienced and encountered in various ways by each here. Therefore we request, as always, that those hearing our words sift them as a grain that is harvested, taking to the self those truths that resonate with your harmonies and balances at the present moment, and allowing the rest to sift through the fingers as the chaff, as that which simply does not apply.

You ask for information this morning about how to deal with those other selves which are encountered in a close fashion in life. In any relationship with an other self there is even more room for variance in truth than in dealing with just the perceived self proceeding from moment to moment, for not only are one’s own ever shifting balances to be contended with, but there are also the equally shifting and much less known balances of the other self. Therefore, we may only offer information of a very general nature in this regard, for the specific dealings with other selves will always be unique to the self and the other self involved and the very moment of interaction.

There is information which we do feel may be of help in this regard. First of all is the knowledge of the true nature of unity that is beyond the illusion within which you now work. There is no separation between self and other self. Secondly, each self and other self is within the illusion a manifestation of a portion or facet of the One. This portion or facet also contains within itself various portions or facets or blendings of energies, so that while the manifestation of the self may be perceived to be changing at various times, it is still reflecting different aspects of all that there is. Each other self is doing precisely the same thing though the appearance may seem to be completely different as the other self is like the self, reflecting aspects of the one, so the other self is also reflecting aspects of the self.

Each here is aware of the function of self and other self as mirrors for the other in the process of the seeker of knowing, accepting and balancing itself. Thus, when one encounters an other self with which one has difficulty, the ultimate cause of the difficulty will always be the difficulty in perceiving the absolute unity of all and, more on the level of the illusion, the lack of ability to accept the self fully, as manifested currently by the other self.

When one encounters another self with whom one is having difficulty we would suggest, on a more long term basis, shall we say, meditations on the concept of unity, and specific concentrated periods of contemplation on the aspects of the self called up by the other self that are experienced as unacceptable, and the specific exercises in balancing and accepting that each has found most appropriate for one’s own use, for these differ with each entity.

In the case where one experiences an other self as draining the energy or continually presenting those types of negatively perceived energies that are difficult to deal with, we may also suggest that it is helpful to protect the self, and again there are varying ways of performing this task.

At this time we will transfer this contact to the one know as Jim as this instrument is having some increasing difficulty maintaining this contact. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and leave this instrument in love and light.

[Tape ends.]