We have found, after over four decades of channeling, that there are certain types of questions to avoid. They include:

1) Questions rooted in or motivated by fear.

E.g.: lines of questioning about economic collapse, cataclysmic weather, possibilities of war, conspiracies, or other forms of pending doom.

2) Questions seeking diagnosis or assessment of one’s state of one’s physical, mental, or spiritual well-being.

E.g.: What is the cause and/or cure to the particular physical condition I have? At what level is my consciousness? How am I doing spiritually?

3) Questions asking for personal instructions as to what steps to take in one’s personal life.

E.g.: Should I take this job or that one? Should I move? Should I continue or end this relationship?

4) Questions focusing on transient information—that is, questions which do not pertain to personal growth, spiritual evolution, service to others, seeking the Creator, etc.

E.g.: Questions about future predictions, passing trends, specific technologies, politics, media, and other worldly events.

The categories listed above are generally good to avoid because they either detune the contact and/or move into areas that, if answered, would be an infringement of the free will of the questioner. However, there are questions that may overlap with each of the above-stated categories that could be conducive for a channeling. Much depends on the context and orientation of the question.

The very best questions focus on how we evolve in mind, body, and spirit; how we can open our hearts in universal love; how we can be of more service to others; how we can use the catalyst of our daily experiences; and other questions that explore a philosophical understanding to the meaning and purpose of the life worth living.

Unfortunately, L/L Research is unable to channel a response to every question we receive. Numerically speaking, it is impossible! Nor is every question suitable to the channeling. We take channeling very seriously and must safeguard its tuning. Thus, while we are most happy to receive your question, please understand that there is no guarantee when or if it can be asked.