The Law of One (Ra Material), Books I – IV

Don, Carla, and Jim created the first transcript of the 106 recordings and published most of it in the form of the original Books 1 – 4 in the 1980s. Don Elkins, with the support of Carla and Jim, chose to omit certain fragments from the books because he felt that they were either too personal, sensational, or transient, and that as such they would distract from the larger philosophy of unity. Most of the omissions were small fragments, but there were also three whole excluded sessions: 104–106.

The Law of One (Ra Material), Book V

In 1998, Carla and Jim decided to gather (what they believed was) all those omitted fragments which could be published, including sessions 104–106, and published them in a new book titled The Law of One, Book V: Personal Material. To accompany each fragment in this new book, Carla and Jim offered commentary about the journey of the contact with Ra itself and the events that brought it to an end.

The Relistened Version

In 2004, a volunteer, Tobey Wheelock, requested the original cassettes from L/L Research so that he could relisten to them. From this he discovered that there were some transcription errors in the transcripts of the original books, along with some Q&As that the original transcript missed.

Serving as a transcriber, he then produced from the original audio the “Relistened Version.” This created, for the first time, an exact replica of the recordings of L/L’s cassettes, coughs and stutters and all; and it re-integrated the Book V fragments into their rightful place to form a unified text of the 106 sessions. He also implemented a numbering system, assigning a number to each Q&A in a session, bringing efficacy to the ability to reference and study this information-dense work.

The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One, Volumes 1 – 2 + Index

In 2018, L/L Research (Jim, Austin, and Gary primarily) took the Relistened transcript and intensively scrutinized the text over several rounds of overlapping work with support from other Law of One scholars.

The gist of the project was to preserve an exact transcript of the audio as best as possible, including preserving grammatical errors and other imperfections in both questions and answers. Edits to content were made only if absolutely needed in order to ease comprehension. Most of the small quantity of text edits were made to Don’s questions. Whenever changes or clarifications were made to Ra’s speech, brackets or footnotes were meticulously used to indicate each instance.

Other edits include:

  • Intensive and significant refinement to punctuation, including refining or introducing more paragraph breaks, em dashes and ellipses, and commas to distinguish Ra’s multi-claused statements.

  • Implementing new capitalizations standards in order to create consistency and clarity.

  • Making a compound of terms like “mind-distortion” with the introduction of the hyphen.

  • Adding a variety of footnotes, including:

    • Additional definitions of words so unusual (sometimes because archaic) that they would not be recognized by most English readers.
    • Notes from Jim giving context and insight for some passages.
    • References given for when Ra refers to previously discussed material.
    • Clarifications and corrections of errors Ra identified, or of very strongly presumed errors that were not identified by Ra.

The Ra Contact also includes a new:

  • Photo Gallery of mostly previously unpublished photos
  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • Epilogue
  • Afterword and a…
  • Massive Index designed and constructed to accompany the Ra Contact volumes. For the first time ever, the index offered a comprehensive catalogue organizing 590 total terms (including primary, secondary, and tertiary), 81 alternative wordings, 114 “see also” associated terms, and 60 “see” references, with over 9,000 total Q&A listings.